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Vine Psychic Readings Glossary of Spiritual Terms
Everything you've wanted to know about psychic readings
and everything psychic, by Australian Spiritual Medium Vine...

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Absent Healing

Spiritual healing directed towards someone who is not physically in the same proximity of the healer. Healers will direct their thoughts to the person requiring the healing treatment and work under the energy of prayer and light.

Advertising, Psychic

Psychics and the online psychic chat lines use different types of advertising methods to promote and market a business. Local Papers, Magazines, Adword campaigns are utilised by large psychic businesses and individual psychics.

Large business consortiums are reported to annually spend millions of dollars on advertising. A lot of psychic sites are duplicated under varying business personas but actually owned by the same business company.

Adwords, Adsense

Adwords is a trade name that Google uses for sponsored online advertising. Also Yahoo and Bing etc. have their own online advertising campaigns in competition with Google.

Psychics and Psychic organizations heavily advertise in the sponsored section using a variety of different keywords associated with the psychic industry. For example: Psychic, Psychic Reading, Psychic Line, and Psychic Chat etc. This means that anytime you type these words into a search engine, sponsored ads associated with them will show on the top and sides of your web-search page or mobile phone web-search.

Affiliates, Psychic

If you've noticed a lot of psychic websites and psychics entering the market that might be because they're connected to affiliate organisations.

They place articles on a directory and link back to the organisation. They are sometimes the fly-by-night psychics or someone who wants to be found quickly, even if they've only just moved into the psychic business.

Be discerning of affiliate psychics, they come from all areas of the world and will place unrelated articles into any blog site, website to get links for SEO. You can place them in the category of psychic salesmen and saleswomen.

Akashic Records

Spiritually known to hold the knowledge of 'All that is'. The Akashic Records are held in the Spiritual Halls of Learning on higher non-physical spiritual planes.

A simple way to explain the Akashic Knowledge is to imagine a book similar to an encyclopaedia that responds to telepathic questions on the origins of life and the Universe.

Spiritual Mediums and Sensitives have always been able to tune into this spiritual essence of individual consciousness.

But the name "Akashic Records" given to this spiritual essence, was possibly first used in the West by 19th Century author, Alfred Percy Sinnett when he referred to the Buddhist belief in non-physical records, in his book "Esoteric Buddhism" (1884).


There's more to Aliens than the Extra Terrestrial Beings that you read about and watch on television. Aliens come from different astral and multi-time dimensions. When you think of an alien you automatically think of little green men or visualise them with large black eyes and thin grey bodies. Without doubt there are recorded historical cases of people seeing or experiencing aliens this way, however, aliens also exist on the astral planes?

Angel Readings

Angel Readings originated from an American Psychic/Psychotherapist Doreen Virtue who spiritually created a way of getting in touch with angels on a psychical level. These cards have different Angel messages that help people find a greater sense of spiritual insight and clarity. Other psychics and chat lines sometimes refer to the Angel Cards to assist them with client readings.

Associations, Psychic

Psychic Associations operate in all different Countries and have their own company policies on how they represent psychics. They're meant to differentiate an amateur psychic from a professional psychic, as well as look after the ethical behavior of psychics. People entering the psychic associations have to provide evidence of their psychic abilities on a certified statutory declaration. Psychic Associations don't physically test their member's psychic abilities and are therefore relying on a member to provide factual information.

Concerns are raised about the Psychic Associations managing ethical behavior in the market place due to the large amount of psychic scams in the market place.

Also genuine spiritualists and mediums are witnessing the emergence of a lot of new industries entering the psychic industry proclaiming to be psychic. People who have studied counseling, psychology, life coaching etc. are sometimes classing themselves as genuine psychics. A person with heightened extra-sensory abiliies doesn't have to refer to other types of industry teachings, as all their spiritual abilities are naturally a part of them.

It pays to have a level of discernment when reading someone is highlighting they're a member of a psychic association or psychic guild.


The origins of astrology can be traced back to many of our ancient civilisations. There are a range of astrological practices in both the Eastern and Western world. It is believed by studying the positions of the celestial bodies that an astrologer can predict how these influences will directly effect life on Earth and its millions of inhabitants.

Astrology readings concentrate on the date of your birth, time and location you were born. They provide insight on how the Planets can influence your relationships, career, love life, and educational choices etc.

Attraction [The Law of]

See Law of Attraction


An aura is an ethereal body that emanates around the physical body. This energetic body vibrates to different frequencies and a range of rainbow colours and can be seen by people who are highly sensitive. Religious paintings show the aura resonating around the crown of the head. The crown chakra is spiritually known to be the energy vortex that allows people to tune into the Universal Consciousness of 'All that is'.

Awards (Psychic)

Psychic Associations and Psychic Organisations sometimes have a yearly award ceremony to choose one of their own members as Psychic of the Year. It can be misleading for consumers if they think that the Psychic of the Year is voted-in by the people they give readings to. In fact only other members of the psychic associations, some of whom may not even be psychics, get to vote. The vast majority of other Psychics, Spiritualists and Mediums are also excluded from the selection process. Whilst who ever is voted Psychic of the Year may well be a gifted psychic, the psychic awards are a way of marketing and promoting the Psychic Association to which they belong.


Bach Flower Readings
- (Flower Essence Readings)

Bach Flowers were inuitively derived as a way of helping the ethereal and emotional body release negative energy from the aura. Dr Eward Bach was spiritually guided to collect the essences of flowers to heal the human body's spiritual, mental and physical health in a wholistic way. Some professional psychics, mediums and sensitives are able to tap into the intuitive properties and use flower essence and bush remedies for personal healing as well as recommending them to clients.

Bach Flower remedies can now be easily purchased and bought online if you live in a regional location as they are now widely accepted in the market place. The Scientific community have not been able to conclusively demonstrate that Bach Flower remedies are beneficial to the end user, as no scientific study has been able to energetically derive the properties that psychics, mediums, homeopaths and naturopaths claim.

Being - (Psychic Being/Spiritual Being)

If you read any of my articles, news items or spiritual guides you will note that I am guided to write about our souls evolving essence and how we all incarnated into this Earth plane from spiritual being into physical being. We are a spiritual essence using the mechanics of a biological vessel, the human body. Psychic Being is another term for the spiritual body. Our psychic body is linked to the sixth-sense, being finely in tune with a heightened sense of awareness. This is commonly referred to as intuition. We are all spiritual beings who are here to learn and evolve using all of our human bodies senses, emotions and to connect with each other in spiritual servitude.

Birth Date Readings - Astrology & Numerology

A person's date of birth can reveal a lot of about their life purpose. Numerology birth date readings use each digit of your birth date to provide a birth number. The Pythagorean life purpose system traced back to ancient Greece and the Greek mathematician Pythagorus believed that our birth date numbers were linked to human consciousness.

Here's an example of a birth date numerology reading:

Serena was born on 12/4/1956 - now we break down Serena's birth date
1 + 2 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 5 + 6 = 28 - now we break the 28 down
2 + 8 = 10
Therefore the determining life purpose energy = 1

Serena would have chosen to incarnate in this life time to experience issues about using her creativity and building up her confidence.

Check Dan Millman's Life Purpose Guide to determine the main issues you will be encountering in your life.

1. Creativity and Confidence
2. Cooperation and Balance
3. Expression and Sensitivity
4. Stability and Process
5. Freedom and Discipline
6. Vision and Acceptance
7. Trust and Openeness
8. Abundance and Power
9. Integrity and Wisdom
0. Inner Gifts

Breath, (the Psychic)

Some spiritual consultants are breath healers. Breath is the spiritual life force that allows a breath healer to tune into underlying physical, mental and spiritual undertones. As a breath healer I am able to see the different vibrational frequencies arising from the etheric body and to be spiritually guided to help people to get in touch with emotional issues, tune into their departed loved ones who have crossed over to higher spiritual realms or to provide spiritual assistance to improve spiritual and physical wellbeing.

Caution: Before having a psychic reading with someone who says they use a breath technique, make sure they are experienced in this spiritual ability. It is extremely rare and considered to be a gift from Spirit to those who have attained higher akashic knowing.

Business, (the Psychic)

Psychics provide a service where they charge for the service. The Psychic term isn't what a lot of Spiritualists and Sensitives use when referring to their vocational spiritual service. Consumers need to be able to differentiate entertainment psychic services from authentic spiritual readings. Businesses can use the keyword of Psychic to try to hold market share of the psychic industry. Therefore it is up to the consumer to be research savvy to find a genuine psychic service.


Cayce - Edgar

If Edgar Cayce was alive today he wouldn't be shocked by the emergence of spirituality and the new age movement. His ability to see into the future and provide the highest quality psychic readings and spiritual healings and some of the most amazing spiritual teachings makes him a stand out as a world class psychic medium. Edgar Cayce was born in the USA on March 18, 1877 and passed on January 3, 1945.




In traditional Chinese culture, Chi (or Qi) is the energy that flows through everything and gives life to us all. Its figurative meaning is the “energy flow of the life force”. The flow of Chi energy is the underlying principle in traditional Chinese martial arts and in Chinese medicine such as acupuncture.

The literal meaning of the word Chi is “breath”.

In our Western New Age terminology, the physical connection between Spirit and our incarnation on this planet, is through our breath. During psychic readings when Vine connects to your energy with her unique spiritual breath technique, part of that connection is with your Chi energy. In Hindu philosophy (including yoga), this life force is called Prana.

Clairaudient - Mediums

People with heightened spiritual abilities have different types of clairsenses. Clairaudience is the ability to spiritually hear. Genuine Sensitives and mediums are able to tune into consciousness, deceased loved ones in spirit, spiritual guides, angels and enlightened spiritual masters and hear the guidance they are given.

A clairaudient medium should be able to provide information about your life without being prompted. That means being able to hear the guidance of your deceased loved ones by 'clear hearing' spirits words about what is happening in your life. You will be asked if you can identify with it to see if it relates to you.

A psychic who is clairaudient should be able to provide credible information that the client is only aware of. Some people in the psychic industry are inclined to state their readers are clairaudient, because they want to exhaust all SEO keywords.

Before booking a psychic reading with an organisation that claims their psychics are clairaudient, check what modalities they use. Customers can walk away from personal and online readings dissapointed because a psychic failed to provide any genuine psychic proof. This then leads to a level of skeptism from people who have clairaudient medium readings.

Clairvoyant - Mediums

Clairvoyants have a heightened energetic ability to spiritually see from the third eye chakra. Genuine clairvoyants have a heightened extra sensory ability to tune into memories and events, from the past, present and the future. Real clairvoyant readings shouldn't be linked to other forms of modalities like tarot, angel cards, etc.

A clairvoyant should be able to provide credible information that the client is only aware of. Some people in the psychic industry are inclined to state their readers are clairvoyants, because they want to exhaust all SEO keywords.

Before booking a psychic reading with an organisation that claims their psychics are clairvoyant, check what modalities they use. Customers can walk away from personal and online readings dissapointed because a psychic failed to provide any genuine psychic proof. This then leads to a level of skeptism from people who have clairvoyant medium readings.

Clairvoyance is one of the many extra-sensory abilities and shouldn't be confused with other clairsenses like clairaudient, clairsentient etc. There are some psychic glossary definitions that merge all psychic abilities under the heading of clairvoyance - this isn't correct, it is the gift of spiritually seeing.

Clairsentient - Mediums, Healers, Sensitives, Empaths

Clairsentience is the spiritual ability by Mediums, Sensitives or Empaths to be able to tap into the higher-sensory energy of feeling. People who are natural empaths can intuitively scan people's auras and detect energetic changes to the physical body. Depending on their heightened senses some empaths can also tune into metallic objects, and different materials (psychometry). Another special quality empaths have if they genuinely communicate with people who have crossed over, is to be able to determine the physical ailment, grief, or pain the spirit felt before lifting out of their body. A gifted medium will feel the pain or aches on their own aura or feel the emotions arising into their own emotional body and relay this information to their client.

A clairsentient should be able to provide genuine proof by tuning into higher sensory energetic frequencies. Some people in the psychic industry only claim their psychics are clairsentient or empaths because they want to exhaust all SEO key words.

Before booking a psychic medium reading check the modalities they use. There are cases of people contacting an online medium, to be told at the time of the reading the medium (psychic?) needs to use tarot to tune into your circumstances. This is not a clairsentient/empath/sensitive reading. It also leads to a healthy level of skeptism in the psychic market place because of the misuse of key words by psychic organisations.

Crystal Readings

Crystals have an electro magnetic frequency that allows a qualified psychic medium to tap into its healing properties. Some psychics are inclined to use these properties to develop a closer connection to consciousness. Crystals can be used as a conductor to tune into energetic health issues and help heighten energetic healing. Crystal ball (Crystallomancy) readings historically can be traced to ancient seers. Make sure when booking a crystal reading you research and find a qualified and reputable healer, otherwise you might find yourself dealing with crystal magicians.



Your particular religious or spiritual beliefs will determine how you view what a deity really is. Some religions consider deities to be divine, others consider them to be supernatural beings. God and Godess interpretations appear in many world religions and the deities represent polarity - good and bad supernatural beings.

Spiritualists also communicate with highly englightened beings who provide unconditional Universal love Guidance. These enlightened beings offer spiritual doctrines and assistance to human kind to help us understand our human purpose and reason for incarnation.

Dream Readings

The many books and websites listing universal meanings for the archetypal symbols that appear in dreams can be very helpful, but they can also give rise to the misconception that one meaning fits all.

As everyone is an individual and has individual experiences in life, then your dreams are specifically linking into your own moods, experiences and memories - therefore how you identify and feel about particular situations may be totally different to others. Dream interpreations are offered by a wide range of psychics, psychologists etc. Dream dictionaries are commonly used to refer to images and dream archetypes.

Spirit has been encouraging me to help people unravel their own dreams by giving them a simple formula to use when they call for a psychic reading.


Email Psychic Readings

Customers may choose to have email psychic readings because they are time poor or like to have a physical copy of a psychic reading. Online email psychic readings are fine if you don't provide a lot of detail to the psychic. Spiritually I am being guided to caution readers about unethical email readings and some of the international and Australian scam sites that have been set up to catch the vulnerable online user.

Be careful when making online purchases and watch for targeted email scams and deceptive business practices such as:

* Providing your banking details to a criminal element and therefore having to deal with possible identity theft.

* Giving so much personal information for an email reading that anybody could reply to your questions in a positive framework.

Email psychic reading businesses have now been infiltrated by fake sales people and the criminal networks.

Use at your own risk. As of 2012 most online psychic services that request your personal information are now open to abuse by false psychics. The earlier guidance Australian psychic Vine provided about email psychic readers is now considered to be further heightened due to the number of scam psychics entering the market place. Your online banking security and personal details are now being sought after by criminal networks around the world posing as online psychics.

Vine released a media release in 2011 warning customers to be extremely cautious after hundreds of online customers had been scammed by fake psychic services.

Ethereal Energy

Before you can read about energy work you need to understand what is ethereal energy. Does the ethereal energy only relate to the human life force or is it also something found in nature? Actually it is both. When you incarnate to experience life in the physical form you come from an energetic Universal consciousness that manifests into individual consciousness.

Human beings are not only blessed with this life force, all of our planets flora and fauna, minerals and elements are also radiating the ethereal energy. Although they release vibrational frequencies that are different than the human form.

Imagine an electrical energetic pulse that sends out different types of waves and has a strong magenetic force. That's what the ethereal body releases but in a subtle form. This form can be described as spiritual or divine.

I tune into the ethereal energy form using the spiritual breath technique I learnt from my spiritual guardians as a child. The breath is the pranic key that allows me to tune into your consciousness to spiritually see the current issues you are dealing with and also to identify the mental, physical health of your bodies.

Sending healing pranic energy into blockages of the ethereal field strengthens the aura and this can be done through a variety of ways like prayer, reiki (pronounced ray-key), acupuncture, etc.


Empaths are people with heightened spiritual abilities (psychic). They are capable of tuning into a wide range of heightened vibrations using the art of clairsentience and use this spiritual art as a way of tuning into people's emotions when doing a psychic reading. Spiritual mediums also tune into people who have died and crossed over to the higher realms. They have the capacity of picking up sensations on their own bodies which allows them to know how someone crossed over.

I use this spiritual gift to help my clients when they're dealing with the loss of a loved one, friend etc. Spirit calls on gifted empaths to request they open themselves up as a medium conduit to help grief stricken family members and friends learn how someone died, the sequence of events, and to reach out and offer assistance.

Empaths are also able to tune into animals, different types of paranormal environments, global mood energies and assist earthbound spirits if they're requiring assistance to cross over to the higher realms. It might be surprising to know that empaths can help ghosts who have found themselves lost in limbo.

As an empath I also tune into nature's vibrational energies and know when there is strong earthquake activity, natural disasters or ununsual or freak weather patterns.

Empaths have a heightened sensitivity and will mostly not want to be around a lot of crowded areas like enclosed shopping centres, extremely noisy environments etc. Empaths are inclined to be protective of their homes and require a place of solitude and rest to avoid over exhausting their energies.

Energetic Body

Your energetic body, also called your ethereal body or aura, releases electrical (magnetic) currents. Genuine empaths, Spiritual Seers and Mediums have the ability to tune into to these different auric energy tones.


see Aliens


Faeries - Fairies

coming soon...

Feng Shui

Feng shui is a Chinese system of harmonizing ourselves with our surroundings by balancing the flow of energy, or Qi (chi). The literal english translation of Feng Shui, is "wind-water".

Different elements surrounding, or inside our homes can funnel bad or good Qi energy towards or away from us. This has a correspondingly bad or good effect on our health/wellbeing or the amount of success/failure in our lives.

If a structure or element with the wrong Qi energy cannot be physically moved or altered, you can use other elements such as plants, running water or mirrors etc. to correct the flow of the Qi energy.

For instance if your home is on a busy noisey street, you can grow trees between the road and the house, or put a mirror reflecting the bad Qi back to the street, or utilise blinds or curtains on the windows to block the flow of negative Qi.

If some of that seems to be common sense, intuitive, or just what feels right, it's because it is.

Although Feng Shui Shui sets down many guiding principles to follow when determining where and why to place objects to harmonise energy flows, the most important thing is how you feel in your living space. Feng Shui recognises the energetic flow in which we live every second of our lives, and that we ourselves are a part of that energy.

Many of the environments we have built on our Earth have blocked the flow of good energy and allowed the flow of bad energy. This is causing many problems; Everything from feeling uncomfortable living near a street polluted with noise and car fumes, right up to the devastating affects of climate change.

The more connected we can become with the true nature of our energetic selves, the more we are able to see the energies that surround us and flow through us. We can then see the blockages we have caused at all levels of society as well as in our own personal lives.

Therefore the principles of Feng Shui are not restricted to just arranging furniture. They are also tools we can use to begin to discover the truth of our own energetic existence, and begin to see how unbalanced the flow of life energy on our planet has become.

Once weve done that, the next step in Feng Shui as in life, is to move things around and make the changes necessary to live a life in balance with the energies of Gaia.

Free Psychic Readings

When you see "Free Psychic Readings" advertised - tread cautiously!

They might as well be advertising "Free Lunch".

Have you ever noticed at your local Club they keep the prices of their meals quite low? Why do they do that? To entice you into the club to spend all your money on the poker machines! Your gambling ends up costing far more than the dollar or two you saved on your food, and the club profits from it.

It's the same thing with Free Psychic Readings. They do it to lure you in. They might give you the first minute or two for free, but once they have you hooked they start charging at high rates. Before you know it, you're spending more than you can afford, and you did this because you thought you could get something for nothing. You can't.

Most of the companies offering free psychic chat are using fake psychics who give poor quality readings at best. Even if you hang up quickly and pay very little, you get what you pay for.

Remember, if it seems too good to be true, it probably isn't true.

Free Psychic Chat

Free psychic chat on the phone or in person, is a way for fake psychics to find out information about you before hooking you into a paid reading. If someone calling themself a psychic needs to talk to you or communicate with you at all before a reading, then they are not psychic.

Free Psychic Chat Rooms

Free psychic chat rooms are sometimes advertised as a way to "get to know your psychic via online psychic chat." Remember, the more that someone calls themself a psychic, the more they "get to know you" before giving you a reading, the less likely they are to be a real psychic.

Free psychic chat rooms are also another way to lure you into paying more than you thought you were going to pay beforehand. Once they have you hooked, they use the information you gave them during the free psychic chat to make the paid reading seem authentic.

You may be talking to someone pretending to be a psychic, or if you're lucky you may get an authentic psychic who is being ripped off and treated badly by the company running the chat room web site.

Either way, be wary of so-called free psychic chat rooms. Best to avoid them altogether.



A Spiritual being who dies suddenly or with strong regrets, be that from taking their own life or having serious regrets before crossing over, is most likely to become a spiritual apparition known commonly as a ghost.

As there are good and bad people on our Earth, there are also good and bad ghosts. Discordant ghosts, who disrupt and cause problems for family and people, come from the lower planes.

If dealing with paranormal activity, it is best not to encourage it by bringing in amateur paranormal groups, but rather seek out professional assistance from priests or reputable spiritualist churches.

Ensure that NO Ouija boards or séances have taken place in the home, to rule out this as a cause of paranormal activity.

Guides, Psychic

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Guru is the Sanskrit word for 'teacher'.

In Hinduism, the emphasis is on finding a teacher (guru) who can impart transcendental knowledge.

In the West, the word gained wide-spread use with the introduction of the philosophies of Eastern religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism, and particularly associated with the introduction of traditional forms of yoga meditation used for Self-Realization.

It was taken up by the spiritual New Age movement and nowadays has come to mean, a teacher who has followers - someone on whom we always rely upon to tell us what to do and how to act, without necessarily thinking for ourselves.

In the Age of Pisces (the last 2,000 years) spiritual information was kept exclusively by select and elite members of society such as priests, shamans and gurus. The knowledge was kept secret (and safe) and only imparted on a need-to-know basis. In more recent times as we transition gradually into the Age of Aquarius, knowledge has been imparted by gurus in the form of answers given to specific questions.

We are now moving into the Age of Aquarius - 'the age of freedom'.

The catch-phrase at the beginning of the transition to this spiritual age is "information wants to be free".

Freedom of information, including spiritual and self-realisation knowledge, began with the invention of new technologies such as the printing press.

In the 15th Century the printing press allowed the Bible to be widely distributed in languages everybody could understand. For the first time since the beginning of the Age of Pisces, elite priests no longer controlled the information and interpretation of the messages of the Bible. People were able to discern truth for themselves.

Now that the internet has become the ultimate freedom of information tool, the problem of correctly discerning truth has become paramount.

Authentic teachers and gurus today impart knowledge so that nobody becomes reliant on a guru. The message from genuine gurus today is, "Question everything, especially my teachings. You are your own master."

"You yourself have to be the master and the pupil. The moment you acknowledge another as a master and yourself as a pupil, you are denying truth. There is no master, no pupil, in the search for truth." - Krishnamurti



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Industry (Psychic)

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Indigo Children

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Intent, The Spiritual Energy of

The Spiritual Energy of Intent

First comes the thought, and with that thought comes an intention to act. The eventual outcome of the act is determined by the quality of the intention surrounding the thought to act, rather than the act itself.

Giving to a charity from a place of love and a fervent wish to help, creates a harmonious, well-balanced, peaceful and progressive outcome. But a gift given from a desire to make it look like you are more charitable than you really are in order to increase turnover in your business and claim tax deductions, creates unbalanced disorder.

Giving an anonymous gift of aid with a genuine wish to improve the lives of those in need is an act of charity. Stamping advertising slogans on the aid boxes and loudly broadcasting where the aid is coming from, is an example of using superior economic power to gain influence that may eventually be resented.

The quality of the intention surrounding an individual’s thought, stems from the level of connection with their universal source. The more separated we become from our universal source, the less loving the intention behind our thoughts is likely to be, leading to ultimate results of our actions that are less harmonious.

We are all ONE.

The needs of any individual or collective, which do not take into account ALL of our Earth's energy, create imbalances in the world. The eventual outcome of an act reveals the original intent.

By their fruits you shall know them.



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Kirilian Photography

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The word "Kundalini" comes from the Sanskrit language. The adjective, "kundalin" means "circular", and kundalini means "coiled one" (like a snake).

The Hindu Yogis refer to it as a primal energy lying coiled at the base of the spine, waiting to be awakened and rise up the chakras with the purpose of achieving spiritual enlightenment.

In energetic terms it is a powerful and instinctive primal energy that represents our true energetic self. As it rises up through the different chakras it allows our whole being to open up and experience different aspects of our purpose for being.


Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction (or Law of Resonance) can be summed up by the aphorism: As you sow, so shall you reap.

You not only have the ability to attract love, harmony and wonderful experiences towards you, you also have the ability to attract the exact opposite.

The Law of Attraction is the Karmic Law - the Law of Cause and Effect. It guides that our every thought will attract life experiences towards us to learn from. The harmony of our energetic aura will create the major lessons we need to learn. Karma means action, it means "to do".

If you do this... then that happens.

The Quality of Intention
The Law of Attraction is a spiritual law about how to live practically in our manifested world. Before we act, there is the intention to act, and it is the quality of this intention rather than the act itself that determines the outcome of the act. If an apparently benevolent act stems from greed, anger or hatred, then the outcome of the act will be less harmonious than if it stemmed from a pure and loving intention.

By their fruits you shall know them.

Misinterpretation of the Law of Attraction
However, in recent years this law has been misinterpreted to say that ethereal energy can manifest anything you desire - as you think, so you create.

This has been done to get people to believe they can energetically manifest untold wealth and have their every material need met regardless of others and the rest of the world. But because we live in a finite world, this interpretation of the Law is useless for the vast majority of people on the planet.

Energetically Gaia provides for our every living need, but our Earth isn't energetically capable of creating more and more resources for the human population. This means that the Law of Attraction needs a sense of balance in the teachings.

The unlimited potential to manifest all of our heart's desires has to take into consideration more than our own individual needs.

The needs of any individual or collective, which do not take into account ALL of our Earth's energy, create imbalances in the world.

How to Get it Right
The social, economic and environmental problems (climate change) that we have so far created with an impure and selfish application of the Law of Attraction, can only be righted with the correct ethical application applied with a pure and loving energy of Intent that takes into account ALL of creation.

What we do to others, we do to ourselves.
We are all ONE and we reap what we sow...

• • • • • • • • • •

Light Workers

A lightworker incarnates with full knowing of spiritual purpose.

They are attuned to higher knowing and spiritually assist the higher realms in spiritual servitude. Lightworkers have no attachment to earthly goods and have elevated their light bodies to use heightened clairsenses where they attune to the One that is all.

They assist the departed reach out to their loved ones by using their spiritual vessel as a conduit (medium) to help fellow light beings when they are suffering, in emotional distress, or grieving. Lightworkers are able to enter the Spiritual Hall of learning and utilise the knowing of the Akashic Record.

There are many types of light workers. The spiritual beings who passionately protect the environment and are the eco warriors who lay down their life to help the animals of our world are nature lightworker warriors. The Sensitives and Empaths who energetically alter their ethereal field in the healing arts to detect energy health ailments on their clients are similar to the human doctors and nurses who assist the sick.

The light workers who are born to assist human beings who have ended their lives at their own hand or died traumatically and find themselves in limbo, are similar to human mental health workers who help people who are emotionally unwell. Lightworkers are aware of the spiritual planes and can identify subtle energetic forms and detect dark energy from the lower astral planes.

They are finely attuned to all energies and do not follow false teachings like the (abused law of attraction) channeled through dark entities. They are aware lower astral entity teachings have been reversed to create the illusion of separateness from all of Universal forms.


Machi Woman

The Shamans of traditional cultures are usually men, but the opposite is true for the Mapuche people of Chile.

The Spiritual leaders and healers of the indigenous Mapuche people are usually women, known as Machi Women.

The Mapuche people are the largest ethnic group in Chile, originally coming from the southern central region. Many Mapuches also now live in Santiago and in Argentina, and since the persecuction of indigenous cultures during the Pinochet regime, you can find Mapuche Machi Women living all over the world.

The Machi Woman traditionally has an extensive knowledge of medicinal herbs, medical intuition and contact with the spiritual world. She is born with these spiritual gifts and traditionally guided by an older Machi. But a Machi woman disconnected from her traditions by political force, remains a Machi wherever she is in the world.

Medical Intuitive

A medical intuitve is a Spiritual Healer who tunes into your ethereal field and uses heightened clairsenses to relay angelic guidance about sensitivities on your energetic aura that relate to areas of your body.

As problems with your physical body begin with imbalances in your energetic aura, a medical intuitive can sense which part of your body may be giving you problems, or which chakras as they relate to your body's health, you should be aware of in the future.

A medical intuitive may also sense aspects of your body's previous health history, by seeing scarring left on your energetic aura.

At no time however should medical intuitve advice be treated as a substitute for going to the doctor. A medical intuitive can not give medical advice. A medical iIntuitive gives spiritual advice about your energetic health, as opposed to professional medical diagnosis based on thorough medical experience.

Medium (Spiritual)

As well as normal psychic abilities, a Medium can also spiritually communicate with departed loved ones.

Read Vine's spiritual article about her Medium reading that combined the spiritual sense of smell (Clairalience): How Spirit Visited with a Strong Spiritual Smell of Dencorub


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

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Near Death Experiences

See Vine's spiritual article on Out of Body Experiences (OOBEs) and Near Death Experiences: Vine's Real Life Out of Body Experience


Orbs, Spiritual

See Vine's psychic editorial on Spiritual Orbs in photographs:
What Are Spiritual Orbs in Photographs?

Out Of Body Experience (OOBE)

See Vine's spiritual article on Out of Body Experiences (OOBEs) and Near Death Experiences: Vine's Real Life Out of Body Experience



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Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics or Quantum Theory is the aspect of modern physics that deals with the nature and behavior of matter and energy at the atomic and subatomic level.

Physics and Spirituality
Physics now supports what spiritually we have always known, that everything is connected. But when Quantum Physics tells us that particles at the sub-atomic level are popping into and out of existence all the time, this does not mean that the same thing happens with large objects at our level of reality.

Many people have attempted to use quantum physics to back up their belief that we can manifest anything, using nothing but positive thoughts.

In recent years this belief in instant manifestation has been mistakenly called, the Law of Attraction (In books like the Secret). But instant manifestation gained purely by thinking positive thoughts is not the Law Of Attraction we have known for thousands of years, nor is it backed up by physics at any level.

The ancient Law of Attraction is the Law of Cause and Effect, or Karma. It is a law that helps us to live our lives to the full. It says that if you do this, then that will happen, because everything is connected and we are all a part of the ONE whole. In the Bible it is stated as, What you reap, you sow.

The real Law of Attraction suggests that we can have an effect, either positive or negative, on the outcome of our lives. But it goes against the laws of physics for our positive thoughts to be able to instantly change the molecular structure of physical realities as if by magic .


see Chi


Remote Healing

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Remote Visions

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Resonance (The Law of)

see The Law of Attraction


Sage Sticks

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Scams, Psychic

See Vine's spiritual article about cheap psychic readings. How much do they end up costing, and are you likely to be talking to a real psychic?: Are Cheap Psychic Readings from Genuine Psychics?

Smudge Sticks

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Spiritual Energy of Intent

See Intent
Also see Vine's psychic editorial about the spiritual energy of Intent and Climate Change: Spiritual Energy of Intent - Climate Change


Tarot Cards

History of Tarot Cards

Also see: Trionfi Cards, Tarock and Tarocchi card games.

Tarot cards were originally designed for playing card games, and the first versions were produced in Italy in the 14th / 15th Century. The Tarot pack is made up of 78 cards. The Major Arcana has 22 cards, which constitutes a 5th suite, all of which are trump cards.

The Minor Arcana has 56 cards and closely parallels the traditional playing pack, which has 52 cards.

The 4 suits in the traditional pack of cards: Hearts, Diamonds, Spades and Clubs roughly correspond to the 4 suits in Tarot’s Minor Arcana: Cups, Coins(Pentacles), Swords and Wands(Batons) respectively.

Tarot Cards vs Traditional Playing Cards

Traditional playing cards were a Chinese invention dating as far back as the 9th Century. Normal playing cards are also used for divination – see cartomancy.

The first known complete fully illustrated Tarot pack to contain esoteric illustrations is the Sola Busca deck, first published in Italy in 1491. Some of the imagery used in the Sola Busca deck was closely referenced by Pamela Coleman-Smith in her iconic illustrations for the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck first published in 1909.

Although Tarot Cards have most likely been used by mystics for hundreds of years, Tarot cards were not widely adopted and used for apparent divination purposes until the 18th Century.

Over the years the traditional symbolism of many Tarot Cards has often been modified to reflect the esoteric beliefs of their creators. And in recent years there have been literally thousands of different types of Tarot decks incorporating everything from Egyptian Mythology and the Kabbalah-Tree of Life to the iChing, Angels, Animals, and inspirations from famous painters.

Many of them are beautifully illustrated works of art.

Genuine Spiritual Seers and Mediums connect directly with your auric energy and therefore do not use Tarot cards.


Universal Laws of Nature

Living in harmony with the Universal laws is essential for living peaceful, harmonious progressive and fulfilled lives. Read how they govern our everyday existence on Vine's Universal Laws of Nature page: Universal Laws of Nature



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White Light

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In historical terms, Xanadu is another way of spelling Shangdu, the summer capital of Kublai Khan's Yuan empire.

Marco Polo visited the city and wrote about it, and English clergyman Samuel Purchas also wrote about it based on Marco Polo’s notes, in "Purchas His Pilgrimage:"

Samuel Taylor Coleridge then famously dreamt his poem "Kubla Khan" after falling to sleep when reading "Purchas his Pilgrimage".

Marco Polo's writings, which were reflected in Coleridge's poem, ensured that Xanadu became synonymous with splendor and opulence.

But after Kubla Khan was published in 1816, Xanadu also became a mythical place with Garden of Eden-like properties – a paradise lost, from which humanity has fallen.

It is this ethereal tone of the poem, which has conjured-up so many utopian and spiritual parallels in popular culture when the name Xanadu is mentioned.



The term 'Yoga' traditionally refers to a complete set of mental, physical and spiritual disciplines (meditation, asanas and lifestyle) that originated in India over 5,000 years ago.

The first systematic presentation of classical Indian yoga was 'The Yoga-Sûtras of Patanjali', in around 200AD. The structural framework of Yoga practice as described in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, consists of eight components, sometimes called the The Eight-Limbed Path.

  1. Yama - Universal morality
  2. Niyama - Personal observance
  3. Asanas - Body postures. (These are the exercises that many people in the West think of as 'Yoga')
  4. Pranayama - Breathing exercises and control of prana (breath)
  5. Pratyahara - Control of the senses
  6. Dharana - Concentration and cultivating inner perceptual awareness
  7. Dhyana - Devotion, Meditation on the Divine (Usually done in the traditional yoga crossed legged meditation position)
  8. Samadhi - Union with the Divine
Classical forms of yoga are influenced to varying degrees by the Eight Limbs. Hatha yoga for instance, is a combination of Asanas and Pranayama.

The Yoga classes now popular in the West, are mostly aspects of Hatha Yoga, with varying degrees of accent on disciplined lifestyle and a positive philosophy of life based on service to others, found in classical Indian Yoga.

Yin and Yang

Vine explains the Yin and Yang energies in her spiritual article about using fear in psychic advertising: The Good, the Bad and the Balanced



The term 'Zodiac' refers to an area of the sky centered on the path of the Sun (as seen from Earth) over the course of a year. At different times of the year we see twelve different constellations that lie along that path in the sky.

The Zodiac 'path' is accurately measured in the science of Astronomy according to the movement of the Earth on it's axis (it wobbles) and the exact time it takes the Earth to travel around the Sun.

However, the precise time the Earth takes to travel around the sun isn't exactly the same as the 12 months measured on our calendars, which are used in Astrology - it's a bit more.

About 2,000 years ago when the Astrological Signs were marked out against the actual position of the different constellations in the sky, they pretty much aligned. However, over 1000, 2000, 3000 years etc. the small difference between our calendars and the actual time the Earth takes to rotate around the sun, is enough to shift Astrological Signs on the calendar into entirely different constellations as seen in the actual night sky.

This is why it's important to understand that although 'Zodiac' is a term used in the art and philosophy of Astrology, it is more a term of reference, and is more accurately defined in the science of Astronomy.

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