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Online Psychic Editorials > Dark Secrets of the NLP Founders
The Dark Hidden Secrets of the NLP Founders

NLP - Hidden Dark Secrets

I have released my first psychic radio podcast about the hidden dark secrets of the NLP Co-Founders - see below...

I often receive telephone calls from people who seem more confused than ever about what the real spiritual arts actually are.

You may believe there are credible psychics out there, but it’s confusing when you speak to life coaches who use covert hypnosis & Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to pretend to be psychic.

It’s even more confusing when these so-called ‘psychics’ advertise a range of mixed modalities like Reiki, Law of Attraction, hypnosis and life coaching with the word ‘psychic’ tacked on the end as if the more modalities they string together, the more 'psychic' they become.

In fact, they are not ‘psychic ‘ at all. For them, the word ‘psychic’ is a marketing tool they probably learnt about at an NLP MeetUp Group.

NLP Psychic Marketing

How is it now possible that business trainers or entertainers can get away with declaring they are psychic?

How can an unknown Sydney folk musician, all of a sudden be a famous psychic with 98 carefully key-worded customer reviews on Word of Mouth online, when nobody had ever heard of them in the psychic industry before?

How did a hypnotist become a minister for a spiritualist church, without genuinely demonstrating life after death, to lead congregations in the Spiritualist movement?

Hypnosis Psychic Spin by Spiritualist Churches

What does hypnotism have to do with platform work by spiritual mediums, when it’s not what real mediums do to connect to your loved ones?

These are all important questions when we're looking at the traditional spiritual arts, especially when NLP life coaches are lining up to falsify their backgrounds to appear to be 'psychic'.

You need to understand there's a reason why they feel it is okay to do what they are doing. My first radio podcast about the co-founders of NLP, Richard Bandler and John Grinder, may explain where these unethical business practices originated.

I reveal how NLP has always had dark secrets and what you are witnessing is one of the many misleading tactics used by life coach networks throughout the world. Take a moment to listen to my radio podcast about the early history of the NLP founders and how they deliberately targeted the Mind Body Spirit Sector.

I recommend you share it with your friends, family, and colleagues before contacting any psychics or attending any spiritualist churches (particularly if they also call themselves a "life coach, hypnotherapist" or admit to using NLP).


August 18th 2016

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