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The Truth About Spiritual Mediumship

Channelling Spiritual Messages from the Higher Realms

What is the most special thing about being able to communicate with the higher realms and channelling spiritual messages?

This question was asked of me recently by a new customer who has been following my writings since I began my psychic blog. I hope my reply may also help other readers understand the joys of allowing my vessel to be a conduit for the higher realms.

Can anyone be a Spiritual Medium?

Firstly I want to clear up any misconceptions about mediumship that you may have picked up from reading psychic chat sites.

Not everyone who desires to be a conduit for spirit will become a medium. If you've attended any live platform spiritual demonstrations of mediumship, you may notice some people are really good at it and some don't hit the mark. There is a general misconception that if you sit in a spiritual circle and follow certain techniques you can do mediumship work.

Nothing is further from the truth.

As well as the normal seven chakras that everybody has, there is also an eighth chakra unique to authentic mediums. Anyone who has this unique chakra on their ethereal field (aura) will be a natural medium. Psychic development educators are misinforming people when they claim you can be a spiritual medium by doing psychic courses and communicating with the departed.

Honing Existing Mediumship Abilities

Never-the-less, 'How to Become a Psychic Medium' courses are springing up all over the place as extra income streams for institutes and online psychic groups. For those relatively few who genuinely carry the natural gift, it would be more applicable to do a course on 'Honing Your Already Existing Mediumship Abilities'.

It is also spiritually disconcerting to combine hypnosis with psychic ability. The two are totally separate and don't complement the other.

Many people who have been trained in Mind Body Spirit techniques similar to NLP or Reiki are now claiming to be the new psychics. However, natural born mediums are born with their abilities or have a near death experience which heightens their aura once they have experienced crossing over to the higher realms. They don't learn their spiritual clair senses by doing courses or sitting in circles as a lot of organizations would have you believe.

Spiritual mediums are chosen by your loved ones and you can't force the spiritual realms to select you because you want to be a medium. They select the mediums that carry the medium chakra, they know this medium is finely tuned to feel a range of heightened higher senses and will be able to communicate their channelling effectively.

I remember when I went to view some mediums on platform in Melbourne and I was dismayed by the lack of evidence they could offer to audience members.

The experienced turned me off platform work because it seemed to be more about entertainment and giving everyone in the audience some little titbit to make them happy. But what I saw were the bereaved and suffering sitting in the audience, who were desperate after their partner committed suicide or their child died of cancer.

These people were not getting anything they could hold onto to give them a greater peace of mind. Not that anyone in the audience was complaining. They knew the well-intentioned mediums were doing the best they could. They didn't know the people doing the courses were not natural mediums.

The Dangers of Using Ouija Boards in Mediumship

One medium in particular decided he would use a Ouija board to get guidance and build his skills up. The energies that frequent the Ouija sessions are not from the higher realms, they only pretend to be. They are from the lower astral worlds, and just as we have people in this world who are considered to be bad natured, the same thing applies in the lower astral worlds.

This means the teacher who tries to provide mediumship evidence to the student by using the Ouija board, is allowing his or her students to become vulnerable to the lower astral realms.

Natural spiritual mediums know that the Ouija board is spiritually dangerous. We have been trained to identify the wide range of energies that frequent the astral and higher realms and can feel the vibrational frequency of all energies.

It is alarming that teachers rarely acknowledge the lower astral realms and instead teach that if you simply concentrate on the light, nothing can harm you.

Genuine metaphysical teachers like the departed Edgar Cayce would refute these claims because credible spiritual mediums know that where there is light, there is also dark.

When you view the symbol of the Tao you see the white light on one side of the circle and the dark light on the other side. This reveals that when the two are balanced they are in harmony.

When the astral is out of balance it creates disharmony. People who sit in spiritual circles can find their lives become out of control. Teachers who cut corners and try to show evidence of the astral worlds through Ouija boards, are listening to the guidance of energies from lower astral worlds, believing it is from the angelic realms. It isn't.

This is why you need to be cautious about sitting in Spiritual circles to develop mediumship skills. You will not become a credible medium by using an Ouija board. There are reported cases of people going mad or suffering mental illnesses. You can also find that houses and buildings where people who use these boards live, are frequented by lower astral entities.


In my psychic blog articles I attempt to give you a more balanced view of the spiritual arts, so that those who are vulnerable will not to be influenced by charismatic teachers who are ruled by over inflated egos, and are too concerned about knowing more than the mystery school teachings.

Learn the Lessons of Atlantis

There is a spiritual story about Atlantis I would like to share with you. Whether you want to believe this is a true life story is up to you, but it will give an understanding of the dangers of opening energy doors that you're not equipped to deal with.

Vine Psychic Atlantis Crystals
Crystals in the Sea were their Energy Source

Once upon a time there lived a peaceful people who had a full awareness of the knowing of spiritual energy.

They were able to communicate telepathically and lived in harmony with the land and the higher worlds. Crystals in the sea were their energy source.

Then they decided they wanted to combine a range of energies together. "Let's combine the animal genes with the human genes" said a Priest (masculine), and he set out to do just this against the opposition of the priestesses (feminine).

The energies became out of balance and the harmony that once flowed, was now replaced by disharmony. As more energies were abused, wars were declared, and it was a fight between the light and the dark.

The energies that were altering the country began to alter the environment. The energy crystals in the sea exploded and blood red skies greeted the people. The earth began to shake, the seas rose, and the people were no more.

The danger of carelessly altering energies, is that you create dangerous disharmony as a direct result.

This is why you need to be wary of the teacher who tries to infiltrate your mind or become the leader of the group.

You are the holder of the key to your individual consciousness. If you are not to be a spiritual medium in this life time, then be accepting of this knowing, and be who you are meant to be.

Don't allow the ego to state, I am better than that. I deserve to be more than this. Be comfortable in your spiritual skin and allow the Universe to show the gifts that you naturally carry.

The Greatest Joy of Mediumship

The best thing about being a spiritual conduit for the higher realms, is witnessing my clients recover from the emotional loss of a child, parent, sibling, or friend.

When I am able to provide credible spiritual proof of how someone died or through remote vision, revisit special memories that are impressed to my aura, I can feel my clients begin to relax.

Although they may not have said the final words to their loved ones before they died, the channelling provided allows them to know the prayers they sent out into the Universe have been answered.

This is the greatest joy for a spiritual medium. We love to see our clients recover from trauma and grief and claim back the lives they deserve to live.

Love and Light

April 29th 2013

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