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Soulmates and Twin Flames

Psychic Reading Questions

In my psychic reading editorial today I answer your questions about soulmates and twin flames.

Is there a perfect love match for every soul and can a love psychic reading help you know if you're in a love relationship or a fleeting connection?

In the many years I've been doing spiritual medium readings, I would hesitate to take a guess how many times I've been asked:

"Do you think she is my soulmate Vine"?
"Are we twin flame souls? We seem to be drawn towards each other."

Whether you're in a heterosexual, bisexual or gay relationship you want to know if the person you have feelings for is your exact soul connection or just someone you're having a fleeting passionate moment with.

What is a Soulmate Partnership?

Now what if I shared with you, that this question needs to take into consideration a few more energetic factors then the love psychics would have you believe?

What if your soul connection relationship is more to do with two people being in sync with each other than to do with the both of you deciding before you incarnated you would find each other?

It doesn't matter if you believe or disbelieve in soulmates or twin soul connections, or find all the romantic love movies where two lovers rush into each other's arms as being a bit over the top, I'm going to explain the love connection going on energetically beneath the surface.

Love Energy Synergy - Heart Chakra

The energy synergy of two souls is relevant to understanding why people immediately feel a love connection. As a Sensitive, when I pull back the veil of love relationships and tune into individual consciousness, I can identify how you are energetically drawn towards each other. I use the spiritual art of clairsentience and feel the emotions between the lovers.

There is a definite magnetic pull between two people who are in a love connection and the heart chakra is the true indicator of a love relationship. Then there is the base chakra that causes a lot of confusion in sexual relationships...

The Base Chakra - The Take All Chakra

The base chakra is the take charge chakra; it is directly related to the sexual juices. It's the culprit for a lot of relationships that burn out and is directly related to sexual attraction.

If one person has more base chakra energy activity then the other it is going to cause a lot of confusion in a sexual relationship. Whether you're male or female the base chakra is going to call the shots about whom you are going to explore a sexual relationship with. If you believe the sexual energy is love energy alone, you might find your expectations are going to be quashed.

Women or men who have a lot of YIN energy will be inclined to feel sexual energy is love energy when they are intimate. Males or females who have more of a YANG energy field are less likely to consider love is related to sexual energy. There is more to the physical and energetic body relationship than you can possibly believe.

Now you can see why I guided there are many layers of energy attraction and why the chakras are directly related to our conscious thoughts and decisions. Let me explain how this works:

Chakras, the Energy Organs of our Aura

Because we are conscious beings we often fail to understand the workings of the chakras and their significance to how love relationships are energetically aligned to the chakra systems.

The base chakra (root chakra) is the sexual 'boom boom' chakra. When two people have the base chakra resonating on the same frequency, that's a good sign for action in the bedroom or anywhere else that takes your fancy. If you are in a base chakra relationship all you will want to do is sexually copulate.

Sometimes when I tune into my clients I will become the energetic voyeur (it isn't intentional, I can assure you) it just happens that anything directly related to energy is relayed back to my aura.

The base chakra activity can sometimes be often misinterpreted as LOVE or SOULMATE connections in the honeymoon stage of a relationship. Two people can simply be drawn towards one another to enjoy each other's company, and a male or female can misinterpret the sexual connection as being madly in love. This is why I shared that there are many layers of understanding if the person you are with is purely a sexual attraction or whether it will develop into a long lasting relationship.

You can guarantee if the base chakra is front and centre in a relationship it's going to have your emotions going up and down like a roller-coaster. If you're in a base chakra relationship that's all about sex, you will emotionally be feeling it.

Spiritual Definition of Soulmates or Twin Flames

The spiritual definition of a soulmate is two spiritual souls who have chosen to incarnate at the same time and have a love relationship with each other.

Then you have twin souls who are identical in energy field wanting to reconnect when they incarnate on Earth.

The majority of love psychic readings I do are about helping you find clarity and understanding whether your lover is energetically wanting the same thing as you. I am shown visions, or I tune into the person you're attracted to and feel what their aura is sharing about their true purpose of being in the relationship with you. There are times I will share that your lover isn't on the same wave-length, to give you a clear understanding where their thoughts are at.

I use my ethereal aura as a conduit to help you get the clarity you deserve, because there is nothing worse than misreading a love connection and emotionally becoming overwhelmed when you find the other person isn't wanting the same thing as you do.

My spiritual conduit role is to help you understand if you are reading the chakra attraction rightly or wrongly. Sometimes you will not want to hear what I have to say because you have strong expectations about how you want the relationship to go. That is your choice. I don't interfere in free will. You are entitled to take or leave what I have to say.

Heart Chakra - Love, Love, Love

The heart chakra is a true indicator of a love connection. If the heart chakras are energetically aligned with each other, then and only then, are you in a relationship with someone who you might recognize as your soulmate.

For real soulmate alignment you will find two individuals who are energetically wanting the same thing, at the same time, and who are heart-aligned. The heart chakra alignment is the mysterious magnetic pull that makes you feel your life would be incomplete without the other.

One Love, One Consciousness - ONE

Spiritually (energetically) we are all from the ONE consciousness. Try not to confuse soulmates and twin souls with the energetic alignment of the base chakra playing with your mind when you are sexually aroused and reading too much into a sexual connection.

When you understand the direct relationship energy chakras have in manifesting your true love connection, you begin to realize there's a lot of energy sizzle going on beneath the surface that erotic and romance novels haven't even touched on.

Love and Light

November 26th 2013

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