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Vine Psychic Dream Readings the Purpose of Dreams

Dream Psychic Readings - Real Purpose of Dreams

The direct connection between your dreams, your aura and your higher self.

Why does a dream stay with you throughout the day? You wake up from a dream and it may make you feel unsettled and wanting clarity about its real meaning. The reason why the dream won't leave your conscious mind is because it is trying to get you to analyse the emotional message behind the dream.

Your higher self is attempting to reach out to you using the subconscious electrical energy in your mind. Everything about dreams has a purpose, unravelling its messages can seem a wasted exercise. But persevere, because you might find your dreams are your way forward to understanding many pressing life issues.

I have done thousands of dream readings for customers throughout Australia and the world. I do not advocate there is one dream meaning that fits all. The dream dictionary interpretations are too simplistic. They are good for general understanding, but can't be solely relied upon to interpret your individual dreams.

When I do a dream reading, I do it in relation to your own personal circumstances. Without you telling me anything, I first use my spiritual breath technique to tune into your energetic aura, and only then do I break the dream down into segments - the introduction of the dream, the body of the dream and finally the conclusion of the dream.

This allows me to energetically identify what is at the heart of the dream's message. Also, I need to know how often the dream is occurring and what type of dream is working through your ethereal body.

Notice I am NOT referring to the dream being directly related to the mind. Our mind works directly with our auric body. This is why I am guided the psychological sciences are still trying to determine the mystery of dreams. Some scientists believe dreams don't have a real purpose, but this is based on the scientific tests of the mind, not the auric body.

When you delve deeper into the ethereal field you discover there is a lot going on unseen by the naked eye.

Try This Simple Dream Exercise:

  1. Buy a book that can become your dream journal
  2. Before going to sleep ask your higher self to help you recall the messages of your dreams (persevere, because it might not occur straight away)
  3. If you wake up from a dream, jot everything down you can recall about the content of the dream. Don't think too hard, just write it down as you remember it. (Use bullet points if you like)
  4. Describe how you were feeling in the dream
  5. Describe who was in the dream - people, animals, aliens etc.
  6. Describe the locations - kitchen, pool, etc.
  7. Describe the colours, or if there were any props ie. cars, books, phones
  8. When you've finished, go back to sleep.

You don't have to interpret the dream right there and then, sometimes its best to wait until later.

If you need any assistance to work out the energetic message of your dreams, you can book a dream psychic reading online using our secure PayPal booking procedure.

Once you learn how to interpret your dreams without using a dream encyclopedia you will be able to identify the importance of your dream or nightmare.

Love and Light

March 7th 2014

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