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Climate Change from a Spiritual Point of View

Waking Up to Climate Change on a Psychic Level

Getting Real with The Law of Attraction

I make no secret that I am a spiritual voice for nature and the environment. From a young age I've been shown many visions about the changes taking place on our planet and I've been spiritually guided to share the knowing.

This means I speak up for the environment and nature on a regular basis. In 2007 I was being given spiritual transcripts that I shared on my psychic blog about understanding the changes that were about to take place. At that time I wasn't doing psychic predictions for world events. The trance states I entered into at that stage were one-off events about preparing Lightworkers for major Earth Changes.

I then began to realize my spiritual guardians from the angelic realms were guiding that I speak up. It reminded me of my childhood when I was learning about the psychic arts from Spirit. As I did then, I was rebellious and I was adamant that I didn't want any part of the celebrity psychic predictions and I shared this with the angelic realms. I agreed to doing predictions when I was shown visions of climate catastrophes and guided that it was crucial to help the rainbow warriors (environmentalists, scientists and those dedicated to a sustainable way of life) be understood.

This is why I stand in authentic energy and write spiritual and metaphysical articles explaining the energetic changes in our world. If we could fast track renewable energy and make this guidance unnecessary, that would be wonderful.

The Melting Polar Ice - Spiritual Meaning

The melting of the Polar ice is something all of Australia and the world needs to wake up to. It is our final warning about climate change.

Spiritually, the ice caps are more than just ice. On an energetic spiritual level, the ice caps are a physical manifestation of an energetic protection barrier, protecting us from negative forces and entities. When the ice is gone, so will our protection be gone, leaving us vulnerable to physical changes that will make it difficult to exist on this planet.

Bill McKibben

American environmentalist and head of 350.org Bill McKibben, has written best selling books about our environmental crisis and stopping climate change. He is now raising awareness in Australia concerning the importance of not burning all of our coal deposits, and leaving the coal in the ground. We can only afford to release a relatively small amount of extra carbon into the atmosphere before our environment spirals out of our control.

This message is especially important in Australia because in a few short months we will be using our constitutional right to vote for political parties that have not yet fully comprehended the dire nature of our environmental emergency. My spiritual guardians are revealing that we have only a very short time to get this right, or else condemn our children's generations to an uninhabitable world. That is a scary prospect.

In my 2013 psychic prediction I shared that if the penny didn't drop this year and the world leaders didn't stop carbon increasing past 400ppm, then we would be facing a very bleak future. That's pretty heavy stuff to relay on a spiritual site.

The Law of Attraction Requires Oneness

I am also drawing attention to misconceptions surrounding the Law of Attraction. When the Law of Attraction is incorrectly taught and selfishly interpreted in the energy of greed, it adds to climate change.

The original Natural Laws are in harmony with nature, and the original manifestation principles are all about Oneness. If we all followed these Natural Laws we would know that if we request more from our planet than it can give, we energetically create disturbances to natural balance. We are a part of that natural balance and what we do affects the balance.

The distorted Law of Attraction teachings do not take the balance of Oneness into account. They say you can manifest anything you want, with no concern for others, and no concern for the finite reserves of our planet. They are incorrect and misleading. There is always an affect, and ultimately, what we do to others we do to ourselves. You must take Oneness into account. Without Oneness, the Law of Attraction is a major contributor to social, environmental problems and the extreme weather events around the world we are witnessing now and in the future.

We are failing to understand the humanitarian, economic, environmental and spiritual consequences of burning fossil fuels in Australia and the World.

Easter Island on a World Wide Scale

Still your mind and look back in history to the lesson of Easter Island. All the trees were chopped down, all the resources used up, and the people died out. This is what we are now doing on a world wide scale.

We have rightly dedicated the occasional environmental day to saving our oceans, turning off our lights, thinking about our world. But this should be happening every second, of every minute, of every day, of every month, of every year, for every one of us.

This should be our natural way of thinking when we create businesses, build infrastructure and housing, and create our governments.

We need to create Governments that are defined by the natural laws of nature. Presently our governments are defined and controlled by disconnected, un-enlightened self-interest-based micro-economics in which nature is not taken into account.

Every decision we make is to either create the ability to live in harmony with nature, or to remove ourselves from nature and our natural state of being, causing imbalance and unnecessary added suffering, destruction of life and of property.

I highly recommend you watch Bill McKibben's 350 org Do The Math video and let him explain the simple maths of climate change. This information is of the highest quality. It will benefit anyone who is looking for accurate data detailing the imperative need for all of us to take responsibility for our Planet's health, and to take action.

Love and Light

June 10th 2013

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