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Psychic help for insomnia, sleepnessness

Vine Psychic Helps the Sleepless

Are you unable to sleep at night because of financial worries?

My psychic reading editorial today is to help the sleepless and to help bring a greater peace of mind. I'll explain what is energetically occurring on your ethereal aura and how you can take back control of your sleeping habits.

Ethereal Health

Sleeping is necessary for our physical body to rest and heal. It is also essential for our ethereal health. The ethereal health of our aura is not something most people consider when it comes to sleep. You can easily find information about the different stages of physical sleep, but you rarely find useful information about the spiritual aspects of sleep and how they affect your over-all health.

Do you suffering from insomnia and scattered thoughts instead of sleeping when your head touches the pillow? Do you find it difficult to calm your mind before you go to sleep? Do you worry about paying off your mortgage, buying a house, getting a job, losing a job, finding another job that pays more, finding money to pay the school fees for your children? Are you a small business owner who has taken out a major loan etc.?

There is one thing you all have in common, you're not sleeping because you're worrying about money. There may be other thoughts entering your mind as well, about relationships and love, but the majority of sleepless nights most of us have are due to the lack of enough money to do the things we need to do.

Nobody is immune from issues around finances. If you look at all of the dubious New Age Law of Attraction books and courses, you'll see they are mainly about financial prosperity. The inference is that you need to be wealthy to have peace of mind. It is drilled into us that money will bring happiness. But does it really?

We Have the Wrong Role Models

The role models served up to us are rich celebrities and billionaires who are deemed successful because they have made a lot of money. We are all told that fame and fortune and fitting in with what others expect of us, is what we must aspire to.

For most of us the only way to earn excessive amounts of money is to work excessive numbers of hours. That's if you have a job, and when you're only on a casual contract or part time work and the full time jobs are rare, you may be having trouble bringing in enough money to make ends meet, let alone becoming rich.

If our economic models can't support continual growth in all industries then there will always be job scarcity for those in the wrong place at the wrong time. Money will always be spread unevenly across society, and most of the time, very unevenly.

For every job advertised, there are hundreds of people applying. And there are hundreds of people studying to get higher qualifications to be considered more successful then the other applicants doing exactly the same thing. It can be soul destroying if we allow our economic models and hyped-up media role models to dictate our happiness level. It can bring nights of unrest and make us question the meaning of our life.

Is this what we incarnated for? No it is not.

You are a spiritual being who holds your own gifts. You are cherished by the higher realms and your life isn't only defined by monetary wealth.

Our Economic System is based on Scarcity, Fear and Division

The energy of money is not spiritually created. Money divides us, but spiritually we are all ONE and we need an economic system that reflects the ONENESS of our true spiritual nature.

Instead we have created an economic system based on scarcity, fear and division. It's a system based on using-up nature's finite resources without any necessity to live in harmony with nature.

Our present economic models based on unsustainable ever-increasing growth, create division in the world. Because they are based on scarcity, they pit person against person, nation against nation to compete against each other for the precious resources of our planet.

The fleeting happiness we equate with getting more of the Earth's resources is an illusion.

Real peace and subsequent happiness in our life is something we can claim for ourselves by honouring our true essence.

Wasted Energy

The wasted energy in the way we presently run our societies, leads to wasted energies in our own lives. There is much wasted energy behind our sleepless nights, which does not define who we are, nor honour our true essence.

If you aren't sleeping because of issues surrounding money and scarcity, you are causing enormous stress on your mental wellbeing. You are depleting your energy resources and not honouring your true spiritual self.

How Do We Return to Sleep?

To find our real knowing and return to sleep, we must return to a life lived in balance with nature. Go for long walks in parks or natural places, take deep breaths into your lungs and follow the breath as it enters your body. Your breath is your connection to your true spiritual path.

At night, switch off all the electrical devices you have in your bedroom and calm your mind. Learn to be in touch with Stillness. Utilise Nature's herbs to sooth your mind. Place some diluted lavender oil on a handkerchief and place it underneath your pillow. Discover your body's natural biorhythms and allow the night to be a time for healing.

Begin to have a better relationship with all of your spiritual bodies, not just your physical body. What I mean by this is listen to your inner spiritual voice of knowing (your intuition). Let go the scattered thoughts of the day and let you spiritual body make sense of them all in sleep. Realise you are your own creator and the strongest connection you have with the creation of your life is found through the peace of sleep.

The unsustainable economic system that defines our lives causes real problems for many of us that we can only overcome with real connection to our higher purpose. In sleep, this connection to our higher self will define the path to the financial freedom we require to live the life we are meant to live.

The sleepless nights are our Higher Self's way of telling us that we are off course and need to steer our path back to a place of truth.

Stillness Meditation

When the scattered thoughts of a restless night become overwhelming, stillness is the path to sleep. The healing connection with your Higher Self in sleep is the first step to your financial redemption and a balanced life.

To find your place of stillness before sleep, try meditations designed to still your mind.

For Example, when the disturbing thoughts come, don't try to stop them, but instead, observe them intently from the outside as if they belong to someone else. Imagine that the thoughts are bubbles in a soft drink. Observe each thought bubble as it appears, then let it go to the surface and disappear.

When you separate yourself from your scattered thoughts and watch them all rise away like bubbles in a soft drink, you are actually observing the thoughts from the peaceful stillness of your true self. Between each thought, try to think of nothing at all. Become aware that even the thought of 'thinking of nothing' is also a thought. Let it go.

At first this meditation won't be easy. Again and again you'll catch yourself thinking, instead of watching the thoughts. Every time you catch yourself inside your thoughts, separate yourself from the thought again. Stop it in its tracks, put it in a bubble and watch it float away. Concentrating on the consistent exercise of separating yourself from your thoughts will take your mind away from the contents of those thoughts and help you find the stillness that comes just before sleep.

Finally, take a deep slow breath in, then slowing let the breath out and with it, let out all the pressures of the day...

All Solutions Come from the Same Place

The pressures on us to over-consume and get ourselves into debt that we can't repay, are enormous. True connection with our higher purpose helps us to stay on our true path and not be tempted off it by superficial desires that do not serve us.

There are many different ways to manage the debt and the problems that drive the incessant thoughts keeping us awake at night. Finding true solutions to money stress requires an understanding of where all of the solutions come from. They come from that peaceful place inside you that allows you to define yourself, your true self.

Don't allow the pressures of society to define who you are. See past the superficiality and false images of our over-hyped consumer age and find your own reason for being.

If you compare yourself to others you will not find peace.

Sleepless nights are your Higher Self's way of telling you that you're off course. To find peaceful sleep, steer your path back to a place of truth.

Love and Light

April 14th 2014

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