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Sould Mate Reality Check

Soulmate Reality Check
Love Psychic Readings

Have you lost the plot looking for your Soulmate or Twin Flame love relationship?

Have you been a victim of love psychics who tell you the person you are dating is your soulmate? Be prepared for a reality check about soulmate psychics.

There are many types of other relationships people can have, and although soulmates and twin flames do exist, they don't always happen and are definitely not necessary. Therefore, something has to give when it comes to the large numbers of people being told by soulmate psychic readers, that their love interest is a soulmate.

You are searching for a love psychic reading and come across love and soulmate readings. Being curious you decide to call the relationship psychic expert about the man or woman you are attracted to.

This person can do no wrong in your eyes; they make your heart skip a beat when you are in their presence. You excitedly contact the love psychic who tells you they are your soulmate of twin flame. Off you go to declare your love openly to the man or woman of your dreams.

But are they really your soulmate? When it comes to soulmates and twin flames, here are my TOP FIVE PSYCHIC TIPS:

Tip 1

Don't Tell the Person You Are Dating They Are Your Soulmate

If you take anything away from my psychic love tips, it is this: Do not tell the person you have the hots for, that they are your soulmate or twin flame. You will most likely be met with deathly silence.

You will not be able to take back the words you uttered. From personal experience, I know the majority of people who have called love psychics and been told to openly declare their feelings, end up regretting it.

Here's the thing, your love interest may not be on the same wavelength as you. They might find you attractive, easy to get along with, enjoy your company, but haven't even considered you are the love of their life. As a clairvoyant, I have assisted many love-distressed clients who wish the floor could have opened up and swallowed them when they misread the love signs.

Tip 2

Make Sure You're Not Having an Imaginary Relationship

Many people I have done readings for, have secret crushes about the man or woman they want to date. When you like someone and feel that special chemistry that draws you towards the other person, it's easy to enter an imaginary world. You might daydream about kissing them, or walking through the park hand in hand. You might even step into the future and see yourself standing in front of a marriage celebrant or priest getting married.

Now take a deep breath.

That's your imagination. You are going into an imaginary bubble visualizing this person as being perfect - the knight on the white horse, or the princess that can do no wrong.

Woah there... The man or woman you like isn't aware of your imaginary bubble and the expectations you have for them to measure up to. They are going about their everyday life totally unaware that in your mind you have already asked them out on a date, been intimate and are now ready to settle down. Get out of the imaginary bubble.

Tip 3

Don't Place the Person You Like on a Pedestal

I've done far too many relationship psychic readings where I've tuned into men and women who place their love interest on a pedestal. When I tune into your aura I can see you are smitten and believe this person can do no wrong. You may have had a love psychic who specializes in soulmate readings take you into the dreamy never-never land where you are floating in the clouds as time stands still, but want further confirmation.

When I tune into your love interest by using you as a conduit I get the full energetic picture. I see the lover who can have a controlling aspect to his personality, or the man who isn't ready for commitment. I then have to break the news about the person you have placed on the pedestal. I know from experience, you would prefer that I share the relationship will last the distance. Sometimes I see visions of toxic relationships that are far from the man or woman you have on the pedestal. Take away the rose coloured glasses and see the person as they really are.

Tip 4

Don't Rush Into Relationships because of Past Hurts

Surprisingly there are many clients I do readings for who are unable to read the love signs coming their way. You may have been badly hurt from past relationships or been in a dysfunctional relationship that makes you want to find your soulmate as quickly as possible. Some of you will be attracted to the type of person you want to be. You may become totally besotted with someone in your workplace or University who gives you some attention. You automatically believe the man or woman is your soulmate.


You are failing to see that you're looking for a man or woman to make your life better because you can't find it in yourself. If you call a love psychic specialist and they cannot pick up on trauma signs, you may be mistakenly told you are ready to meet your twin flame. I've had many clients spiritually guided to me who were in this situation. Ask yourself, are you truly in the right place in your life to have a loving relationship?

Tip 5

Don't Unquestionably Believe Soulmate Psychics

Have you noticed how many love psychic experts there are doing psychic readings? They range from cheap psychics who use Skype and sit in front of a camera waiting for your call, to phone psychics who convince you they can answer your questions about past-life love relationships. Take it from me; most of this is nothing but fluffery.

Then you have the counselors and life coaches who attempt to use their qualifications in the psychic field to sway you with the knowledge they learnt from courses. Last but not least, are the love spell psychics on Etsy (online shopping), who say they can help you attract your soulmate by buying a love spell. If you don't want your head to explode trying to follow all of the advice of soulmate psychics, give them a miss.

I've been in the psychic industry for years, long before there was even such a thing as a soulmate psychic. I know a lot of the advertising is set up to entice you and get you to react without thinking.

Just for one moment, take a deep breath and don't fall for the fake psychic adverts on Google Adwords.

Hopefully my soulmate psychic tips will help you ask the right questions before seeking a soulmate psychic reading.

If you ever feel like you want a well rounded psychic reading that can check the compatibility of your love interest without all of the fluffery, please book a psychic reading.

This soulmate spiritual article is dedicated to a Melbourne psychic reading client.

Love and Light

November 28th 2016

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