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Online Psychic Editorials > The Psychic Effects of Not Being Able to Have a Pet
The Psychic and spiritual effects of not being allowed to have a pet- photo of woman with small dog inside.

The Psychic Effects of Not Being Able to Have a Pet

Are you a pet lover trying to rent a property in your city?

Are you trying to find a pet friendly apartment to buy, only to discover the body corporate aren't allowing pets?

My psychic reading editorial today touches on the psychic effects on your aura when your circumstances prevent you from having one-on-one contact with loving pets.

In the United States 73 percent of rental properties allow renters to have pets. But in Australia, Landlords are reluctant to allow pets and therefore the chances for pet owners finding pet-friendly rental property are much slimmer. Why is it alright for property owners to have pets, but to deny the same right to renters who also want pet companionship?

One way to ensure you can have a pet is to buy your own house, but that’s out of the question for many people in today’s expensive housing market. An apartment is more affordable but many body corporates don’t allow pets.

Have no doubt it can be soul destroying for a pet owner if you have to give your pet away because the Body Corporate is outdated in its application of Body Corporate laws. The body corporate laws in different states have recently changed to be in favour of allowing owners the right to keep pets.

I regularly do psychic readings for pet owners where I tune into your dogs and cats psychological and energy health issues. A reading from a distraught customer has made me speak out about the unfair real estate pet laws. My client had entered into a rental deal based on the premise she would be able to have a pet in her property. She applied through the body corporate and they denied her application. This was after she had paid her bond and first months rent.

In many countries in the world, renting is far more common and more viable for tenants than it is in Australia. The rental market in Australia is still slanted in favour of the landlord owners. When you add this to the fact that Australia is one of the most expensive places in the world to buy property, you end up with a lot of people who own or want to own a pet, unable to buy a house and forced to live in rental property that does not allow pets.

The State and Federal government are allowing body corporates to run rough shot over renters because they have tough pet by-laws. It is understandable that property owners want their property to be looked after properly, but that’s why you pay bond. If you damage the property, your lease makes you pay for repairs. In the case of my client, her body corporate members in Queensland were hypocritical. Some of the elderly members of the body corporate committee owned cats. The hypocrisy of this young woman having to fight discriminatory pet by-laws made her emotionally unwell.

The psychic effects to her ethereal field created from missing her pets was evident when I tuned into her aura. She was pining for part of her family. Her dog wasn’t seen as a dog in her eyes, he was her loving companion who she shared special moments with. She is one of millions throughout Australia stuck in this unfair rental arrangement that is basically unheard of in other major western countries.

Here are some of the psychic effects I tuned into from her not being with her pet:

  1. Not sleeping properly
  2. Edgy – feeling nervous
  3. Depression – feeling flat in her mood
  4. Anger – resentful of authority determining her right to choose
  5. Irritability – erratic behavior
  6. Emotions all over the place
Loneliness can bring on serious mental health issues. Energetically, when I tune into the elderly and see that they’re on their own, my heart breaks. Many elderly people who choose not to enter nursing homes must live in little box apartments that drain the life out of them. You see the glut of little box apartments going up everywhere in Australia. They are more affordable than houses, but they have no soul. To take their spiritual right to have a cat, bird or small dog is discriminatory. There is no reason body corporate laws can’t comply with a renters’ wish to own a pet. In short it is cruel.

So pet owners are stuck between a rock and a hard place without pets. It is time the Australian public do something about bringing fairness for renters and apartment owners who want to own a pet. Otherwise we’re going to see the rise of depression and mental health issues growing. Societal responsibility is something we all must take up to get equality into our rental and apartment market. When you discriminately turn a blind eye to real estate laws concerning pets, you automatically create an unfair or equitable life for people who need pet companionship.

Love and Light

April 15th 2016

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