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Online Psychic Editorials > Vine Psychic Talks about Getting Over Grief and Loss
Coping with Grief and Loss

Getting Over Grief and Loss

In my psychic reading editorial this week I'm writing about energetic grief. Do we really understand the spiritual and emotional stages of grief?

Do we all grieve in the same way?

Nobody grieves in the same way. Going through grief and bereavement is a personal journey. I don't subscribe to the belief that you can speed up the grieving process. It's different for everybody.

Some people find it difficult to get in touch with their feelings when they break up from a relationship or when someone they love goes missing, commits suicide or dies. Or a beloved pet, cherished and loved by the family takes ill and we have to decide if we do the humane thing by putting them out of their suffering. It leaves a large dent in our hearts when we encounter the raw emotion of grief. As a spiritual empath I use my vessel to energetically identify the chakra activity that reveals deep seated grief in your aura.

Can you Buffer Grief?

Believe it or not, grief is now being targeted by "get over grief quickly therapists" who are pushing a belief system that says emotions are an unnecessary inconvenience in this fast paced world. This obsession about quickly recovering from grief in case you dwell on the past for too long, is spiritually sick.

Some people are told to toughen up and get over their grief because they need to look on the bright side of life. Others try to buffer their pain in case they are seen to be weak and not capable of doing their job in the workplace. They have found themselves outside of their emotional depth and emotionally struggling. Men and women make grief stricken attempts to push through their feelings to make it better for the people around them.

I've heard grown men in tears as they try to cope with their child's passing after being shown visions of the little girl or boy in the higher realms. I have spiritually tuned into women and men who break up from relationships attempting to bypass their grief and rush towards new relationships hoping they will escape the pain of being alone. Energetically the individuals are emotionally fragile and near nervous exhaustion as they force themselves to ignore their grief.

People who are guided towards me as a spiritual medium are spiritually in need of real grief assistance. Spiritually we are all loved in the eyes of the higher realms. Spirit is omnipresent and knows our pain and suffering. You are honoured in spiritual essence and your emotions are not taken lightly or skipped over. Reputable Spiritual Mediums are used by the angelic realms to help you get in touch with your loved ones and for them to relay guidance you know to be true. There are no crystal balls or higher guides who talk about death in general ways, which leave the grieving questioning why they were only communicating with spiritual guides and not their loved ones who they deeply miss. The guidance channeled by authentic mediums benefits the bereaved because it helps the grieving accept the passing of the departed.

When I tune into your ethereal aura I am given energetic impressions around your chakras. Deep grief is embedded in the heart chakra. The best way of describing the way I see deep rooted grief is to imagine a grainy surface vibration that is similar to sand paper. As an empath I am allowing my auric body to relay what your auric body is feeling. I know if you are angry, I know if you are sad, I know if you are afraid because your aura reveals all without you having to tell me anything. Each emotion releases a unique vibration.

This is why I'm revealing that hypnosis and get-over-grief-quickly therapies don't work. I have tuned into customers who have used cognitive therapy to recover from grief to find it only buffered the pain. The ethereal grief scarring was easily identified on my clients aura. I have tuned into customers who used subliminal meditation techniques to buffer their grief, only to find that the grainy grief vibration hadn't budged.

The get-over-grief therapies are temporary. They buffer but don't offer full grief recovery.

Why do we Believe Emotions Can be Controlled?

The psychological sciences study mind reactions. The seven stages of grieving are only a guide to collectively identify how we emotionally grieve. They are a useful tool, but to ignore the ethereal scarring on our aura is to only heal on a surface level. Which is why I am cautioning the public to beware of get-over-grief hypnosis and neuro linguistic programming that simplifies the energy body relationship by saying that it all comes from the mind.

Your emotions are a gift and when you honour their message you energetically align your aura with your emotions.

Love and light

July 8th 2014

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