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Psychic Mind Manipulative Powers and NLP

Why manufactured mind powers, conjuring and hypnosis models are in no way related to the spiritual arts.

When I refer to the Spiritual Arts I do not mean modalities like tarot, crystal balls, email or SMS psychic readings, to name a few of the manufactured skills. Nor do I refer to the spiritual arts as being mind-altering techniques like Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), hypnosis etc.

As a young psychic child I was guided that the spiritual arts were sacred. The watering down of the spiritual arts and attempts to spiritualise magical tricks, mind manipulation, life coaching, counselling, conjuring, hypnosis and mentalism isn't going down well in the angelic realms.

I have already guided that these techniques are in no way connected to the higher realms. People calling themselves mediums and psychics who use life-coaching type courses and similar professional training skills as the core of their business, are misleading the public when they claim to be a psychic authority.

If an apparent spiritual medium is unable to connect naturally to the higher realms without using mind-talk to influence their psychic clients, they are not spiritually acknowledged as using credible Akasha tools.

I was first guided to speak up for the original spiritual arts by my angelic guardians in 2007. I was shown visions of new therapies emerging that were mind manipulative techniques. My Higher Guardians warned of the influencers who were having counsel with unsuspecting clients and who were being energetically altered without knowing this was occurring. In my spiritual prophecy page Spiritual Warning for Sensitive People in 2012, I shared why every spiritual being needed to be responsible for their own ethereal health.

If you spiritually interfere in the free will of another person without their knowledge, you create karmic debt for yourself. A lot of people who practice these techniques are not aware they are energetically tampering with the person's free will.

What Harm is Being Done by using NLP
and Mind Manipulation?

First we need to understand what NLP really is. It is a subliminal way of influencing your mind to change its behavior. These techniques are often referred to as modelling. NLP was introduced by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California in the 1970s. They based NLP on their study of a variety of anthropologists, philosophers, linguists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, and clinical hypnotherapists.

Their attempts to have it scientifically recognized as a credible science failed, and NLP is to this day unsupported by independent empirical research.

The Self Help Market

After unsuccessfully convincing the science fraternity of the validity of NLP, Bandler and Grinder instead simplified the information into short courses and commercially orientated books like "Frogs Into Princes", and introduced NLP into the burgeoning Human Potential self-help market of the 1970s.

NLP claims that it gives a reliable way to understand and influence people and to manipulate one's own behaviour. It has therefore been marketed to, and taken up by professional management trainers, salespeople and now life-coaches and those seeking self-help advice.

Some mentalists and mind conjurers when advertising their business, use conversational hypnosis techniques similar to NLP techniques, to attempt to get their customers to do something outside of their own will. Their aim is to make sales they would not otherwise have made.

Entertainment Hypnotists and Magicians

An example of someone being influenced by this sort of mind manipulation is openly displayed by entertainment hypnotists such as Derren Brown. These conjurers specifically select people out of the audience who are most receptive to hypnosis. Their mind manipulation tricks are performed on willing members of the audience and laughter reins when the audience is captivated by the amazing and sometimes funny antics during the live show.

At the end of the show, the entertainment hypnotist tells all of the stage participants they will return to normal, as they were before the start of the show. The altered state of their reality is then normalised. At all times the people are made to be aware of what is happening to them and they have the choice of saying yes or no, to be part of the stage act.

In this example by entertainment hypnotist Derren Brown, he uses hypnosis to convince a subject (Simon Pegg) to change his mind about a birthday gift he has asked for.

At the end of the video, Derren gives us a false explanation of how he did the trick. The false explanation is a part of his job as a professional magician, to draw our attention away from where the trick is really happening. In this case Derren Brown performed the trick with hypnosis but you might not twig to this if you believe his false explanation. Watch how he continually touches the subject, and be aware that it is a strictly edited entertainment video and we may not be seeing the whole of the hypnosis technique.

There's nothing wrong with this type of entertainment hypnosis and mind-altering tricks, and it can be fun to watch. But things change completely when these techniques are used in everyday life to manipulate people who are unaware of what is happening to them.

Mind Altering Hypnosis Taken to Extremes in Everyday Life

You may be wondering what entertainment hypnosis has to do with counseling, life coaching, or the psychic reading industry?

On close inspection of the mind power or neuro linguistic programming models, you begin to find something disturbing. A lot of the coaching is done by consultants who use similar techniques as the entertainment hypnotist.

People attending counseling might find the practitioner will sometimes touch the customer while they're talking to them or they may use a hypnotic talk to convince them to follow their suggestions.

The web is bristling with courses teaching conversational hypnosis (also called Covert hypnosis) with the aim of manipulating people without their knowledge. A Google search for "learn conversational hypnosis NLP" produces 208,000 results.

This Derren Brown video shows him using conversational hypnosis to make a woman see colors differently than normal. Watch his hand movements as he continually touches his subject when hypnotising her.

Derren Brown does this for entertainment with full permission from the subjects, but when people seeking out counseling, life coaching or training have no idea that this type of hypnosis is being used on them, it goes against the Universal Law of Free Will.

The latest NLP marketing push is into the psychic industry

Nearly every business industry today is being infiltrated by these types of trainers. There are car salesmen/women using these techniques to sell cars you might not otherwise have bought. We have subliminal messages used in advertising, and the latest NLP marketing push is into the psychic industry.

Mind manipulating techniques are now being used in epidemic proportions within the Psychic sector. Now when you reach out to an apparently trusted psychic reader, you may instead be talking to a life-coach using NLP or hypnosis techniques and pretending to be psychic.

Many NLP practitioners are now also claiming to be psychic. They are claiming that psychic clairsenses can be taught, even though they are unable to provide evidence of spiritual mediumship themselves.

In some cases the people who run the schools and courses that claim they can teach people to be psychic, are attempting to alter the public perception of what a psychic is.

This is the same magician's trick that Derren Brown uses... the magician distracts your attention, so you don't see the truth. If you're thinking that their method is psychic, you are less likely to see what they are really doing to you - ie. hypnotising you.

They may also believe that if they convince the public that NLP is a psychic method it would gain credibility and be able to move into the psychic market.

None of these mind altering tactics are recognized by the higher realms. I have been guided of the danger of emotionally altering energetic fields to manipulate free will.

Imagine if you requested a quote for a renovation in your home and you had someone using this type of hypnotic talk on you when you spoke to them. How would you feel knowing that someone had tried to influence your decision about using their services? When you realize that a mind altering technique may be subliminally influencing your choices without you knowing about it, It begins to get a bit spiritually scary.

Now imagine if you had a spiritual medium doing seances using these techniques on you. You would be led to believe the experience you were having was really connecting you to your departed family member, but instead you had a person lightly touching you as they reached out to gently console you and you were none the wiser that a magical trick was being used in this spiritual setting.

It distresses me to see how many apparent psychics are prepared to claim that NLP assists them with their readings.

As a medium who converses with the spiritual realms, these type of practices just don't sit right when related to life and death and grieving.

It distresses me to see how many apparent psychics are prepared to claim that NLP assists them with their readings. Why would a natural spiritual medium need any mind manipulating technique to demonstrate credible contact with a loved one? We don't.

NLP Black Hat SEO

If you search the internet to find any constructive criticism of these mind manipulating techniques you will probably find the search engines will direct you to mostly positive articles about the techniques.

SEO tricks such as facebook, Twitter and Pininterest 'Likes' are marketed by the hypnotists, life coaches etc. They all click each others sites en masse to artificially produce page-one results in the search engines to make them seem more popular than they really are.

This is another magician's trick, another form of manipulation. There is often some type of celebrity trainer who encourages their coaches that this technique is fine to use.

It is energetically described as the buffer effect. It goes something like this:

A highly recognized and respected authority shares they have used the technique and it created untold wealth and happiness in their life. Then you are encouraged to buy a service or product because of the recommendation. This could be a training course, books, online courses etc. The authority will use their image to brand the technique and you and I are the pawns in a well rehearsed publicity campaign. It normally will follow a pyramid selling or network model to keep everyone conversing with each other and promoting NLP or similar model.

Dangers of Energetic Altering of Your Ethereal Field

There is a real danger when non-psychic practitioners dabble in the spiritual arts sector with incomplete psychic skills. If they energetically alter your ethereal field they may inadvertently open people up to the astral planes. I can share that the spiritual dangers are extreme.

Also if you have been programmed to alter your way of thinking and to think you need to be successful in everything you do, you may begin to experience extreme emotional lows.

It is disturbing how many people are becoming disconnected from their real emotions. Remember, NLP was originally meant to be used as a training method. It has been abused to such an extreme that people within the NLP field are wanting stronger regulation of their own industry. Similar to the psychic sector that has been taken over by anyone who can create an overnight psychic history and start a psychic business.

The regulations about your emotional health are slack and the governments are not aware of some of the psychological issues coming from the abuse of these training models in the hands of short course and training practitioners. Psychiatrists and psychologists and professional counsellors who don't stray from the academic teachings are most likely to see customers who have somehow innocently found themselves being mind coerced.

I have noticed new clients being guided towards me who don't even know why they're not able to stop the happy-pill talk. They are unable to relax into themselves, they find it difficult to switch off. I recently had a conversation with a respected Australian psychologist and she is inundated with people just wanting to talk about their real emotions. It seems people are beginning to understand that you dont have to be happy 24/7.

Worst Case Scenarios - Psychic Attack

If you have never had a paranormal experience you may find it difficult to understand what a psychic attack is. Anyone who has experienced vulnerabilities to their ethereal field or who has first-hand knowledge of psychic attack doesn't need convincing of what I am sharing. They open themselves up to lower entity planes. Just as I have already shared how people using Ouija boards who believe they are only playing on a talking board game, can open their ethereal field and allow lower entities in. Please refer to Ouija article to understand the complexities of this topic.

Find Out for Yourself - Question Everything

I don't want you to blindly trust what I am sharing. Investigate and research this topic for yourself and see if you can trace the historical origin of the mind altering procedures and their marketing techniques.

I recommend you check the psychic services who openly share they are NLP trainers or life coaches, and find out who they are affiliated with behind their services.

Check if they can do a psychic reading without any information from you. Do they refer to spiritual visions from your past, can they demonstrate credible spiritual evidence of the after life?

If you think you detect repetitive hypnotic talk in your psychic reading, find a way of protecting your aura. Someone may be trying to convince you they are psychic.

Soon I will share how you can protect yourself from these type of psychic manipulators. In the meantime do a bit of researching about NLP training and find out how many organizations, businesses, government departments etc., politicians, media industries, life coaches, psychic and training services are using these type of techniques on you and your family. You might be surprised.

Love and Light

It is important to understand the difference between professional doctors and psychiatrists who use highly structured clinical hypnosis techniques with the patient's complete knowledge and approval, and people doing a short course on hypnosis/NLP, then falsely calling themselves psychics.

Trainers and coaches using manipulative techniques without understanding the potential dangers or without the subject's knowledge is against the Universal Karmic Laws. It is also important to distinguish natural spiritual abilities as opposed to manufactured facsimiles such as cold reading, mind conjurers, mentalists, magician tricks etc.

August 7th 2013

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