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Prince was a Lightworker

Was PRINCE a Spiritual Musical Lightworker?

Prince Rogers Nelson
June 7th 1958 - April 21st 2016

Prince was a beacon of light who exemplified spiritual oneness. He radiated the feminine Yin energy - an artist and once in a life time musical genius.

If you were fortunate enough to experience his music live in concert you knew you were in the presence of brilliance. But Prince was so much more than a musician - he was a lightworker.

He was a philanthropist who secretly poured millions of dollars into community charities like, Yes We Code, which helps young women and men from low-opportunity backgrounds find success in the tech sector. And Green For All, through which Prince anonymously paid for solar panels for people in California who otherwise could not afford them.

He was a social activist, and he stood up for the animals of our planet. He was a crusader for womens rights and helped many female musicians into stardom.

Prince's Spiritual Legacy

Prince lived in the moment. His legacy is about compassion, love, giving and expressing creativity. Spiritually there was no distinction between Prince, his music and his creative essence.

Prince Breathed Music

Energetically he merged himself into his music. His aura allowed him to use his voice in a similar way to a musical instrument. This allowed Prince to attune his aura to any musical instrument he played. Prince breathed music. He was otherworldly because in many respects he demonstrated the direct connection to higher consciousness and spiritual bliss when he played his instruments. He was self taught, drawn instinctively to learn music, dance and songwriting. He composed and produced his own records.

I was fortunate enough to see Prince play live in Australia, several times. Most recently I was watching from the Purple Circle, right up close to the stage. I was so close in fact that I got to actually touch Prince's hand, (that's another story). But at that concert I was certainly close enough to feel the spiritual energy of Prince and his music, first-hand.

Spiritual ONENESS

When I stood in front of the stage watching him spiritually playing the guitar, it was like he was making love to the guitar. He was entering a spiritual plane where he became one with the instrument.

You can hear the same thing when you listen to Prince's voice going through a range of musical vibrations. ( Listen to Prince singing, "God" )

He allowed his aura to attune to the emotional vibration. He playfully exhibited musical genius, composing music on the spot. There is no doubt that other musicians would have been in awe of his talent because it came naturally - without effort. Prince was spiritually sensitive, a lot of sensitives born with heightened senses demonstrate natural gifts. A lightworker is disciplined. They demonstrate incredible attention to their craft.

No doubt Prince, like many other naturally gifted musicians would have dedicated long hours fine-tuning his energy relationship. If you are mesmerised by Prince's dance moves, its because he spent hours working on the technique. Once Prince or any other naturally gifted dancer gets into a light trance state and forgets about dance movements, they enter the vibrational energy of the dance and you see the spiritual flow. He even revealed to journalists he lived in the moment. Being in the moment is about going with natural flow.

Spiritual flow is where the singing, dance vibration and instruments all evolve together. Prince understood spiritual energy. He was drawn to creatives from all different genres and there were many.


One of the creatives Prince reached out to was Melbourne musician Darren Hart (better known as Harts). Prince saw Harts on You Tube and immediately recognised the natural gifts and uniqueness of our local artist.

He invited Harts to visit Paisley Park, Prince's recording studio and home in the suburbs of Minneapolis. Whilst there, Harts said that Prince tried to inspire him to become a "well rounded musician, because that's what ultimately leads to longevity".

Harts is a one man band who plays every instrument, often creating live synthesised loops as he sings (watch him doing this in 'Lovers in Bloom'). Like Prince, when Harts plays music he tunes into energy vibrations.

When I describe Prince as a lightworker, it isn't only about recognising his natural ability in music. That's only one of the reasons I recognise Prince as a lightworker.

Prince may have lived a private life, but behind the scenes he was a philanthropist. As a Jehovahs Witness he was obliged to not share his charitable work, but most lightworkers carry this natural quality. Lightworkers often help behind the scenes or give something freely without ever drawing attention to who left the donation. It's only after Prince's death that we are finding out how many kind works he was doing behind the scenes.

How blessed are we to have been born in a time where we experienced his vibrational musical genius? Extremely blessed.

If you are a huge fan of Prince, realise he left a spiritual memory for a reason. He stood in authentic energy, standing up for his spiritual art, fighting the establishment to eventually take ownership of his spiritual work. I try not to listen to media sensationalism, especially the gossip media about how Prince died. That is irrelevant to the legacy of his life's work. I will not be reading the tell-all tales.

Instead I will fondly remember the time I stood in the front row of a Prince concert with a close friend, watching him compose new music on his guitar, live, right before my eyes. His music reached out and touched my soul and showed me his energetic connection with Spiritual Oneness.

If you let yourself remember a special time in your life when you experienced dancing or singing to Prince, you will know he spiritually touched your soul.

Love and Light

April 26th 2016

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