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Accurate Phone Psychic Readings - Vine Psychic Australia

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Australian Phone Psychic Readings - Call Vine psychic from anywhere in AustraliaBook a Discounted Phone Psychic Reading with Vine Psychic from Melbourne, Australia or International - Save up to 25%
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Vine is an exceptionally gifted, genuine Australian Natural-Born Clairvoyant Medium. She has the ability to connect with your spiritual aura and give accurate and truthful psychic readings that provide real spiritual insight.

Vine is an expert psychic reader with over 34 years psychic reading experience. Her psychic predictions are the best online. Customers have been trusting Vine ever since she provided face-to-face psychic readings and worked on the very first psychic reading phone lines in Australia.

Vine has built her reputation on providing genuine high quality psychic readings that help you find real clarity in your life. Vine's testimonials demonstrate her accuracy and how people's lives have positively changed after receiving Vine's credible spiritual guidance. Vine's phone psychic readings are the real thing.

NOW 34 Years of Accurate Psychic Reading experience!

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To arrange a phone psychic reading with Vine, from Australia or where ever you are in the world, fill in ALL details in the form below and click the SEND button .

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Vine Psychic Reading Line uses Safe and Secure world industry leading on-line credit card facilities. We do not retain your information on a customer service database and your complete anonymity is assured.

Phone Psychic Readings

Which Psychic Reading is Best for Me?

Accurate Australian Phone Psychic Readings - Vine Psychic

20 Minute Reading Best for one question only - $80 AUD
30 Minute Reading Best for 2 or 3 questions & more detail - $115 AUD
40 Minute Reading Best for several questions - $150 AUD
60 Minute Reading Best for a comprehensive analysis - $220 AUD

60 Minute Cellular Memory Reading - Please only choose the Cellular Memory Cleansing Phone Psychic Reading if you have already spoken with Vine about to ascertain if a Cellular Memory Reading is right for you at this time - $240 AUD.

A Cellular Memory Reading is best for spiritual energetic transformation. It is ony for those who have already had a psychic reading with Vine. This is a major energetic shift and subject to the correct spiritual conditions. In a pre-Cellular Reading, Vine will discern whether your energetic field can cope. A cellular memory reading may not be suitable for you at this time.

Please go to Vine's Cellular Memory Page for full details:
Cellular Memory Readings

Vine's Psychic Editorials

Psychic Editorials and Spiritual Articles

Vine has provided a wealth of information in her psychic editorials and spiritual articles. You can find out about psychic readings, the psychic industry, social and environmental issues, love, friendship, career, business. You name it, Vine has covered it. You may find the help you need in one of Vine's informative spiritual editorials.

See All Vine's Psychic Editorials:
Australian Vine Psychic Reading Editorials and Spiritual Articles

Vine's Latest Psychic Editorial: Is it Safe to SMS Text or Phone a Psychic Hands Free when Driving? - Australian Psychic Reading Editorial

Is it Safe to SMS Text or Phone a Psychic while Driving?

Phoning while driving is a dangerous distraction that should be avoided for obvious reasons. Vine explains why it's also not a good idea to SMS text or phone a psychic using hands free mobiles while you're driving...

Psychic Lineage

How Important is Psychic Lineage when Considering Psychic Ability and Trust?

Is 4th or 5th generation psychic lineage important when you seek a good psychic? Does psychic ability need to be inherited? Vine's psychic article on 4th and 5th generation psychics, delves into generational psychic backgrounds and whether it's relevant to having a good psychic reading...

Psychic Trust

When you place your trust in a psychic's reputation you are entrusting your spiritual health with them. To subsequently find out that an Australian or international psychic is fabricating their background is disappointing.

A genuine psychic reputation is built on years of customer trust, but fake psychic credentials are often simply pulled out of a hat by hired copywriters. The lesson for all psychics is that above all else your customers want you to be upfront and honest.

Accurate Psychic Readings

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Accurate Psychic Readings - Australian Clairvoyany Medium VINE's Unique Breath Technique Before booking a phone psychic reading with Vine, we recommend you become familiar with Vine's unique style of phone reading. It involves a Breath Technique gifted to Vine from Spirit and it's part of the reason a psychic reading with Vine is so accurate.

Please watch Vine's spiritually inspired video (above) and refer to Vine's Phone Psychic Reading Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

International Phone Psychic Readings

You can book a discounted Phone Psychic Reading with Vine, from wherever you are in the world, using either PayPal, Credit Card or Debit Card secure world bookings. Simply select the length of reading and payment method you require...

Vine will call you - It's that easy.

Tarot Readings and Modalities

Vine Explains Why She doesn't Need to Use Tarot Cards

I'm sometimes asked why I don't use tarot cards or any other psychic modalities in my phone psychic readings.

Tarot Cards can be used as a psychic reading modality
Tarot Cards from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck - Anyone can use Tarot Cards by following the instructions on the pack and learning the well documented meanings of each card. Some psychics may use them as a modality, or an aid to their psychic abilities. However, Vine connects directly with your energetic auras and doesn't need to use any modalities at all.

I don't use tarot cards because I can tune directly into your aura without any modalities and I don't need to know why you want a reading in advance. That's what a real psychic medium is supposed to be able to do. As a spiritual empath I can immediately sense what is going on with your emotional and spiritual field. It also allows me to connect as a medium to show real proof of the afterlife.

Tarot cards are of no use to me as a spiritual medium. A spiritual medium should be able to tell you how your loved ones died, share the remote visions that are being shown and provide relevant guidance about your life right now.

Your spiritual family guides you to me when you need help to deal with tragedy. I can help you understand the loss of a partner or child. I can help provide greater insight about a friend, lover or family member who may have committed suicide, which leaves you in shock and needing answers.

Your spiritual family also guides you to me when you need greater clarity in love, relationships, family, work or business and need real help. I take my spiritual work seriously because you are asking me for genuine assistance.

Don't Give Too Much Information

As a spiritual medium I relay higher realm guidance to help you heal or to provide real clarity about your life situations, without the use any modalities such as Tarot or Angel cards, or life coaching neuro linguistic programming (NLP).

I know that many of you contact tarot readers who need regular prompting about your reasons for calling. I have to stop many of my clients from telling me why they want a psychic reading, because they're so used to being asked for all of this information in other types of readings.

If you share a lot of your personal information about lovers, romances, relationships, partners, family and friends to tarot readers and phone psychics, you may as well call it a friendly chat rather than a psychic reading.

I encourage you to stop revealing so much information at the start of your reading. A real psychic will give you proof of their spiritual ability and gifts. You'll know a tarot reader can connect with you if they give you genuine evidence and don't have to ask a lot of questions before they begin a reading.

Psychic Reviews

Are Some of Them Fake?

Many of you want to know if you can trust all of the Australian and international psychic reviews you see on the web. Unfortunately, you can't. The Spiritual Realms have been cautioning that the psychic arts are being diminished by sales people pretending to be psychic. Submitting fake reviews is just one of the tricks they use to fool you.

Spirit is omnipresent and is attracted to real psychic mediums who have genuine heightened psychic ability and who can provide credible evidence of spiritual afterlife.

Spirit selects the psychics and mediums who can genuinely work with heightened energies. Those who can use a wide range of clairsenses to channel the higher vibrational angelic realms.

The top spiritual mediums and psychics are far removed from the countless psychic review sites that claim they have found the best psychics in the world.

Genuine Psychics are Harder to Find

There is a disturbing trend occurring in the psychic market that customers in Australia and in the world need to know about. A lot of online psychics are misleading their customers about their real psychic business reputation and duping their customers to sell online marketing products.

They are connected to network affiliate sites who use social network sites and blog sites to share their business links to fool the search engines into ranking them higher than genuine psychic readers.

The same people and businesses that used to drive you crazy with email spam are now networking with each other to sell a wide range of spells, charms and money making schemes. They're hoping you don't delve too deeply into their real business background.

The best Australian psychic readers are harder to find because the network psychics earn commission from reaching number one ranking. Psychic reviews are being contaminated by either the psychic or the networks writing their own fake positive reviews and fake negative reviews against genuine psychic competitors. They are tainting the sacred spiritual crafts. It was the reason why I was guided by my Spiritual guardians to work on the first Australian Psychic Line. Any of my clients will share with you they know how passionate I am about instilling a sense of ethical integrity into the spiritual arts. That's why I am spiritually guided to speak out about these practices.

Not sure if your phone psychic readers are connected to network affiliate link sharing, or updating their own business testimonials on Australian/World psychic reviews? Check here to find out what to look out for...

All Cultural Backgrounds

Life Itself Is Our Greatest Teacher

Australian Psychic Medium Vine - Accurate Psychic Readings for all Cultural Backgrounds
Vine gives accurate psychic readings to people from all social and cultural backgrounds

Spirit doesn't divide everybody up into cultural or sexual groups. I have spiritual visitors from all different cultures and backgrounds and so when I do readings for people from India, Singapore, Europe, Britain, Australian cultures I know we all have one thing in common... We are all from the same Universal consciousness.

When I do spiritual medium readings for people from Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Orthodox and Indigenous cultural backgrounds, it doesn't matter what language they speak, I can describe the visions that my client's departed loved ones give me of their life before they crossed over.

Read more about Vine's: Culture and Spiritual Mediumship

Universal Laws of Nature

Universal Laws of Nature Govern Everyday Existence

Vine's Australian Phone Psychic Reading Line operates according to the Universal Laws of Nature

Vine always adheres to the Universal Laws of Nature and has a strong ethical foundation in offering genuine spiritual readings. Behaving ethically and operating in a sustainable manner enhances societal and environmental values so important at this pivotal time in our history.

By operating within the Universal Laws, Vine helps people gain a greater sense of peace and clarity in their lives.

A reputable psychic should have a solid spiritual and psychic background and know how to deal with a wide range of paranormal experiences. Clients trust Vine because she offers consistently clear and concise spiritual guidance.

Summary of Vine's Psychic Background

Vine is a genuine Natural-Born Clairvoyant Medium with 34 years of extensive experience in the psychic field in Melbourne, Australia and internationally. Her psychic reputation is GENUINE. Vine is an expert Spiritual Sensitive and her phone psychic readings are amazing.

Vine's is the Real Thing - A genuine clairvoyant spiritual medium.

Learn more about Vine's spiritual background.

Ethical Psychic Readings

Vine's Secure PayPal Bookings

Australian Vine's Secure PayPal prepay Booking Process for Accurate, Ethical Psychic Readings, Australia

Vine was spiritually guided more than 10 years ago to introduce the first online ethical psychic reading booking process. She researched a lot of psychic booking options and selected PayPal because it ticked all of the right boxes and still does now.


The security of your banking details and personal information was paramount to Vine. She was spiritually guided to show credible psychic ability, which meant eliminating the unecessary phone screening by customer service representatives or the psychics themselves.

You Are in Charge

Psychic Ecommerce needs to be secure. That's why Vine has created a customer booking process that you are in control of.

Your psychic booking and your banking details are known only to YOU. That's a great relief for customers and clients in Australia and around the world.

Protecting Your Personal Information

Does your psychic or their customer service ever request your credit card information or personal details? When you book an online psychic reading with Vine, all of your personal details are kept safe with PayPal. You can feel assured that nobody will check your social networks or engage you in a conversation to find out why you need a reading.

Does your psychic request your personal details and banking information before you have a psychic reading? How secure is their data information? These are some of the things you should think about before booking a telephone psychic reading. You can trust Vine's online psychic booking process.

Vine's Psychic Readings

Vine doesn't need any initial information at the start of your reading. Your complete anonymity is assured and your personal details are not updated on a customer data base. We trust that you know when you want a psychic reading and therefore you don't need to receive marketing newsletters.

Read Vine's PayPal history and see why she was spiritually guided to put her customers in charge of their own phone psychic bookings.

Psychic Reading Tips

Vine's Tips for Phone Psychic Readings

Vine - Australian Phone Psychic Readings Tips - Does your psychic exist in real life? Or are they using fictional stock photos?
Melbourne Born Vine Psychic is dedicated to helping you obtain the best psychic reading for your spiritual needs. If you need expert help before you book a phone psychic reading and you are unable to guage which psychic is genuine, we recommend watching Vine's Psychic Reading Tips on YouTube before booking a phone psychic reading online.

Discounted Psychic Readings

When you Book an Accurate Phone Psychic Reading with Clairvoyant Medium Vine, you can save up to 25%. You can book online from wherever you are in the world.

Australian customers who wish to be charged via their phone bill, can also call Vine's phone psychic readings 1902 line.

Book a Discounted Phone Psychic Reading with Australian Clairvoyant Medium VINE from wherever you are in Australia or World Wide