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Vine psychic Medium, Guides about Drug Addiction

Vine Psychic Guides about Drug Addiction Energy

I was a huge Glee Fan and was from the start of the show. Like many others, I was shocked when I read of the early death of Cory Monteith who played the role of Finn.

In this psychic reading editorial I'm going to reveal the energy story of the addictive drug user. I will try to help anyone who is energetically connected to the lure of mind altering drugs, and hopefully give you a different take on what is going on beneath the surface of your ethereal field, which influences your emotional body.

How does a Genuine Psychic Sense the Use of Drugs?

What would a psychic know about drugs? If we rephrase the question to, What does a spiritual sensitive know about your ethereal field? it allows me to share how the physical body is directly related to the aura.

Ever since I've been able to tune into energy I have come across something that is extremely obvious about the aura. It wants to remain in perfect ethereal health, but it also displays different energy tones that show ethereal scarring.

Similar to your physical body, the ethereal essence electrical energy can display several forms of energetic scarring. A spiritual sensitive or Empath will be able to detect if a client has been injured in the past or has encountered some type of emotional or physical trauma.

The way they do this is by energetically scanning the aura. I regularly scan my clients' aura when I'm doing a phone psychic reading. It allows me to detect any out of the ordinary energy health issues that could move towards my clients' physical form. I also share these findings with my clients, ensuring at all times I do not provide any type of medical advice. More often than not my customers share that the information I have provided is accurate.

A spiritual sensitive can detect if a client has been injured in the past or has encountered some type of emotional or physical trauma

This also occurs when I tune into my customers who smoke. I automatically pick up on which clients smoke, have smoked in the past or live with heavy smokers and breathe in a lot of second-hand smoke. There is a weakness in the throat and heart chakra which allows me to detect damage to the physical body.

Sensing Problems on the Aura Cannot be Taught in Courses

This leads me to why gifted spiritual sensitives can use a wide range of clairsenses to help their clients. The psychics or medical intuitives that have this ability, know inside themselves they carry heightened sensitivity. To anybody who thinks you can go to school to learn this, I'm sorry to share that this type of heightened ability isn't something you can get from doing some type of NLP training course that promises to make you "accredited". You are either born with it or you are not.

There are a lot of international psychic institutes attempting to replicate what credible mediums and spiritual sensitive's do. They use a wide range of modalities to mimic the natural born skills that medical intuitives and Empaths can call upon. You will be told if you use this part of your brain or this part of the body it will allow you to develop these skills.

I'm here to share it has nothing to do with your mind. It has more to do with your ethereal energy. Nor for that matter does hypnosis bring these skills to the surface. The teachers who guide that their students can develop spiritual skills are probably not capable of it themselves. The people who are most likely to have these heightened skills have either been born with them or had a near death experience which has altered their ethereal body.

These heightened skills allow genuine natural psychics to feel if someone has a cloudy energy around their aura. When a medical intuitive tunes into this cloudy energy they know the ethereal health of their customer has been altered.

Sensing the Use of Drugs

A genuine psychic who encounters a person who is a heavy drug user will detect it by using one of the many clairsenses listed on my home page. Someone who is reliant upon drugs can sometimes fit into the mainstream without any problem. They can be scraping for money and living on the streets, or professionally employed and completely normal looking. But to a genuine psychic, the ethereal field of a drug user shows the truth. A cloudy ethereal field shows a genuine psychic that a drug user is no more in control of their actions than a toddler releasing anger when their body requests nourishment.

Drug Use Allows Discordant Energies In

The cloudy and weakened aura can allow discordant energies to have a great deal of control over the user. When we talk of discordant energies we are talking about lower entity energy which takes over when the spiritual being lets down their guard. You may never read about the lower discordant energetical entities because in some spiritual circles it is considered to be taboo to even utter the name. It is similar to the characters in the Harry Potter books who preferred to call the lower entity, "he who must not be named". The more you avoid the spiritual topic of dark energy, the more it grows in the shadows of the underworld. People wouldn't use Ouija boards if they knew that lower entities control the movements of the board. Nor would the public be so open to Ouija channelled law of attraction manifestation techniques, if they knew the true source of the guidance was lower entities through Ouija boards.

Other Ways Discordant Energies are Allowed In

Have you ever wondered why law of attraction lower entity channellings guide you don't need to be concerned about your planet's health?

Lower entity law of attraction channellings are about selfishly manifesting personal wealth, happiness and power without concern for anybody else or the health of our planet. These lower entities channel the message that you are here on Earth to evolve spiritually and the Earth itself is of no consequence. This isn't true. The real reason behind these deceptive Law of Attraction channellings is to destroy our planet, and the destruction of our planet is taking place right now because of it. We are already spiritual beings here on Earth to experience our lessons in physical form, and not only is the Earth an integral part of this journey, the Earth is also a part of us.

The original law of attraction spiritual teachings that all credible spiritual masters through-out time have shared, have been lost in these lower entity teachings. The pursuit of happiness outside of yourself can lead to desires not being met and make people doubt the skills they carry within. It also creates energetic defects.

A spiritual being who is ruled by desires cannot emotionally engage with all people of the world. It energetically creates a spiritual divide which leads to a level of mistrust. This is why you see racial hatred, bigotry, discrimination of all kinds. A discordant energy will always cause divide, even if it is disguised in a loving spiritual way. You will see cults developing and claiming that their knowing is more important than another. These discordant energies don't discriminate. They select people from all different cultural and social-economic backgrounds.

How do Discordant Energies Affect Drug Addicts

The discordant energy isn't here to harmonise our planet, it is here to create a level of disharmony and the people who have encountered this energy first hand will tell you it can be deceptive, mind controlling and makes drug users believe they're in control. Some people have witnessed how the drug user has lost all ability to manage their own sense of will. They have looked into the eyes of their child, parent, sibling or friend to find they can't even identify the essence of the person before them.

I can share this experience is normal. You will begin to doubt if you even know the person who is lost to the addictive energy of the drug and who has also become an open vessel for the discordant energy.

There needs to be a holistic approach when managing drug addiction and this includes treating the weakened ethereal body

There is hope for the drug user and there are ways of engaging with an addict to come back on the straight and narrow. There needs to be a holistic approach when managing drug addiction. Treating the weakened ethereal body is an integral part of the healing process. The drug user has to become accustomed to being in their own physical vessel and to learn to stop the energy of doubt or fear from influencing their way of thinking.

This may seem a completely unorthodox method to comprehend, but addiction isn't only about chemical imbalances in the brain. It is also about the thought that enters the mind. Discerning whether the thought is from pure consciousness, or from discordant lower entities requires spiritual practice.

The spiritual masters knew these energy planes existed and used their own words to describe them. Jesus called it the devil. The Buddha recognized evil in Mara or Varsavarti - he who fulfills desires. Don't doubt they exist, because they rely on that doubt to obtain a great deal of influence on weakened minds and egotistical personalities.

Love and Light

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