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Online Psychic Editorials > Helping People Cope after Suicide
Coping after Suicide

Psychic Vine - Helping People Cope after Suicide

After the tragic loss of well known model and media identity Charlotte Dawson and the recent Australian TV series about the Aussie band INXS lead singer Michael Hutchence, I have received several requests to write my psychic editorial about coping with suicide loss.

I don't intend this article to be all about well known public figures. My hope is to help families, friends and colleagues who have lost someone close to them and to give spiritual insight about why people commit suicide.

I'll also talk about the life-death transition and what credible spiritual mediums do to help the spiritually departed make contact using a Sensitive who converses with the higher realms.

First I want to bring a human element to understanding energetically what made the person you loved take their own life.

Anyone who believes suicide is an easy option for the departed is emphatically unaware of the emotional pain going on beneath the surface. Mental illness can happen to anyone. It only takes a few of life's hard knocks to send someone over the edge.

As an empath, when I tune into someone suffering from depression, I use my aura as a conduit to feel what is going on energetically in their ethereal field. There are several spiritual indicators that allow me to identify how the dark energy (black dog) is in control.

The heart chakra highlights a dense energy, which sends out a feeling of deep sadness. Then the aura itself visually feels cloudy, similar to an overcast or cloudy day. I can also feel the spiritual being withdrawing into them-self.

When I tune into clients who send out these type of energy signals I immediately know they are in a fragile state of mind. I am spiritually guided either to do the reading or to suggest my phone client needs to seek out professional medical help. Each spiritual reading is unique to the individual. At all times I am aware of their sacred essence and how the Universe considers everyone to be a child of equal standing.

There are times I will be spiritually guided to say words that stop my clients taking their own life. I help them find a way to deal with family disputes, childhood traumas, bullying and abuse. Spirit is aware of their life experiences. As a medium I am spiritually guided to open my vessel to the angelic realms, so the person receiving the guidance immediately identifies their loved ones are speaking through me. These readings help me realize how loved we all are in Spirit.

The people who Spirit does reach, can be saved from their own demons. When they are shown ways of spiritually working around their traumas or overwhelming feelings they begin to calm down and see the possibility of changing some areas of their life.

The people who find depression to be overwhelming and who take their life, are unable to see the light from the dark energy that consumes them.

You Don't Have to be Super Positive all the Time

They may have been told to think positively by well intentioned friends or life coaches who believe positive thought will cure all of life's ills. Unfortunately this is a misconception that sometimes makes the depressed feel guilty about not staying upbeat. The overly positive person who suffers from depression, is most likely trying to put everyone else at ease. This can result in causing further mental torment to their psyche. The truth is, it is better to be true to one's emotions, no matter what they are, and honor them when they arise.

The depressed person will most likely mentally crack in a time of weakness when they are alone and just want the pain to end. They don't want their families and loved ones to suffer when they cross over. That's why they will use spiritual Sensitives to tell their loved ones they are alright.

I have done thousands of spiritual readings to help the departed reach out to their loved ones. They know you are missing them and have possibly entered different stages of guilt about whether you could have done more when they were alive.

When you send thoughts like:

  • I can't believe they are gone
  • I keep expecting them to walk through the door
  • I didn't know it was that bad, if only I had known
  • If only I could have done something
  • I tried to help them to stay positive
  • I knew they had a drinking problem and I kept saying it will work out, it always does..."
  • I should have dropped everything I was doing and gone to them when they phoned...
These thoughts will be spiritually heard in the higher realms. Spirit is an all knowing omnipresent essence and your loved ones are aware of your suffering and will attempt to make contact after they cross over.

Spiritual Loved Ones Making Contact in Dreams

The spiritually departed don't want to see their loved ones and friends suffer in the physical world. They want you to remember the good times, the days they had deep and meaningful conversations with you, or laughed themselves silly.

This is why some family members and friends have dreams in which they see or speak to their loved one. The memory of the dream will stay with them throughout the day and bring a sense of comfort. These spiritual dreams happen when the mind is less active and you're in a place of stillness. They allow your loved one to reach out to you when you go through different sleep states. If you have a spiritual visitation dream about a loved friend or family pet it is Spirits way of letting you know your prayers have reached them.

They Want You to Enjoy Life

The early stages of grieving a parent, sibling, friend or work colleague can be difficult. The life-death transition can be confronting as we try to understand why someone reaches a stage of dark despair. I know your loved one doesn't want you to feel responsible for their death. They know their passing will be difficult and at no time do they want you to suffer or go through depression grieving their loss.

They want you to accept their choice and to remember them as being a vibrant, loving person. They want you to continue with your life and to send thoughts and prayers to them in the higher realms when you celebrate family occasions and special life events. You honor them by keeping them in your hearts and thoughts.

Love and Light

February 24th 2014

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