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Is it Safe to SMS Text or Phone a Psychic while Driving?

Phoning while driving is a dangerous distraction that should be avoided for obvious reasons. Vine explains why it's also not a good idea to SMS text or phone a psychic using hands free mobiles while you're driving...

12th July 2017

Precognitive Dreams - Vine Psychic

Australia's Vine Psychic Expert, Dream Overhaul - Did You Have a Precognitive Dream?

Vine Answers Reader’s Question:

Have you experienced a precognitive dream? Are the precognitive dream visions always precisely the same as what you see in real life? What is the purpose of Precognitive dreams?

Vine answers questions about Precognitive dreams and goes into detail about visions associated with precognition.

22nd February 2017

Soul Mates

Soulmate Reality Check - Love Psychic Readings

Have you lost the plot looking for your Soulmate or Twin Flame love relationship?

There are many types of relationships people can have, and although soul mates and twin flames do exist, they don't always happen and are definitely not necessary. Therefore, why are so many people being told by love psychic readers that their love interest is a soul mate?

29th November 2016

Vine is a Spiritual Seer

How do Psychics Connect to the Afterlife? - @VinePsychic Answers Melbourne Client Question

Vine explains the difference between a Psychic and a Spiritual Seer, and how Seers as mediums, connect to the afterlife...

11th September 2016

Why Are Women Sharing their #MeToo stories?

With more and more women sharing their #MeToo Stories about sexual harassment and unwanted advances in the workplace, Vine explains why it's happening, and why women are at last being believed.

It's all about the Divine Feminine cosmic shift changes, now occurring on our Earth...

November 21st 2017

'Google Assistant' Brings New Psychic Dilemma for Customers

Can psychic adverts on ‘Google Assistant’ create security risks for customers? Vine writes about the dilemma for Australian small businesses and customers caused by increasing amounts of sponsored advertising on Google Assistant or voice-only devices like Google Home...

August 8th 2017

Fake and Paid Psychic Directory Reviews

Australian Psychic Directory Reviews - Did You Fall For Them?

Do you trust Australian online directory psychic reviews without question? Look again.

Many positive and negative reviews are fake. Some businesses fake their own positive 5 star reviews. Others submit fake negative reviews of their competitors to denigrate their reputation and gain an unfair advantage...

11th May 2017

Vine Spiritual Direction

Australia, We're Evolving Vine's Spiritual Business to the Next Level

Vine Psychic Reading 10 Year Anniversary in 2017

It's Vine's Australian Psychic Reading 10 Year anniversary and there's lots of changes coming...

Over 10 years ago Vine was spiritually guided by her higher guardians to start her own phone psychic business and soon after she was guided to release spiritual prophecy to help us understand the Earth changes that were to come.

Now in 2017 those Earth changes are starting to be seen and felt. This is why Vine has been spiritually guided that her online business needs to evolve to the next level...

6th February 2017

Fake and Paid Psychic Reviews

Fake Psychic Reviews and Testimonials on WOMO and TRUE LOCAL

Do Word of Mouth Online and True Local have the correct checks and balances in place to identify fraudulent and malicious psychic reviews? Our investigation reveals how networks are abusing customer trust. Find out more...

21st September 2016