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Online Psychic Editorials > Psychic Predictions, the Ebola-like Disease and Black Hat SEO
Universal Consciousness

Psychic Predictions, the Ebola-like Disease and Black Hat SEO

My Psychic Reading Editorial this week addresses the concerns from my psychic prediction readers, about the Ebola disease. Especially the similarities of my 2013 psychic prediction about new diseases in which I describe Ebola-like symptoms, quarantine to stop the spread of the disease and mismanagement by health officials.

A Sydney psychic reading client wants to know why my psychic prediction wasn't being found on the net when the premonition was so accurate (her words). I also received emails from Australian and world readers who sent links to current news stories identifying that the symptoms and circumstances I described in my predictions were near identical to the Ebola virus.

With so many people interested, I have agreed to only highlight what is accurate about the prophecy and to answer your questions about how I am guided about world prophecy.

How I Receive My Psychic Predictions

When I'm shown spiritual visions I go directly into the Akashic Records. This is the Universal knowing of what is next a major spiritual issue for our world. The way I see the visions is through the art of clairvoyance. Or sometimes I may go into a light trance and have angelic guidance impressed to my aura.

I then have to translate the energetic vision from Spirit into words. The energetic visions aren't subtitled, and so I am rarely given the exact names of places and things.

Microbes Changing Before My Eyes

In my New Diseases vision I saw a disease that had microbes changing before my eyes. Then I saw people who were from one specific cultural background becoming ill. I wasn't exactly sure where the disease was originating from, but I was guided by my loving spiritual guardians if the disease wasn't managed well, it would reach other parts of the world.

When I received guidance about new diseases arising from changes to our environment, Spirit wasn't singling out one race as being more susceptible. The people of West Africa who are most effected by Ebola, are somehow becoming lost in the media driven frenzy to release 24/7 news about Ebola in America. There are several things you need to consider about why the press are drip feeding fear about Ebola in the USA.

  • There are some media owned corporations that are politically motivated to use fear mongering associated with the mid term elections for important seats in the Senate. They are attempting to create a level of hysteria about the Ebola virus becoming a pandemic. By creating fear in the American community their strategists hope it will stop people voting, therefore working in the interests of the Republican Party.
  • The use of fear in politics and the media isn't new. Look no further than Australia to see the same type of fear strategies being used on the Australian public since before the last federal election. The LNP got into government on the back of a massive fear-based campaign against the carbon pollution tax, the mining tax and refugees. Fear-based politics surrounding Iraq and now Ebola continues to be used to draw attention away from an unpopular budget.
It helps to carefully observe the tactics of the political strategists and realise when they are using fear to control the way you think and act.

This type of critical observance is also required when searching the web for credible psychic predictions.

Finding my Psychic Predictions about Earth Changes on the Web

The reason why my "New Diseases" psychic prediction is hard to find in web searches is because there are deliberate attempts by SEO companies throughout the world to stop them being found.

Although the majority of the spiritual prophecy being guided by my spiritual guardians is relevant and coming true, there are SEO companies creating black hat SEO websites specifically to stop credible prophecy from being found. They want to redirect the traffic from credible psychic predictions, to their own hotchpotch psychic prediction sites. Most of these shonky psychic sites are owned by purely profit-driven companies who wish to stay hidden in the background.

They are parasitic companies using black hat SEO techniques to steal psychic predictions and associated keywords, to draw web traffic away from reputable psychics and towards their own shonky sites. Many of the articles on those so-called psychic predictiuon sites are not even psychic predictions. They are mainly opinion pieces about current news events, laced with psychic prediction keywords so that they come up as psychic prediction sites in Google searches.

I recommend you go and check for yourself how many apparent prediction sites on the web are being artificially stuffed with psychic key-worded waffle to get them to the top of the search engines to be found before real predictions.

How the Black Hat SEO Works

Try typing these words into the search engine on Google "which psychics predicted Ebola?"

You are unlikely to find any entries at the top of the search results from psychics who predicted the Ebola virus. What you will find is dubious psychic prediction and astrology websites with anonymous people chatting generally about Ebola and whatever else is currently in the news. The purpose is to generate SEO keywords and attempt to show a respectable front to fool Google and the other search engines into ranking them highly.

These fake psychic prediction sites also regularly and deliberately scrape the content of my predictions and other genuine prediction sites using black hat SEO to discredit our genuine sites so that Google will ignore us. They also sometimes rewrite stolen predictions to take false credit for themselves.

For every dubious prediction site we are able to have removed, there are countless more appearing every day.

Psychic Predictions from Spirit Have a Purpose

The people who are suffering from Ebola deserve more than political point scoring. There are young children and babies and families having to deal with the deadly virus, either fighting the disease or grieving the loss of their families, friends and colleagues. They are spiritual beings who deserve to have the same world health treatment that people in the Western World are used to. If you and I contracted the Ebola disease we would expect a level of compassion, generosity and support from the local community.

Sections of the media are creating massive fear campaigns to sell newspapers, and to support the political ideology of the political party that best suits them.

It is time for everyone to see behind all of the deception of media coverage and political strategists. And it is time to identify that the spiritual arts are being manipulated by companies and individuals for commercial gain.

I thank my psychic prediction followers and customers for going out of your way to call the psychic line or write emails. At all times I respect your opinion and this is why I have taken the time to respond to your emails.

It is obvious you care about the spiritual arts and the prophecy being shared by my loving angelic guardians, and for that I am truly grateful.

Love and Light

October 20th 2014

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