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Is it Safe to SMS Text or Phone a Psychic while Driving?

Phoning while driving is a dangerous distraction that should be avoided for obvious reasons. Vine explains why it's also not a good idea to SMS text or phone a psychic using hands free mobiles while you're driving...

12th July 2017

Precognitive Dreams - Vine Psychic

Australia's Vine Psychic Expert, Dream Overhaul - Did You Have a Precognitive Dream?

Vine Answers Reader’s Question:

Have you experienced a precognitive dream? Are the precognitive dream visions always precisely the same as what you see in real life? What is the purpose of Precognitive dreams?

Vine answers questions about Precognitive dreams and goes into detail about visions associated with precognition.

22nd February 2017

Soul Mates

Soulmate Reality Check - Love Psychic Readings

Have you lost the plot looking for your Soulmate or Twin Flame love relationship?

There are many types of other relationships people can have, and although soul mates and twin flames do exist, they don't always happen and are definitely not necessary. Therefore, why are so many people being told by love psychic readers that their love interest is a soul mate?

29th November 2016

Fake and Paid Psychic Reviews

Fake Psychic Reviews and Testimonials on WOMO and TRUE LOCAL

Do Word of Mouth Online and True Local have the correct checks and balances in place to identify fraudulent and malicious psychic reviews? Our investigation reveals how networks are abusing customer trust. Find out more...

21st September 2016

Hidden Dark Secretes of the NLP Founders

NLP - Hidden Dark Secrets

Why do NLP Life Coaches pretend to be psychic? Vine talks about the dark secrets surrounding the founders of the covert hypnosis technique, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)...

18th August 2016

scam psychic affiliate sites

Can You Spot the Affiliate Psychic Tarot Scam Websites?

Vine explains the dangers of using scam affiliate psychic sites and why you should avoid them. She uses the example of an automatic affiliate tarot site business owner who appeared on Shark Tank Australia recently...

6th July 2016

Vine Psychic Readings - Because You Deserve Better

Are You in an Emotionally Abusive Passive-Aggressive Relationship? It's Time to Find Yourself!

In my psychic reading work, I'm discovering how many men are taking advantage of women in passive-aggressive relationships. Women, are you ready to claim your voice?

22nd May 2016

Vine Psychic Pets

The Psychic Effects of Not Being Able to Have a Pet

In Vine's psychic reading editorial today, she writes about the psychic effects on your aura when you are unable to have one-on-one contact with pets when renting or living in apartment blocks...

15th April 2016

Vine psychic Reviews JOY

Vine Psychic Movie Review JOY - Business Spiritual Twist

Vine reviews the movie JOY and relates it to real life spiritual issues that small businesses are dealing with today...

26th February 2016

Psychic Company Owner Psychopaths

Who Are the Psychic Company Owner Psychopaths?

How many Australian and global psychic company owner psychopaths are really out there? Too many. Vine writes about the dirty business practices that psychic companies use to be found at the top of web searches before independent reputable psychics and lightworkers. This is a must read...

1st February 2016

Vine Psychic Angelic Guardians

Vine's Angelic Guardians Spiritual Christmas Experiences

Every year at Christmas my higher angelic guardians direct people who are feeling sad, despondent or depressed towards me to be comforted by the higher realms channeling...

15th December 2015

Vine Psychic Visions - Back To The Future

Back To The Future, OCT 21 2015 - Vine Psychic Visions

OCT 21 2015 is Back to the Future Day. If you could go back in time and make today your future, what changes would you make?

21st October 2015

Vine Psychic Lumley Castle Ghosts

Why Do Sports Stars Attract Ghosts and Hauntings on Tour?

Why do cricket players, rugby and other sportspeople come into contact with ghosts when they travel? The same reason you do....

13th October 2015

Vine Psychic Warns about Internet Dating Predators

Vine Psychic Warns About Internet Dating Predators

Vine reveals how online dating predators are singling out women and men in the most vulnerable times of their lives...

19th August 2015

Fake Psychic Testimonials using paid actors

How Can You Spot Scripted Video Psychic Testimonials and Reviews?

Some dubious Australian psychic lines are using fake video testimonials with paid actors...

21st July 2015


Vine Psychic Chats About Melbourne Creative Artists' Passion Dilemma

When I use the art of clairsentience to tune into artists and creatives of Australia and Melbourne, I feel bliss - Melbourne Laneway Art...

18th May 2015

Vine Psychic Friendship Phone Psychic Readings

Vine Psychic Discusses - Are you in a Real Friendship or a Network?

Are you in real friendships or are you being singled out to join networks?

5th May 2015

Spiritual Empathy and Compassion for sexual abuse survivers

Vine Psychic - Compassion for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Everyone deserves compassion, no matter what age they are.....

11th April 2015

Finding Missing Persons - Psychic Vine

Do Psychics Help Police in Missing Person Cases in Australia?

How I assist in missing person cases and how as a Spiritual Medium, I provide insight about traumatic loss of life. I also warn about not being taken in by psychic expo profilers who use magician-like tricks to pretend to provide medium readings....

23rd March 2015

Vine Psychic Line Eighth Anniversary

Eighth Anniversary of Vine Psychic Phone Reading Line

2015 is the eighth anniversary of our phone psychic reading line. It's also Melbourne clairvoyant medium Vine's 33rd year working in the Spiritual field.....

17th February 2015

Hanging Rock Ley Lines - Psychic Vine

Vine Psychic: True Life Paranormal Story, Hanging Rock Ley Line Mystery

In my psychic reading editorial this week I reveal how I energetically found a strong ley line near Mount Macedon and Hanging Rock in regional Victoria, Australia.....

19th January 2015

Christmas in Melbourne - Vine Psychic Readings

Vine Psychic's Christmas in Melbourne

Some of my international psychic reading clients have been asking what Christmas in Melbourne is like.....

25th December 2014

Spiritual Grief Guidance

Vine Psychic Helps the Bereaved at Christmas

My psychic reading editorial this week is about spiritually helping you deal with the shock of losing a loved sibling, husband, wife, lover, parent, child, friend, or pet just before Christmas....

8th December 2014

Vine Psychic Lightworkers Vs Spiritual Deceivers

Vine Psychic Guides about Influential Lightworkers Vs Spiritual Deceivers

Telling the difference between Lightworkers and Spiritual Deceivers. Who wants to solve the problems of climate change and who is profiting from the problems and greedily working to perpetuate them...?

18th November 2014

'Google Assistant' Brings New Psychic Dilemma for Customers

Can psychic adverts on ‘Google Assistant’ create security risks for customers? Vine writes about the dilemma for Australian small businesses and customers caused by increasing amounts of sponsored advertising on Google Assistant or voice-only devices like Google Home...

August 8th 2017

Fake and Paid Psychic Directory Reviews

Australian Psychic Directory Reviews - Did You Fall For Them?

Do you trust Australian online directory psychic reviews without question? Look again.

Many positive and negative reviews are fake. Some businesses fake their own positive 5 star reviews. Others submit fake negative reviews of their competitors to denigrate their reputation and gain an unfair advantage...

11th May 2017

Vine Spiritual Direction

Australia, We're Evolving Vine's Spiritual Business to the Next Level

Vine Psychic Reading 10 Year Anniversary in 2017

It's Vine's Australian Psychic Reading 10 Year anniversary and there's lots of changes coming...

Over 10 years ago Vine was spiritually guided by her higher guardians to start her own phone psychic business and soon after she was guided to release spiritual prophecy to help us understand the Earth changes that were to come.

Now in 2017 those Earth changes are starting to be seen and felt. This is why Vine has been spiritually guided that her online business needs to evolve to the next level...

6th February 2017

Vine is a Spiritual Seer

How do Psychics Connect to the Afterlife? - @VinePsychic Answers Melbourne Client Question

Vine explains the difference between a Psychic and a Spiritual Seer, and how Seers as mediums, connect to the afterlife...

11th September 2016

Seeds of Trust - Every Thought and Deed is Known

The Intelligent Psychic - Being Psychic Doesn't Mean You Cannot have Intelligence

It seems that some people frown upon psychics who express rational, intellectual opinions. A psychic deals with energies that do not come from the mind, but that doesn't mean a psychic cannot be intelligent and take part in everyday logical debate...

26th July 2016

Oranum Psychics Misleading Business

How Did Oranum Psychics Get Their Bad Psychic Reputation?

Deceptive and Misleading Business Practices

Oranum Psychics have the worst business reputation online and that's just the view within the psychic industry itself. Thousands of disgruntled customers have also gone online to write scathing reviews about Oranum Psychics.

Find out the truth about their seedy background...

5th June 2016

Prince -Lightworker

Was Prince a Spiritual Musical Lightworker?

Prince was a beacon of light who exemplified spiritual oneness. An artist and once in a life time musical genius, he was also a Lightworker...

26th April 2016

How to Tell a Real Lightworkers

What is a Spiritual Lightworker? How Can You Spot Real Lightworkers?

Vine writes about the spiritual aspect to the recent US news story about Democrat presidential contender Bernie Sanders and the little bird?...

30th March 2016

Going with the Flow

Vine Psychic Guides about the Things You Can Control, and Things You Can't Control

In this week's Psychic Reading Editorial, Vine talks about Going with the Flow from the spiritual point of view of what you can and can't control in life. The distorted Law of Attraction Teachings say we can control everything with affirmations and positive visualisation, but can we?...

11th January 2016

12 Apostles - Great Ocean Road

Vine Psychic Aussie Xmas Good Will Ambassador

My Aussie Christmas Psychic Reading Editorial from last year, has tempted some of my international clients into visiting Australia this Christmas season...

10th December 2015

Vine Psychic-Earth Seer

Should I bring a Child into a Climate Change World?

With Climate Change taking hold in the world, many people are asking themselves the question, "should I allow my child to incarnate into our world until serious action is taken on climate change"...

27th November 2015

Clairvoyant Medium Vine writes about the 11-11 Spritual Energy Codes

What is the Spiritual Meaning of 11:11 Energy Codes?

Vine Psychic writes about the spiritual significance of the 11:11 energy code spiritual prayer...

11th November 2015

Clairvoyant Medium VINE talks about Cheap Psychic Readings and the difference between genuine and fake  psychics

Are Cheap Psychic Readings From Real Psychics?

Vine talks about the true cost of cheap psychic readings and the differences between fake psychics and genuine psychics....

3rd October 2015

Spiritual Phophecy - Understanding Earth Changes

Vine's Spiritual Prophecy - Understanding the Earth Changes Now Confronting Us

Vine's spiritual prophecy (psychic predictions) and the importance of truly understanding Climate Change and the Earth Changes that are upon us....

23rd September 2015

Earthing Yourself Back To Nature - Walking Barefoot

Vine Psychic Reveals How She Became A Barefoot Spiritual Psychic Medium

Vine talks about the spiritual benefits of going barefoot....

12th September 2015

Venus, Jupiter, Moon alignment

Vine Psychic Guidance - Jupiter, Venus and the Moon - Convergence Energy

Spiritual meaning of 2015 Venus, Jupiter and Moon alignment...

14th July 2015

Vine Psychic Tips

Psychic Radio Tips a Hit - Giving You Truthful Answers

Your psychic tips podcast was right to the point and you went straight into providing practical help. It was great to have useful tips...

6th July 2015

Vine Psychic - Finding the Right Psychic

Vine Psychic Radio - How to Find the Right Psychic and Avoid Agony Aunts

How to find the right psychic or clairvoyant medium for your next psychic reading, and giving you the answers you're looking for....

21st June 2015

The Water Diviner - Vine Psychic Film Review

Vine Psychic Review: THE WATER DIVINER - Guiding about the Energy of PTSD

Vine reviews the Australian film, The Water Diviner for the 100th Anniversary of the Anzacs in Gallipoli on 25th April 2015.....

20th April 2015

Domestic Violence - Spiritual Perspective

Getting Real With Domestic Violence Emotional Energy

Domestic violence is spiralling out of control throughout Australia and the world. From my own experience, I can share there has been a steady incline since I worked on the first Australian phone psychic line....

7th March 2015

Kyneton Royal George Hotel Ghost Experience - Vine Psychic

Vine Psychic: Ghost at Kyneton Royal George Hotel - and the Unusual Cowboy Hat

This week time I'm writing about my ghost encounter at the Royal George Hotel in the small township of Kyneton, Victoria....

8th February 2015

GIRLS review by Vine Psychic

Vine Psychic Reviews TV Series - GIRLS

Vine reviews GIRLS. For those poor souls who haven't yet discovered my favourite show, "Girls" is a TV series about four college students, created, directed and starring Lena Dunham....

11th January 2015

Spiritual Responsibility

Vine Psychic Talks About Spiritual Responsibility

This psychic reading editorial is about the importance of accepting personal responsibility for the abuse of the Universal Laws...

2nd December 2014

Vine Psychic Healing Guidance - Phone Psychic Readings

Vine Psychic Healing Guidance - Toddlers Learning Difficulties

Helping frantic parents who are coping the early development of their babies and toddlers...

24th November 2014