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Vine Clairvoyant Medium - HEALTH

Spiritual Health, Well-Being

Our natural state of being is to live in harmony with our environment and to have a greater connection with our spiritual presence. How can we place greater emphasis on claiming back wholeness of self?

Vine believes it's important to understand our true state of being and to find joy in the meaning of life. Daily pressures and stresses can cause our ethereal body to become out of balance and begin to create dis-ease in our physical bodies. This is why we are dedicating this section to your spiritual health and wellbeing.

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Taking Time Out For Self Healing
Psychic Stress
Spiritual Benefits of Drinking Water
Why Do We Need To Sleep?
How to Meditate
Benefits of Acupuncture

Taking Time Out For Self Healing

Take Time Out For Yourself
As a Psychic Medium I cannot count the number of times I have tuned into my female clients etherial body (aura) using the spiritual art of clairsentience to find they are running on empty.

Some of my clients are young mothers who struggle with babies not sleeping through the night, are sleep deprived and trying to get used to the change in their lifestyle after having a first born.

Others are exhausted mothers that have children running amuck, depleting their energy over the day after they debate how long they can watch television or play computer games.

I find a lot of my female clients ethereal energies coated in guilt. They attempt to be good mothers and good wives but find themselves depleted of life force and questioning their mothering skills.

I am spiritually guided most of my female clients who present in this way are failing to take care of their body, mind and spirit and to take time out for themselves.

Every part of their day revolves around looking after their children, or depending on the relationship status, their partners needs.

To top this off they have jobs or businesses that also consume a lot of mental energy. Throw in the regular family visits and trying to keep in touch with their friends without phone interruptions because their children are niggling each other and about to wrestle on the floor. This leads to one exhausted feminine essence needing self nurturing.

Sometimes when Spirit guides my young clients and mothers of the need to take time out for self they begin to enter a sense of guilt. Surely, they should be able to cope and raise children like their parents did or the past generations? They fail to take into account how different our world is now. Everything is more fast paced.

Previous Generations vs Our Generation

Your mother or indeed her mother did not work around electronics gadgets, or drag their children away from the computer screen because they were frightened their child would never get adequate exercise or the right social skills.

They lived in a time where additional disruptions hardly existed like they do now. Everything about our world has sped up ten-fold or more and this is why women are finding it hard to energetically cope and manage their own health and wellbeing.

What Women Fought For

The women in history who fought for equality and equal rights could never have envisioned future generations of women in the western world having to juggle so many areas of their life. Some men have failed to step up to their family responsibilities and provide the support their partners need. A lot of my female clients are burning themselves out because of it.

When I tune into my psychic phone clients auras using a spiritual breath technique I share they need to look after themselves or they will deplete the energy of their physical and mental constitution and find they will have health issues down the track. I am not one of those psychics who glosses over my clients real issues for the sake of keeping them onside, I provide genuine spiritual guidance from the higher realms and tune into the issues that matter.

Your loved one in Spirit will share how concerned they are about family members not looking after themselves and sometimes guide during a psychic reading it could result in you having an energetic breakdown (nervous breakdown).

This is something that immediately resonates with my psychic reading customers. They intuitively know the spiritual guidance is accurate and sometimes some of my exhausted clients will break down crying because they need to release all of the emotion that has been bubbling beneath the surface.

It can be difficult for people to understand the amount of mental and physical energy it requires to look after young children, and lazy partners while trying to appear normal.

You are not alone. Some of the people who have the widest smiles when they greet someone can sometimes be hiding the same emotional feelings you have beneath the surface. Believing everyone else has got it right is a fallacy. You do not know what is going on in their real life - therefore you have to be careful about singling yourself out as being the 'bad mum' or the 'woman who can't cope'.

Spiritual Exercise

Look into a mirror and gaze into your eyes...
Ask the person standing in front of you:

Are you taking care of your 'self'.
Are you giving yourself time out to have a relaxing shower or wash your hair without children interrupting you?
Do you allow yourself to take a nice walk in the park or pick up a book and switch off from the children as you take time out for yourself?
Are you ever in the spiritual energy of 'Stillness'?

Relaxation Tecniques - from Vine

Here's Some Time-Out Self Healing Tips to Get the Sparkle Back into Your Eyes

Ask for Help - You Are Not Alone - Practical Solutions:

  • If you are a single mother head off to your local community health /child care service to see if you can place your child/children in daycare for a day or a few hours so you have time out for you.

  • If you are a young mother getting used to having your first born, look for helpful guidance from a Mothers Group (don't worry about cultural differences, you will find there are lots of helpful groups who cater for diversity).

  • "If you are a women, dealing with unruly children, demanding or selfish partners, become more assertive and stand up for your right to have a quality of life. Speak your truth about sharing the workload and needing time out to do your own thing once or twice a week. You have to be the navigator of your life and stop poor behaviour and bad habits. Educate your family, friends on what you can and can't accept and set personal boundaries.

  • If you come from a strict European, or cultural family where the wife does all the cleaning and all the household chores and running around and is expected to work till they drop, Stop. (Remember the guidance we provided about the world being a different place than previous generations).

  • If you have the money to hire some home help or can find a way of lessening your daily load do so. Your family needs you to be around for years, not to drop dead because you got ill. If money is an issue - get people to pitch in and help out more so it lessens the weight from your shoulders.

Spiritually there are ways to navigate around a problem and get the necessary assistance you need to get your life back on track.

As a spiritual medium I know that your body-mind-spirit is all interconnected and if you neglect one part of your health it energetically resonates around your aura and can manifest further health issues down the track.

You are your own creator and the Universe wants you to have a quality of life that makes you joyful, happy to bounce out of bed, and spend wonderful moments with your children, husband or friends.

Take back control of your life and don't allow yourself to enter the guilt trip about stepping away from your children or partner to replenish yourself.

Psychic Stress

Every day psychic stress is induced when we are bombarded by all the latest gadgets available, on an increasing range of advertising mediums. How does this affect our aura and why does Spirit claim that our reliance on technologies is causing people to become more stressed than ever.

Often when I tune into my clients' auras I find there is a common occurrence associated with their ethereal bodies... Psychic Stress.

Psychic Stress

What is Psychic Stress?

Psychic Stress arises from absorbing too much information from our environment as well as overusing the latest forms of social networking technologies and gadgets.

Don't confuse psychic stress with radiation stress, which also influences our ethereal bodies.

Psychic stress is causing enormous pressure on families, work environments and personal relationships.

Technology can play a major part in the disintegration of a loving relationship and there are new types of issues affecting families that are directly associated with the new technology and gadgets.

Virtual Worlds in which people take on new personas and live through their online characters, can make people take risks that they otherwise wouldn't have and allow a form of online promiscuity which can easily transfer into real life.

I have a growing number of clients with issues concerning breakdowns in relationships caused by partners spending hours playing internet computer games and going into their own worlds rather than communicating with their partners.

I speak to Parents who are concerned about their children over-using mobile phones and computers and inability to remain engaged in school lessons due to tweeting through-out the night to their friends etc.

How Does Vine Psychic Help Clients with Psychic Stress?

When I tune into my phone psychic clients who are dealing with psychic stress I firstly inform them that their ethereal bodies are under a great deal of psychic strain.

I always scan their aura at the start of the reading and identify any ethereal blockages and share with my clients what I am being spiritually shown.

For instance, if I tune into a client who has a sign of discomfort in their jaw and it shows that this has been occurring during their sleep when clenching their teeth, I spiritually recommend that they address this straight away to avoid having further complications down the track.

I tune into the direct causes in their particular situation and give them spiritual insight on how they can address the psychic problems that are creating the physical symptoms on their body.

All of our bodies are interconnected and the Mind-Body-Spirit relationship should not be underestimated. No client's ethereal energy is the same. Everyone is dealing with their own issues and therefore Spirit guides that you cannot use a simple formula such as a cure-all generic hypnotherapy recording to tackle psychic stress.

Returning Your Ethereal Body to Optimum Health

Sometimes you may go to a doctor with symptoms that you know are out of the ordinary, only to have the doctor rule them out as not being relevant.

This can cause you to doubt yourself and if the symptoms continue it can also cause you to feel as though you are not being listened to and to feel as though you do not have a voice.

What You Need to Do?

You of all people know what is normal for your physical and mental body more than anyone else. Spiritually you are a unique individual that experiences unique symptoms. Therefore you have to be the master of your own health and identify if you are ignoring your psychic health.

Do you feel hazy and unable to concentrate well?

Do you sometimes find yourself having anxiety thoughts that come from nowhere? Does your body sometime ache and not seem to get better? Do you sit in front of a computer; respond to mobile gadgets all the time? Do you experience times of irritability and mood changes that are out of the ordinary?

These emotional symptoms are the classic psychic signs of psychic stress. If you are failing to understand the relevance of the psychic vibrations, then you may need a spiritual reality check to bring you back on the right course. One thing to comfort you when you read this article is that you are not alone - everyone can have psychic stress

You Are the Master of Your Own Psychic Health

I've used a couple of examples to highlight the need to listen to your body and to take control of your own psychic health. Understanding that you have a direct relationship with your energetic field is a way of managing your life and moving away from a wide range of psychic intrusions that stop you from being yourself.

Spiritual Benefits of Drinking Water

Do you drink enough water during the day? Water has so many properties that help our physical, mental and spiritual constitution have optimum health. Water is one of the least appreciated elements, because we take its healing properties for granted.

Water is nature's replenisher of pure liquid energy. H2o the chemical name for water holds two hydrogen atoms bonded to one oxygen atom,
hence H = hydrogen x 2 + 1 oxygen.

What are the Spiritual Benefits of Water?

It's quite surprising to read that people only link the spiritual benefit of water to rituals like spiritual fasting or external spa baths etc. Water doesn't seem to be understood for its real spiritual qualities.

Spiritual Benefits of drinking water

Every human being on this planet has a connection to nature through the element of water. Our human body (physical vessel) is made up of 70% water. That means we have a direct relationship with the element of water. If our body is made up to 70 percent water and the moon controls the ocean's tides, why then can't the moon influence our magnetic water bodies?

Water has a magnetic quality that is connected to the gravitational pull of our planet. Similar to the moon having a direct relationship with the ocean's tides, so does the energy of our spiritual body have a direct relationship with the magnetic frequency of our earth's energy core.

Our water bodies are influenced by the lunar changes of the moon. Although there is no direct proven scientific correlation to the lunar moon and people 'losing their minds' - hospital staff, psychiciatric units and police around the world will share they experience a strange phenomena - The Lunatic phenomena.

Some people are more sensitive to the lunar moon phase than others. Some of the reported ailments associated with the full moon are strong mood swings, erratic thoughts, unable to sleep, and there is even a reported increase in the diagnosis of medically unexplained stroke symptoms.

As spiritual beings wth a spiritual or energetic connection to water we need to replenish our water levels to make sure we are hydrated and able to work with the energetic moon phases.

Why Do We Need To Sleep?

Wide awake one moment, tired and sleepy the next. Sleep is nature’s way of allowing our fully conscious mind to rest and to offer our physical constitution time to repair and heal. Sleep also allows our spiritual body to enter a different range of vibrational frequencies that are interlinked to the alpha, beta, delta and theta brain wave cycles.

During the day we use the beta wave as we require the fastest brain wave to keep us awake, alert and to concentrate on the tasks at hand. When we stop this hectic pace, our brain slows down and moves into the alpha stage. The alpha wave is the meditative wave. When we slow our mind down and enter a time of rest and contemplation, our brain will begin to release alpha waves.

Spiritual importance of Sleeping

The energetic vibration of the theta wave can appear just before sleep. It is the vibration that ‘Sensitives’ tune into when connecting to consciousness. Sometimes it can be referred to as the daydream wave. Can you recall a time that you were in a conversation with someone and you were unable to find the right words because of a mental block?

Then later that night you were lying in your bed and getting close to falling fully asleep when you recalled the conversation and all of a sudden the right words came to you. It happens often. This is an example of the theta wave vibration.

The delta wave is associated with the deepest ranges of sleep. The delta wave is the highest amplitude wave that connects us to consciousness. Adults experience the delta wave electrical vibration during deep sleep. Babies, toddlers and children are more often in the delta wave vibration then adults as their human body is developing. Children also experience the pure energy sources of consciousness when connecting to the delta wave. They’re most likely to be unaffected by societal belief systems and a range of conscious fears because they are living in the moment, unaware of uncesseary fears.

What is Healthy Sleep?

We experience a lot of mental, physical and psychic stress during the day and require a healthy sleep to heal damaged cells, replenish energy levels and remove emotional stresses. Therefore our physical body requires a deep sleep. When our body is worked up because of mental anxiety it can cause sleep disruptions and a wide range of dis-eases. Notice we referred to disease as dis-ease, because the ‘lack of ease’ in a human vessel can create physical disease. Any stress that overtaxes our biological cell constitution will create some type of mental or physical ailment overtime.

The most common physical symptoms experienced from lack of sleep are:
  • High blood pressure - hypertension
  • Snoring - sleep apnoea/apnea
  • Diabetes
  • Sleep disordered breathing
  • Weight gain leading to obesity
These ailments untreated, can cause further physical ailments such as heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, work related accidents and car accidents. Either seriously maiming or killing the sleep deprived person or innocent victims.

Why is Sleep Important for our Spiritual Health?

Our spiritual body requires harmony - the harmonious vibrational frequencies of the alpha, beta, delta, and theta brain wave cycles. These cycles in perfect harmony radiate optimum spiritual health. If you are tired, irritable and emotionally unwell you will find it difficult to be spiritually centred and to be in optimum health.

Recall a time that you didn’t get enough sleep. Were you able to mentally function the same way after a night of sleep? Did you lose concentration easily? Did you get moody, lose your temper or become extremely irritable?

These are the classic signs of lack of sleep. If you are unable to quieten an anxious mind then it will keep you up at night worrying about unnecessary concerns of the world. It will take your enjoyment of life away and make you feel isolated and alone.

It will also create an energetic blockage that stops you from being able to listen to your inner voice (intuition) and make you question all of your life decisions. It’s most likely to rattle you and get you off centred.

The good news is that there are ways to nip bad sleep in the bud, before it gets out of hand.


Using meditation to calm your mind and find the stillness within, is not an easy thing to do. Vine's Blog for a detailed explanation of:
How to begin to meditate

We also recommend Vine's Spiritual Stillness Meditation

Benefits of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is used to restore balance and harmony to the human body, mind and soul. Using ancient energy lines (meridians), the acu-points can unblock stagnation, reduce excess energy and pathogens in the body and increase areas of deficiency. Directly affecting the nervous system, a treatment can induce relaxation and increase vitality. Spiritual Benefits of Acupuncture

Acupuncture in Melbourne

City Health in Swanston Street Melbourne offers a full health and wellbeing service to clients when they walk through the doors.

City Health
Level 4, 407 Swanston Street
Melbourne 3000
Victoria, Australia
Phone : 03 9662 2395

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