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Vine Psychic Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs - Vine Psychic Readings

What is Vine's unique phone breath technique?

Vine uses a unique breath technique gifted to her by spirit, to connect to your individual consciousness. After connecting, she is then able to relay information to you without you having to initially provide any details at all. This allows her to immediately establish a direct relationship with your loved ones, spiritual guardians and guides. Whatever the issue, you can be assured Vine will shed some insight an d clarification and provide practical tools and methods to give you a greater sense of confidence.

Melbourne born Vine Psychic has been working in the spiritual field for over 34 years in Australia and overseas and worked on the first Australian Psychic Line. Vine has a loyal client following in Australia and globally and is considered to be an expert psychic medium in her spiritual field.

How do I find the right psychic, clairvoyant, medium, soul reader for me?

The Importance of Discernment

Vine believes it is important to be discerning when making a call for a psychic line consultation.

Things to look for when having a phone psychic reading:

  • Integrity and clarity of vision.

  • Someone who is empowering you to be your own guru.

  • Someone who tells you what they see, and not what they think you want to hear.

Things to be wary of when having a phone psychic reading:

  • Be wary of organisations who ask lots of questions in an attempt to feel their way, rather than giving you a sense of assurance that they have connected with you and are able to provide you with information that only you know is true.

  • Be wary of people who speak in generalities to get you to open up and give them information.

  • Be wary of organisations who attempt to create a level of dependence on themselves, thus encouraging you to call back again. Sometimes it can be difficult to see a way through dark clouds and there is a need to seek clarity from a spiritual teacher, however, it is important for you to be your own guru and to trust in the process of life.

  • Be wary of organisations who employ people who are not experienced in the psychic or metaphysical arts, or who fail to disclose other qualifications such as, psychologists or counsellors who rely on creating customer profiles and data bases to identify if you have called their service before so they can check your details against previously gathered information.

    A genuine psychic or medium with natural abilities does not need to make a customer profile. Should you be calling for a second time, a genuine psychic will tune into your energy as if for the first time and pick up on the subtle changes they see, without having to ask you questions or check your details on a data base.

Will Vine tell me something upsetting, or not share all of the information provided from spirit?

Vine cares about your needs but she doesn't stray from the authentic and ethical connection she has with Spirit.

Whilst operating in the psychic industry, Vine has witnessed readings and consultations in which customers have become reliant upon unethical operators who took advantage of their positions.
Vine's approach is honest, sincere and direct and she will not tell you something simply because it is what you want to hear.

Vine will always keep your best interests at heart. Before filtering the spiritual information she receives from Spirit, she will first confirm how you would like the consultation to proceed.

Example: Phone Consultation
Heidi has phoned Vine about a work related issue.
Vine will advise Heidi that she needs to connect directly with Heidi's individual consciousness (similar to an individual wave of radio frequency when you are tuning into a radio station).

By using her unique breath technique she will begin to describe the sensations and feelings being relayed to her from Heidi's individual auric blueprint. She will ask Heidi if she wants to look at a particular area, or if she wants a general reading. (A general reading provides information and guidance on all the different areas in Heidi's life).

Heidi advises Vine that she specifically wants to look at work and then Vine will begin to relay all this information to Heidi. She will only ask Heidi if she can identify with what she is being shown to gauge if Heidi is able to confirm these details. Unless Heidi chooses to discuss these details further with Vine and provides any additional information, then Vine will ask no further questions.

If Vine has a direct link with someone who is deceased from either Heidi's partner, family, or friend, or a spiritual guardian or guide who would like to provide evidence of their passing, then Vine will ask permission from Heidi to see if she wants to make contact.

If permission is given:
Vine will start to provide evidence of the family member or loved one who passed and she will relay all the information she receives from spirit.
She uses all her clair senses and will describe visually what is shown, what she hears from spirit and the feelings that come from the spiritual presence she has made contact with.

If permission is not given:
Vine will thank the spiritual member and telepathically ask them to accept her clients wishes and proceed with the reading in a direction her client is comfortable with.

I want to have a reading that allows me to speak with a departed loved one.

Can Vine assist?

Vine will endeavour to make contact with your loved one. However, at no time can Vine guarantee that you will make contact with the loved one of your choice. Each telephone reading can take its own course and it's important to recognise that the Universal law of free will also applies to people who have passed over.

Also, a spiritual being who has recently passed may find it difficult to work with a medium in the beginning. You may need to allow some time for them to learn to work with their heightened vibrational frequency.

What type of psychic reading do I need?

You need to be clear in your mind as to what you want from a psychic reading.

Do you want to concentrate on relationships, your job, your business etc.?

Do you want to have a general psychic reading that covers all areas of your life?

Before contacting Vine, write a list of the pressing life issues that you require spiritual guidance on.

Do you want to have a spiritual connection with loved ones who have crossed over? This is a mediumship reading and allows your loved ones to reach out to you from the spiritual realms to help you find a greater peace of mind.

Normally people who are going through deep grieving or have questions about the passing of a loved one require some spiritual help to provide a greater sense of clarity about why they passed suddenly.

Sometimes your loved ones will guide you to this website not knowing why you are here. Don't worry - that happens often to people who contact Vine. They are being guided to seek spiritual help.

Do you want a Numerology Reading?

Numerology is a great way of complimenting a psychic reading and helps to give further insight and accurate dates to help you prepare for future events. Vine uses the spiritual numerology method and is able to confirm whether you're on track with your plans and aspirations.

Do you want a Dream Reading?

Vine has a unique way of helping her clients to understand the hidden meaning of their dreams. Your dreams offer a lot of spiritual guidance from the higher realms and sometimes you may have a message from a departed love one. They use the bridge of your dreams to reach out to you to show they are doing fine on the other side.

Do you want a Cellular Memory Cleansing Reading?

This is a deeper spiritual reading to help you get to the core of unresolved issues that keep coming back to haunt you. Sometimes you don't even know why you are sabotaging your own life. When you begin to realise that your cells hold the answers and you can release this from your energetic blueprint, you take back control of your life and have a greater peace of mind.

How do I book a phone psychic reading with Vine?

It's easy to book a psychic reading with Vine.

For quick and affordable discount PayPal Credit/Debit psychic reading bookings from Australia or World Wide:

Click the Book a Reading button (below), fill out and send the Booking form. You will then be taken to Step 2 of the Booking Process where you can choose the length of your reading. Payment is required before we can confirm bookings.

"Book a Discounted Phone Psychic Reading with Vine Psychic from anywhere in Melbourne, Australia or International and Save up to 25% Melbourne
Secure PayPal, Credit/Debit Discounted Bookings
Australia - International

Or in Australia:
You can call Vine's 1902 242 800 Psychic Reading Line
Call costs $4.95 per min. gst inclusive, Extra Mobiles/Pay Monessa Gulf

Call or Book a Discounted Phone Psychic Reading with Vine from anywhere in Australia or International
In Australia you can call Vine direct...

How do I purchase a phone psychic reading Gift Voucher?

You can purchase a phone psychic reading Gift Voucher for a friend or loved one, allowing them to choose the time of their reading.

To purchase a Gift Voucher, firstly go to the Booking Page and book a reading specifying that you would like a Gift Voucher, giving the name of the person the Gift Voucher is for. Then select the relevant length of reading / payment option and a Gift Voucher will be emailed to you.

Gift Vouchers are non-redeemable and valid for 6 months from date of purchase.

Is Vine's PayPal booking system secure?

A lot of Vine's Australian & World readers might not realize that she was spiritually guided over 10 years ago to introduce the first online ethical psychic reading booking process. She researched a lot of psychic booking options and selected PayPal because it ticked all of the right boxes and still does now. It is rated the World's Best online merchant booking process.


The security of your banking details and personal information is paramount to Vine. She was spiritually guided to show credible psychic ability, which meant eliminating unnecessary phone screening by customer service representatives or the psychics themselves. Ensure your psychic follows a similar type of booking process as Vine.

You Are in Charge

Psychic Ecommerce needs to be secure and Vine has created a customer booking process that you are in control of.

Your psychic booking and banking details are known only to YOU. That's a great relief for customers and clients in Australia and around the world.


Is Your Psychic or Customer Service requesting your credit card or personal details? With Vine you can feel assured that nobody will check your social networks or engage you in a conversation to find out why you need a reading.

Does your psychic request your personal details and banking information before you have a psychic reading? How secure is their data information? These are the types of things you should think about before booking a telephone psychic reading. Our customers trust Vine's online psychic booking process.

Vine's Psychic Readings

Vine doesn't need any initial information at the start of your reading. Your complete anonymity is assured and you are not updated on a customer data base because we trust our customers know when they want a psychic reading and don't need to receive newsletters from us.

(Read Vine's PayPal history and why she was spiritually guided to let her customers be in charge of their own psychic bookings).

Book a Discounted Phone Psychic Reading with Vine Psychic Melbourne, Australia
Secure PayPal, Credit or Debit Bookings
Australia - International

Call or Book a Discounted Phone Psychic Reading with Vine from anywhere in Australia or International and Save up to 25%
In Australia you can call Vine direct...