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Universal Laws of Nature

The seven Universal Laws of Nature govern our everyday existence. Living in harmony with the Universal laws is essential for a peaceful, harmonious progressive, fulfilled life.

Behaving ethically and operating in a sustainable manner that enhances societal and environmental values is an essential consideration to ensure our long-term sustainability.

Through being committed to the Universal Laws of Nature, Vine enhances spiritual and environmental awareness and meets the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations.

Vine operates her Psychic Reading Line in harmony with the seven Universal Spiritual Laws of Nature:

The 7 Universal Laws (Lores) of Nature

1. The Law of Free Will
2. The Law of Cause and Effect – Karmic Law
3. The Law of Resonance
4. The Law of Forgiveness
5. The Law of Service
6. The Law of Love – Unconditional Love
7. The Law of Transmutation

The Law of Free Will

You are free to choose
You are your own creator. You have “choice” in every decision you make and everything you do. Therefore you can create the energy of harmony through your choices. When you are not in the energy of harmony you will create life experiences that you will find challenging. These experiences are to teach you about the separation of mind from unconditional love and your disconnection from the “One that is all” - Oneness.
It is up to you to learn from your experiences.

The Law of Cause and Effect - Karmic Law

Your choices create your experience
The Law of Cause and Effect is related to the Karmic Law. The choices you make in life will create an energetic, spiritual ripple that will influence the people and emotional experiences you attract. If you abuse people or power in either this lifetime or another you will attract those experiences towards you to learn from them. You can take away the energy of “dis-ease” by healing the original cause and therefore not attracting this lesson again.

The Law of Resonance
(The Law of Attraction)

Everything is connected
The Law of Resonance can be easily summed up by the simple aphorism: As you sow, so shall you reap. You have the ability to attract love, harmony and wonderful experiences towards you. The mirror of that, is that you also have the ability to attract the exact opposite. The Law of Resonance is influenced by the choices you make and will karmically draw to you the experience you need to learn from. That experience is different for everyone.

It's not about those distorted Law of Attraction schemes and courses that promise to make you rich. It's about resonating, harmonizing (going with the flow) with everything around you, to maximise the experience you were meant to have on this planet.

The Law of Forgiveness

The power of healing
The Law of Forgiveness allows the individual to release the energy of hurt to the Universe. The ability to genuinely detach from the outcome allows nature to take its own course. You can forgive the person, the experience or even your own actions by asking the Universe to release the attachment of right or wrong. Spirit stresses that this is not to be influenced by the lesson of “Seeing”. When a lesson is placed in front of you, resonate with the meaning. The lesson has been placed in front of you to gain knowledge and to bring harmony.

The Law of Service - Serving the Higher Consciousness - Oneness

To give for the joy of giving, is to receive for the joy of receiving
We are all here to serve one another in the energy of Oneness. The spiritual energy of exchange is where you give and receive in balance. You have the choice to give without expectation and you also have the choice to move away from influences that are self serving (separation from the highest good).

The Law of Love -
Unconditional Love

Unconditional love produces perfect harmony
We are all sparks of individual consciousness (love energy) we all carry the elements of fire, water, air, earth, (alchemy) in our consciousness and have the ability to love one another unconditionally ­ without expectation. This allows us to live in harmony with our environment and with each other. When this energy is reversed it causes disharmony and the inability to love oneself because without love, the separated self fails to recognise it is One with all.

The Law of Transmutation -
The Evolvement of Self to Enlightened Consciousness

All is One
When the previous six laws are in harmony, the Universe will evolve and transmute your consciousness to a new state of knowing and you will evolve to the energy of Oneness.

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