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Vine Psychic Lightworkers

Work for Vine Psychic Line

Calling All Gifted Spiritual Psychics & Mediums

Australian Natural born Sensitive Vine has been spiritually guided to select the most gifted psychics and mediums from Australia and around the world to be part of her spiritual team.

About Our Selection Process

Our selection process will be unique to any other psychic line operating in the world and if you have been guided to this website and meet the following selection criteria and agree to our terms of business please submit your application to join our spiritual team.

Vine Respects her Spiritual Calling - A Short Bio

Vine is spiritually gifted with a wide range of clairsenses and has been communicating with the higher realms since she was a baby. She was taught directly from her Spiritual Guardians how to discern a wide range of energetic vibrations and initially provided face-to-face psychic readings to people in Melbourne, her hometown. Vine was guided to work online after being shown visions about the fraudulent psychics and businesses emerging in the psychic arena. She worked on the very first psychic lines in Australia and continued to build her reputation by doing readings for people around the world.

Vine Celebrating 35th Year Working in the Spiritual Field

In 2017 Vine enters her 35th year providing psychic readings to people throughout Australia and the world.

Learn more about Vine's Australian psychic background.

Vine Psychic Lines Selection Criteria

Vine is spiritually seeking naturally gifted psychics who have the following spiritual calling:

  • Highly clairsentient (sensitive to peoples emotional body, animals ethereal energy etc. and carry a wide range of natural ability. If you have the following spiritual skills get in touch with us. Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Clairaudient, Clairgustance, natural mediumship etc.

  • Feel a spiritual calling and can communicate clairvoyantly with loved ones in spirit, see spiritual apparitions (ghosts), help people deal with grief or lost souls etc.

  • Have unique spiritual skills that fall outside of the norm like psychometry, trance mediumship, nature spirit communication or any other paranormal occurrences that are not listed here.

  • Have you experienced alien contact, witnessed UFO activity or any other alien encounters that are rarely discussed?

  • Do you see future events and are gifted with precognitive natural abilities that immediately come true or soon come to pass?

  • Do you understand the true purpose of the energy of 'Stillness' and are you able to tune into nature or the elementals frequenting our planet?

  • Do you know how to handle discordant astral energies and know why they are here? Do you want to help bring in the earth changes and only work for a reputable psychic business and not a psychic chat line?

  • Do you know how to heal people who are dealing with astral possession or discordant energies without using hex removal spells or hypnotherapy techniques?
vine phone readings

What Vine is offering the most gifted clairvoyants, mediums, astral workers:

  • You will be greeted as an equal Oneness lightworker.

  • You will receive a decent hourly rate for your talents.

  • You will only work the hours convenient to your natural biorhythms and not be forced to work long hours or early into the morning.

  • You will be treated with respect and provided with a breakdown of your wages and know the regulations, policies and procedures we follow in our business.

  • You will be required to sign a legal contract before being employed. You have the right to seek legal advice before agreeing to the terms of employment

  • You will receive regular newsletters and one-on-one time with Vine.

There will be other benefits arising in the future if you are spiritually selected to be part of our growing team.

Why Vine is Being Guided to Select New Light Workers

Spiritually I'm guided that what once was a sacred covenant to work for the higher realms has been lost and now what we know to be psychic readings are imitations of the real thing. I'm guided these type of readings do more harm than good and this is why we need to demonstrate genuine psychic skills to allow people to discern how to find the right psychic for their own individual needs.

Our aim is to bring in the highest enlightened lightworkers. We do not consider anybody is more important than anothers spiritual teachings. We will not entertain ego, nor do we intend to create a spiritual movement for others to follow or enter the master psychics race. This is simply a way of offering people all over the world genuine psychic readings and working under the Universal Laws of Nature.

If you would like to join our spiritual team in 2017, please provide the following:

  • A full history of your spiritual background, please ensure it addresses all of the above selection criterion.

  • Any psychic encounters experienced or witnesses accounts should be updated on a legal binding statutory declaration declaring all of this to be true. This must be stamped by a Justice of the Peace and scanned for emailing and forwarded to us via our contact page.

  • Your contact details and where you are located in the world, please also include if you speak any other languages and

  • Please include if you have worked for any other psychic companies or intend to work for them while working in our employment. We will not rule out people from different psychic backgrounds. We ask that you be true with your intentions.

For Vine's Regular Customers – A Note From Australian Vine Medium

By now you know how much I love doing psychic readings and helping you to gain a greater spiritual clarity about love, relationships, business issues, financial issues, family concerns, education choices, overcoming grief, or dealing with serious health issues.

Over the last year my psychic readings have become more popular and that's all because of you. You have been recommending me to your friends, family and work colleagues and now I'm guided to bring in other lightworkers to join our team to provide their own unique style of reading.

In 2017 I intend to offer the best psychic readings for your money and that's why I've been guided to find similar psychics like myself to step forward and provide the same level of spiritual expertise and high standard of psychic reading as you're used to.

Never doubt, your spiritual health is my greatest priority and only the best spiritual mediums and clairvoyants will be selected to work in our organization. Our guarantee is that you will get the same level of spiritual expertise as you have done in the past. Only the most reputable psychics from around the world will work for us. We will wait until the right lightworkers appear and to be guided to our site.

Time Wasters Please Don't Apply
Please note Vine will be spiritually guided if someone is hiding behind another psychic business or disguising their real intentions, so please don't waste your time applying if you are only seeking information about Vine's business direction.

Spirit knows all.

For genuine psychic applicants we look forward to receiving your applications and speaking with you.