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Spiritual Meditation Technique

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Spiritual Stillness Meditation

My psychic reading editorial this week is about the spiritual benefits of meditation and what is energetically occurring to your aura as you enter a meditative state.

I knew at a young age that I was extremely sensitive. I was not the type of girl who played with dolls. I valued nature and spent my childhood climbing trees with my friends in the street. I look back on my childhood and I cherish the freedom we had being able to escape and play games and to walk to school with other school children in the neighbourhood.

When you compare the freedom children had in the sixties and seventies with today, you begin to see how so many of these freedoms have now been lost to cumulative fear. These days if we want our kids to walk to school we have to organise a Walking School Bus.

But just a few decades ago we could sleep outside on hot nights, gaze at the heavens, look into the stars and be at peace; what a feeling. It was meditation. How blessed we all are to have had this type of innocent childhood.

As a young kid, my higher angelic guardians spiritually channeled guidance about learning meditation. At seven years of age, I was guided to still my mind and to heighten my ethereal aura. I didn't seek out a spiritual vocation, it was always a part of me.

As a Sensitive, I came to love the stillness and I would withdraw into the nothingness. I realised entering the Stillness was my way of going directly to the higher source. It is how I came to realize how the illusion of time is insignificant to spiritual essence. There is no such thing as time in the Universe.

When you quieten your mind you go into a spiritual space that allows you to be ONE with your surroundings. You realize every living creature is from the same essence as yourself. It is divine to enter the spiritual realms that connect the breath to all that is and will be. The god essence of all of creation.

The Stillness Meditation

The best meditation I recommend for your soul and emotional body is the Stillness Meditation. I know there are other forms of meditation that guide you through different mind visualizations, but they still require you to think. When your mind is active you are not allowing yourself to surrender to your own inner awareness. You are handing your power over to another to direct your mind's movements. Becoming overly reliant on a meditation facilitator stops you from getting in touch with your own inner essence.

If you're serious about calming your mind, avoid the hypnosis meditation mp3 recordings and try meditating cold turkey. Remember though, with the Stillness Meditation you have to be prepared to be disciplined and not give up through impatience for immediate results. There is no mental quick fix when it comes to your spiritual connections. If you're not prepared to put 20 minutes aside everyday day for the Stillness Meditation, it would be best to postpone it until you can.

I recommend you first try the Stillness Meditation with nature. If you go out into your garden, a peaceful park or near a beautiful majestic tree or the ocean waves, you will find the Stillness Meditation automatically blends in with your surroundings.

Next week I will continue the meditation article to help you in the early stages of the meditation.

I am grateful for the beautiful emails from readers who have found my recent articles and shared how much you loved them and how they helped you through difficult times. I was spiritually guided that these articles would help you in your darkest hours. If you look at my first ever Tweet over five years ago, you will see how I was guided to use social media. Know you are loved and the higher realms want you to come through your grief and to live lives that allow you to be in true essence.

Blessings to you all.

Love and light

August 3rd 2014

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