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The spiritual art of letting go of grief

The Art of Letting Go

Grief is an all-consuming emotional energy that holds a great presence. Whether it is the loss of a loved parent or child, sibling, husband or wife, or the end of a relationship, it is hard to let go of what we have known before.

As a spiritual empath I tune into clients all around the world who are in the early stages of grief or holding onto the last moments. The grief may also concern changing circumstances in your life or the loss of a loved pet that offered comfort and unconditional love. Sudden departure can create enormous emotional wounds when your loved cat or dog is killed by a car, or simply vanishes overnight.

A Lesson About Trust

Spiritually the art of letting go is a lesson about trust that we all have to experience because it is a natural state of life.

We have to trust that the things we experience in life are a part of the process of life, and that sometimes in order to fully experience our lives and move forward, we have to let go of the need to control the process of life.

My role is to provide the clarity you need to give you peace of mind. To help you let things happen naturally. To help you let go and see what comes to you and what connections that will lead to.

Recently I did a spiritual medium reading for a client who had lost her mother and her sister within a short period of time of each other. She was lost and worried and she needed some type of sign that they had safely reached the higher realms and were looking over her.

I follow a spiritual breath technique to make contact with the individual consciousness of my customer and then I allow my spiritual vessel to be shown visions, hear spiritual words impressed to my aura from the spiritual art of clairaudience and to feel the emotional, ethereal aura of the departed.

I relay the visions being guided and ask if you can identify with them. Your loved one's know when you are grieving their loss and they will show visions only known to you.

Sometimes I feel myself tuning into a partner who was violently ill before they passed and I will be told they had a terminal illness. Other times I will feel they passed quite suddenly, and know the spiritual messages being relayed, offer clarity. I hear my clients burst into tears when they know the guidance shared couldn't have been known to me and that they are getting real spiritual confirmation to help them find a greater peace of mind.

The Spiritual Art of Letting Go

Just as it was revealed to my client in the United Kingdom, your loved ones want you to recover from your grief and to realize they are looking over you and helping you to have a wonderful life. They want you to spiritually let go. They don't want you to become stuck, especially if they died in traumatic circumstances. This is why your loved ones in spirit step forward to spiritual mediums like myself and allow their messages to be shared.

A spiritual being will choose the medium they feel best represents them. You can't force spirit to come to you and show evidence of their existence. Allow them to guide you to real spiritual mediums and let them show you the truth about the higher realms.

Like my telephone psychic reading client found out this week the loving guidance channelled will uplift, clarify and give you genuine peace of mind.

Love and Light

February 3rd 2013

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