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Vine Psychic:

Why I Don't Trust the Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction Teachings

In my psychic reading editorial this week, I'm explaining why as a psychic, I warn against the Abraham Hicks version of the Law of Attraction (LOA) teachings.

I know there are a lot of Mind, Body, Spirit Abraham followers (they call themselves "Abers"), who will find this article spiritually challenging. Some of them will completely rule out my opinions of their Law of Attraction teachings. I'm going to touch some energetic nerves.

My intention in outlining my spiritual concerns about channeled Abraham teachings is not to offend. I hope the information will be helpful and spiritually educational.

Climate Change and Animal Extinctions

I want to concentrate on what Esther Hicks channels about climate change. In this channelling Abraham denies any man-made climate change and goes on to flippantly portray the many recent animal extinction events, as joyful animals skipping across to the afterworld to "hang around with their friends".

Abraham continues, "They're quietly over there hiding (ie. dead) and saying we're not extinct, we're just hiding from you..." as if extinct animals can simply stop "hiding" and come back to life.

Abraham's climate change denial channelings reinforce my concerns for followers being misled by deceptive lower realm entities. The entities that pretend to be helping us, could be doing the exact opposite by numbing our minds with trance like channeling to stop you from spiritually getting in touch with your own higher knowing.

Let's break down this channeling from Abraham about climate Change and animal extinction:

The YouTube sound recording of the channeling session begins with a man in the audience asking questions:

"Geological records indicate that the Earth has over millions of years experienced many climate changes, ice ages, some severe some mild have come and gone"....

Abraham interjects:
"Who was burning the fossil fuel that melted that ice age?" (audience laughs)

"Well that's what I'm interested in.. Who created these changes, humans or the source? And to what extent have humans created or contributed to the current climate warming?"

Abraham replies:
"There is no climate problem"
"There is no climate problem"
"There is no climate problem"
"There is no climate problem"

(audience claps loudly and shouts enthusiastically in agreement with the Abraham entity)

Abraham continues:
"You live on an earth that is cycling, you live on an earth that is cycling, you live on an Earth that is finely in balance.

Vine's Response to Abraham Hicks Climate Change Channeling

In the channeling, the Abraham entity makes a sarcastic reference to fossil fuel (which wasn't mentioned in the question). It is the sort of provocative statement you might expect to hear from a climate change denier.

Abraham then repeats the statement, "There is no climate problem", four times! This is an almost hypnotic suggestion that Abraham repeats for the in-house and world YouTube audience.

Then Abraham Hicks refers to our world being finely in balance.

And then uses the word, 'Always' to end the answer.

The use of hypnotic power words and repetition is a conversational hypnosis technique. This is also used by NLP and sales people when they are trying to convince you to buy whatever they're selling.

Now let's look at other important and relevant details from the climate change denial channeling by Abraham Hicks. This part of the Abraham entity channeling describes why people who are not convinced by the channeling are outside of the vortex.

"It is only someone who for whatever reason is standing outside the vortex and cannot see that, that is talking about a planet in peril. It is not."
(Audience claps)

"As you look at the beasts of your planet that they are worrying about becoming extinct we just want to say to you, do you really miss the dinosaur?"
(audience laughs)

"Or do you like its new adaptation? And as you realize that the beasts of your planet are primarily in the vortex. Those that you domesticate can come out and can play with you."
(Audience laughs)

"The beasts of your planet are predominantly in the vortex."

Vine Looks at the Abraham Hicks Climate Change Channeling

Let's have a look at this part of channeling by the Abraham Entities....

The beasts of our planet, are the wildlife on our planet. They are all the animals that make our wildlife and support our ecosystems. The channeling describes that the beasts are "primarily in the vortex" (in Spirit).

Now let's get to why I believe the Abraham spiritual channeling is spiritually concerning.

Abraham refers to the Vortex quite often. It's a place in the spiritual realms. In other words, when the Abraham entity says that "the beasts are primarily in the Vortex", it is another way of saying that the animals have primarily died (or crossed over). But the Abraham entity also insists that the beasts are happy being in Spirit, implying that the problems we have created on this planet are of little consequence to those still living.

Look how easy the wildlife extinction is dismissed as being of no concern to humans.

According to the WWF Extinction Report, population sizes of vertebrate species have declined by 52 percent in the last 40 years. We have lost more than half of those animals in less than two human generations, whereas the human population has almost doubled in the same time.

The extinction rate of species we are seeing today is estimated by experts to be between 1,000 and 10,000 times higher than the natural extinction rate.

In the last 60 years our co2 levels have skyrocketed as a result of human pollution. We are watching our Planet suffocating.

Nasa Co2 Grapgh - Climate Change

For the ecosystem's survival we need animals to manage the forest flora. We need the crustaceans and ocean fish to continue the life cycle that cleanses our oceans.

When one part of the ecosystem dies out it affects life survival on earth including human survival. This was clearly overlooked by the Abraham entity who seems more interested in convincing us that dead animals are happy, than he is with talking about the problems we are causing to life on Earth.

How many people follow Abraham Hicks Channeling?

The version of the Law of Attraction (LOA) teaching channeled by Esther Hicks has reached every section of the globe. Since 1986, when Jerry and Esther Hicks started the Abraham network marketing, millions of people have in some way or other been introduced to Abraham's version of the Law of Attraction teachings. Sales people have embraced the teachings and marketing techniques.

People are teaching courses to teach other people how to teach courses to teach other people how to become millionaires. In these LOA teachings, people are being taught to attract every material thing they desire with little thought for anyone or anything else. In reality, the ones most likely to become millionaires are the ones on the upper most levels of the marketing schemes. Hence, the majority of these Guru teachings follow a network marketing concept.

Australian and International Psychics and Mediums also Try to Convert Using Law of Attraction Teachings

It is the same with Australian and international psychics, who proudly share they follow the teachings of Abraham and try to upsell books, training courses etc., and use the same type of hypnotic talk to convince you that Abraham has all the answers to your life issues.

How Did the Abraham Entities Begin to Channel through Esther Hicks?

What I spiritually find disturbing is the number of people who are unaware of where the Abraham entity came from. Esther Hicks used an ouija board at the urging of her husband Jerry Hicks, now departed. Both Esther and Jerry Hicks were involved in Amway network marketing. Jerry Hicks introduced the ouija to Esther when he was seeking ways to become wealthy. The original material by Abraham was about sales and prosperity. "Think and Grow Rich" was one of the books that influenced Jerry Hicks. Now Esther Hick's channeling is being distributed by Hayhouse, and Wayne Dyer is also promoting the Esther Hicks channeling.

The Contradictions In the Abraham Hicks Channeling

There are contradictory elements to the Abraham Entity Channeling. Audience members are sometimes told that it's not up to Abraham to give them the answers to their questions. But in other guidance, for instance the Abraham channeling on climate change, the exact opposite is true. Abraham tries to influence what the audience thinks (eg. repeating "There is no climate problem" four times). The Abraham entities fail to understand the spiritual law of free will. The knowledge that all spiritual beings are entitled to get in touch with their own truth.

The Answers You Seek About Abraham teachings vs the Indigenous and Religious Teachings

  • You are entitled to ask why all the tribal, religious teaching about us being the custodians of the planet's environment and animals, has been completely altered by the Abraham entities
  • You are entitled to ask why spiritual discernment about global warming and climate change and animal extinction is being described as negativity or being outside the vortex
  • You are entitled to ask why the channeling has a conversational hypnosis(NLP) trance-like aspect that attempts to alter your perception (rather than helping you to get in touch with your higher self through natural means)
  • You are entitled to ask why entities are trying to convince people that man-made climate change does not exist and that it's okay to let species after species become extinct due to the imbalances we are causing.
The list of concerns about the Abraham Entity teachings goes on and on...

Why Did "Abraham" become "Abraham Hicks"?

Esther Hicks isn't the only person who professes to channel Abraham, so I sometimes wonder if Abraham has franchised himself out? I wonder if he has taken on the last name of Hicks in order to differentiate his Esther Hick's franchise from other franchises? Or maybe other people are just appropriating Esther and Jerry Hick's idea?

A less jovial and more obvious answer as to why Abraham is called "Abraham Hicks" instead of just "Abraham", is for SEO purposes.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

The entity is called "Abraham" but if you Google just the word "Abraham" on it's own, you get Abraham Lincoln or Abraham Father of the Jews. However, if you Google "Abraham Hicks" you get a sea of pages for the Abraham entities.

I know that writers who warn of the false law of attraction teachings, are contending with SEO keyword saturation and their articles are easily lost on search engines searches. Articles that don't support the teachings of Abraham can sometimes be difficult to locate on the net. But searches for "Abraham Hicks" bring up thousands of pages.

Deceptive Entity Teachings - Why I don't believe Abraham Hicks

I don't believe in the Abraham entity false Law of Attraction teachings because I can spiritually identify the entity's motives for influencing the world population, business leaders and governments. I can see that Abraham is manipulating the real Universal Laws to energetically switch people off from their natural surroundings, and ignore the warning signs of serious problems on our planet. The lack of empathy shown to our fellow humans can be easily dismissed as people outside of the vortex.

I can see how the Abraham network are saturating the net with training material and infiltrating every business and our corporate and government sector.

It is time for people to see behind the false teachings and to identify that all is not what it seems. No doubt many followers will ignore the guidance I'm sharing. That is your free will.

But it is also important to find psychics and mediums who don't preach Law of Attraction as a way of appearing to be psychic, or use the hypnosis methods without your knowledge. It is important to see how hypnotic suggestion is being widely used throughout the mind body spirit sector without any mental health caution and can create a lack of empathy in the individual and become cult-like.

Some of Abraham's other teachings about death and dying appear to lack any empathy for the person grieving the loss of their loved ones. Being emotionally detached from one's feelings can leave a human being energetically fragmented.

There are other critics who have raised concerns about the spiritual teachings of Abraham. I encourage you to find the critiques and research some of the information they are sharing. It is important to find educational articles that get you to think outside the programmed teachings. You also have the right to identify if covert hypnosis has been used on the unsuspecting to get participants to alter their way of thinking. Sometimes we have to take a step back and use the art of spiritual discernment to get in touch with our own truth.

I have shared my truth and it is up to you to see if it resonates with your higher knowing.

Love and light

October 7th 2014

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