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Ghost at Kyneton Royal George Hotel, Wearing an Unusual Cowboy Hat

Ghost at the Kyneton Royal George Hotel - and the Unusual Cowboy Hat

My psychic reading editorial follows on from my regional Victoria paranormal experiences. This time I'm writing about my ghost encounter at the Royal George Hotel in the small township of Kyneton, Victoria.

From Melbourne if you drive down the Calder Freeway, you'll discover this historical gem on your doorstep. Kyneton is a thriving country town with a warm welcoming feeling, situated in the Macedon Ranges region.

The Royal George Hotel was the last place my partner and I stopped on our trip with our friends. We decided to have an icy cold beer to finish off the day.

Kyneton has several trendy restaurants and bars to choose from. As we walked down the old part of town I was clairsentiently honing in on spiritual memories. Just before stepping into the Royal George Hotel's entrance I could energetically feel past violence leaking out of the hotel building. My partner only had to look at my body mannerisms to identify I was once again tuning into historical time, using the art of clairsentience.

I made sure my protective spiritual shield was strengthened on my aura as we took a seat near the front of the bar. The front room ceiling is painted in a stylish black and there's a crown of tree branches that greet the tourists. The bartenders are warm and inviting and full of enthusiasm. The Royal George has boutique beers on tap and the most delicious ginger beer. After my friend returned to the table we chatted about the unusual paranormal nature of the day's events.

Vine Psychic - Royal George Hotel Interior
Interior of the Royal George Hotel, Kyneton.

Ghost in the Royal George Hotel

Then I felt the spiritual presence of a man standing behind me with an unusual cowboy hat. I turned to my friends and told them about the presence of my spiritual ghost and described his appearance. He energetically appeared as a tall slim man, who I described as a pastoralist. He wore tan coloured pants and had a shirt with a vest. What stood out was the unusual hat he wore on his head. The hat appeared to dip in the middle of the fabric and looked like an old American West cowboy hat.

Vine Psychic Gost Royal George Hotel American Cowboy Hat
This photo taken in Kyneton circa-1867 shows the type of man,
wearing the same clothes and hat, who I saw in Spirit,
in the Royal George Hotel. Fifth from the left (inset).

My Dislike of Ghost Chasing TV Shows

Before I continue on what happened at the Royal George Hotel I need to share I have never chased ghosts in my life. The whole ghost chasing industry on television makes me question the level of spiritual knowledge of mediums and psychics who harass innocent ghosts. I simply don't get how a genuine medium would want to make a living harassing ghosts.

I've had so many spiritual encounters throughout the years that commmunicating with spirit is as natural as speaking with my family and friends. Spiritual consciousness is all knowing (omnipresent). Ghosts energetically pick up who genuinely wants to help or accepts their ethereal bodies. They go to the mediums and lightworkers who don't want to pry them with questions, or use paranormal electrical devices to get them to identify how they got stuck on the earth plane. My spiritual guardians from the angelic realms and ghosts openly share this information freely when they trust the medium.

Good and Evil Spiritual Ghosts

There is both good and bad in the spiritual realms, just as there are good and bad people on earth. A genuine medium can detect the vibrational frequencies being released by the auric field of the departed.

Friendly Spirit with the Cowboy Hat

The friendly Spirit wearing the cowboy hat in the Royal George Hotel only radiated heightened vibes. He wasn't a nuisance, he was just curious. He spiritually appeared relaxed and seemed to enjoy being around the locals and tourists visiting his local pub.

Curiosity sometimes gets the best of me when I have a ghostly or paranormal experience. My spiritual encounters help me to step back in time and learn about the history and the lives of the people. I had to find out more about the history of the Royal George Hotel and try to find the truth about why I saw a pastoralist wearing an American cowboy hat, and I did discover an American link to the hotel.

The Gold Diggers Arms

The Royal George Hotel was originally called the Gold Diggers Arms, and it was one of the first hotels built in Kyneton in 1852. The name itself reveals its connection to the gold rush in Victoria, where people from all over the world rushed to the Victorian Goldfields to strike it rich. Kyneton is one of the towns the gold diggers passed through to reach the goldfields in Castlemaine and Bendigo.

John Byng

The first publican of the Gold Diggers Arms was an American named John Byng. He was by historical accounts "a striking man over six foot tall who dressed in the latest fashions and rode a prancing white horse". What I found fascinating about the first owner of the Gold Diggers Arms, was he was the son of a freed African American slave from South Carolina. He had made his way to Australia and created a whole new life away from the history of the slave trade of America.

Unfortunately he wasn't the ghost figure I had seen wearing the American cowboy hat, because my ghost figure revealed he was a caucasian. But the knowledge that John Byng wore clothes like the ones I had seen my friendly ghost wearing, reinforced the American influence in Kyneton in the mid 1900's.

Then I found out that John Byng was stabbed in the Gold Diggers Arms while removing a patron from the premises, and he died five weeks later from a resulting infection. This was the immediate confirmation of violence I was picking up on, but I knew there would have been more violence than the stabbing of John Byng, because there were many incidents of violence and robbery during the gold rush.

Paranormal Experience

Having this sort of experience when I visit local historical towns like Kyneton, is one of the things that makes doing spiritual medium work rewarding. Instead of just reading a historical book and learning about the history from historians I am able to get first hand paranormal experiences that can be backed up by the historical books in libraries.

It's interesting to think that one of the reasons why I spiritually recognised the unusual cowboy hat on my ghost, was due to the flamboyant sense of style that John Byng left with the local farmers and residents of the town. To learn that an African American slave's son had pulled up roots from America to be a free man in Australia and to buy the Gold Diggers Arms, makes all of the unusual experiences worthwhile.

We can learn a lot from the spiritual realms if we allow the departed to lift the veil of time and let us into their world. The Royal George Hotel holds a special story about freedom. An African American man, son of a slave, found his peace of heaven in Kyneton Victoria. This is a story worthy of a film script and should be embraced by the locals and the Australian people.

Another paranormal mystery revealed in Victoria, just by walking into a pub at Kyneton.

Love and Light

February 8th 2015

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