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Art from the Heart
Section from Road with Cypress and Star - Vincent Van Gogh

Art from the Heart

From the moment we take our first breath, we flow with the creative essence of consciousness. Artists are spiritual beings who tap into consciousness to create energetic masterpieces.

Spiritual Painting - Vincent van Gogh

Starry Night is a spiritual painting by Vincent van Gogh, which allows the viewer to witness the direct relationship between etheric energy and the painting art form. All spiritual artists tap into this energy. It is a representation of the energy behind the psysical form, rather than an exact photographic representation of what we see with our eyes.

Artists like Vincent van Gogh can see and feel the energy of nature and that's what they paint.

Spiritual Aspects of Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night
Starry Night - Vincent van Gogh

Spiritual Painting - Jackson Pollock

The abstract expressionist artist Jackson Pollock was so in tune with the energies of our world that he saw himself, his paintings and nature as ONE. When he was asked why he painted abstract pictures and not nature, he answered, "I don't paint nature, I AM nature."

Spiritual Aspects of Blue Poles - Jackson Pollock Fractals
Blue Poles - Jackson Pollock - Scientists have now discovered that the fractal patterns found in Jackson Pollock's paintings perfectly match those found in nature.

Jackson Pollock was just like the rest of us in that his life (famously) was not problem free. However, when he was painting he entered a spiritual "zone" in which he was at ONE with his paint and the painting. He didn't use a paint brush for his "drip" paintings because he didn't want anything to come between himself and the painting.

Once, when he was being filmed while painting (with a 16mm film camera), the film ran out. The camera operator told Jackson that the film had run out and he could stop painting until a new roll was loaded. But Pollock was in the "zone" and didn't hear the request. He kept on painting until he could paint no more.

The artist, the paint falling to the canvas, and the painting forming below, were all ONE.

The Energy in Art Galleries

Taken from Vine's Blog: "The Psychic Energy of Fine Art"

When I visited art galleries and museums that I pick up on some of the latent energies of the past. I adore art and I wanted to go to as many art galleries as possible on my travels. What I didn’t expect was how sensitive I would be when I viewed the hundreds of fine art prints on the walls. I started to get splitting headaches when I gazed into some paintings and intuitively realized that I was tuning into the energetic vibration of the artist’s mood.

Blue Room - Pablo Picasso 1901

Pablo Picasso - Blue Period

When I viewed Pablo Picasso’s Blue Period paintings I energetically felt that he’d been painting from deep-seated anger. When viewing the paintings I kept hearing the words, “Why? Why? Why?” I tuned into a man who believed he had lost his childhood and many of his paintings seemed to resonate with deep regrets and grief. I felt like I wanted to cry because each stroke on the canvas enlightened the viewer of his pain.

Claude Monet

In Paris when I viewed Claude Monet’s paintings I felt that I was energetically in a different world. Love oozed onto the canvas and opened my heart Chakra and allowed me to step into the artist’s shoes. I went into a trance-like state and was transfixed and unable to tear myself away because of the beautiful spiritual energy his paintings radiated.

In the Louvre Museum, I found that the more paintings they crowded onto the walls, the more I was completely overcome by all of the psychic emotional messages they released.


When I went to the Sistine Chapel to view Michelangelo’s frescoes I energetically opened myself to the cosmic forces that had worked through him and came to realize that he was a Sensitive, as most famous artists are. Any artist that places a paintbrush on an empty canvas and tunes into consciousness will automatically escape into a different world and share their visions with the rest of us.

When you view a fine art painting and step back to take in the different colors, textures and design you are not only viewing from your psychical senses, you are also energetically tuning into the diverse vibrations they release.

When a Sensitive looks at a fine art or abstract painting they not only absorb the moods and emotions of the artist they also energetically travel back through time and become one with the artist.

If the artist has been drinking excessively or indulging in mind altering drugs, the aggressive and violent moods can be intensified. Anyone who is sensitive enough to tune into these energies would find the experience not pleasant.

I ended up having to place a strong spiritual shield around my aura each time I walked into a museum or art gallery.

There are so many psychic feelings and emotions that arise from beautiful paintings. The same can be said for paintings that release psychic tones that would make the viewer want to move away quickly because of the overwhelming sense of doom.

It is up to the viewer to open themselves up to the Universe’s subtle energy to become one with the painting and the artist.

Vine's Mandala

I don't profess to be any sort of artist, but sometimes I like to pick up a paint brush and make whatever marks on the canvas Spirit guides to me to make.

That's how Spirit gave me my own Mandala painting:

Vine's Mandala - Painting
Vine's Own Mandala Painting

Just before I started my own Psychic Phone Line about 12 years ago, Spirit guided me to pick up my paint brushes and start painting. My first painting was my own mandala, given to me by Spirit.

Love and Light,

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