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Vine's Cellular Memory Cleansing, Healing Psychic Readings

Cellular Memory Readings

What is Cellular Memory?

Cellular Memory is the memories that are held in the energy of your body's cells from your past, and your inherited cellular family line.

A Cellular Memory Cleansing Reading is a spiritual technique used by Vine to promote healing by clearing trauma, belief systems and emotional pain from the memory contained in the energy of your body’s cells.

Your Cellular Memory Structure holds all your thoughts, belief systems and an inter-connected cellular web of emotional reactions. Fears, phobias, addictions, dysfunctional emotional patterns and reactions are all controlled by your Cellular Memory Structure. It is defined by spirit as your 'Akashic Record'.

Your cells not only have a biomechanical structure which creates your physical body, they also energetically control and link your emotional reactions to events that continually occur in your life.

The intensity of one’s thoughts and actions writes an energetic blueprint (Akashic Record) similar to a computer programme, which magnetically attracts people, events, situations and experiences to you.

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How Does Cellular Memory Affect Your Life?

You are your own creator. Do you have any areas of your life that are unbalanced, dysfunctional or out of control? Have you tried numerous self help methods in the past, but failed to break out of destructive patterns? Do you wonder why the same type of issues repeat themselves time and time again? If so, then Cellular Memory Structure could be the reason.

Your cells are your genetic family tree. Past generations of family members have left their own imprint in your cellular structure. Some of the responses, characteristics or actions you have in life have evolved through the genetic-key make-up originating from the beginning of your family line. This is what Spirit says we call 'original sin'.

Organ Transplants & Cellular Memory Response

The scientific community is yet to discover the full implications of the cells' abilities. The growing number of anecdotal reports of organ transplant recipitants taking on characteristics of their donors is compelling evidence, but does not yet constitute scientific research on the direct relationship between one cellular memory family and another.

However, from a spiritual and medical intuitive perspective, there is no doubt about the existence of Cellular Memory. Vine was guided by her spiritual family over 34 years ago that there would be scientific break-throughs that would throw light onto the relavance of the cells and that ground breaking technologies would evolve from this knowledge.

Vine's Cellular Memory Healing Case Study...

How previous generational fears, phobias, addictions and belief systems create energetic responses and uncertainty.

A client who presented for a Cellular Memory consultation had a fear of flying. Anxiety attacks were the norm when thinking about travelling overseas and she felt she'd never be able to resolve her fears.

Her positive approach in tackling the fear was the start of her journey to claim back her power. In a Cellular Memory Healing Reading with Vine, she demonstrated a level of fear which had grown in intensity and had become out of control.

By using her unique spiritual breathing technique, and guided by spirit they were able to find the cause of the anxiety. They found that her mother also had a fear of flying. She was able to remove the ingrained and irrational fear from her cellular memory structure and become lighter in her energy field.

By removing this fear from the memory of her cells, she was able to follow her dreams and travel overseas by plane. She is now living and working and continuing her life's journey in a new country.

Cellular Memory Consultation
... a Step by Step Process

  1. The first step in helping yourself is to identify an area in your life which is not functioning properly.

  2. The next step is to make a decision to change it right now.

  3. Contact Vine to make sure you are ready for a Cellular Memory Cleansing. (See Below - Are You Ready for a Cellular Memory Cleansing?)

  4. After Vine has assessed your readiness for a Cellular Memory Cleansing, choose a quiet setting which allows you to gain the benefits of the consultation without any interruptions.

  5. Vine will call and connect with you using her unique breathing technique facilitated through spiritual consciousness.

  6. Leave your mind open and receptive to Vine's guidance.

  7. By following the unique breathing release method and sharing the feelings you encounter with Vine you can take back the reins of you life.

The Master Key

Your breath is the master key. You have the ability to unlock your cellular memories and automatically change your vibrational frequency to become lighter and return to a greater peace of mind.

Benefits of Cellular Memory Healing

The Benefits of Changing the Vibrational Energetic Density of Your Cellular Memory Structure are...

  • A sense of peace and a greater awareness of being

  • Attracting new and amazing experiences and events to your life

  • Removing dysfunctional emotional patterns that no longer serve your highest interests

  • Developing closer relationships with others and most importantly, developing a closer relationship with yourself

  • Tapping into higher vibrational frequencies existing naturally around you and listening to your inner voice, you claim back your own power

How Vine helps you through the Cellular Memory Process

Vine is able to work with your highest self and tap into loved ones in Spirit who will facilitate the therapy in a spiritually safe, protected environment. She has the ability to tune into your own unique individual consciousness (similar to a radio station frequency) and guide you through the process.

I'm in another Country - Can I book in
for a Cellular Memory Cleansing appointment?

It doesn't matter where you are located in the world, because Vine uses her unique breath technique to work with you over the telephone.

Are You Ready for the Cellular Memory Spiritual Healing Process?

Before having a Cellular Memory Cleansing Reading, it is firstly necessary to check with Vine to see if the Cellular Memory Healing Process is right for you at this stage. A normal 20 minute reading is usually required for Vine to assess your readiness. To assess your readiness for a Cellular Memory Cleansing you can call Vine on:

1902 242 800

$4.95 per min AUD (gst incl), more for mobiles/pay - Monessa Gulf
Australia Only

or BOOK online...
From wherever you are in the World, you can book a discounted reading through Vine's secure PayPal Booking Process. Firstly, book a 20 Minute Reading and specify in the Step 1 form that you are interested in a pre-Cellular Memory Reading assessment.

To Book Your Cellular Memory Cleansing

After Vine has assessed and approved your Cellular Memory Healing Reading, go to the booking page and choose 1hr Cellular Memory Cleansing from the PayPal Payment list in Step 2 of your booking.

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