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Spiritual Responsibility

My psychic reading editorial today is about Spiritual responsibility, in particular about those people who do not accept personal responsibility for the abuse of the Universal Laws.

Extreme Weather in Brisbane, Australia

It was with despair I watched the beautiful city of Brisbane contending with yet another extreme weather event.

During the city's hottest November since 1910, a super-cell storm hit Brisbane and over 50 suburbs were severely affected. The storm cut a swathe through the South West of Brisbane, the CBD and into the Northern Suburbs.

It is ironic that the super-cell storm severely hit the same location in which President Obama delivered his famous speech about climate change. The University of Queensland (UQ) in St Lucia, Brisbane, where Obama delivered his speech, was one of the worst hit locations.

Direct Relation Between Qld's Coal Mining and its Natural Disasters

As the local Brisbane families and struggling businesses dealt with the aftereffects of a natural catastrophe, it was quite disturbing to see the Premier of Queensland, Campbell Newman, chose this time to reassure the mining industry,"We are in the coal business"

The main focus of Campbell Newman's speech to the fossil fuel companies, was to rush through State parliament extremely unpopular decisions to mine more coal and build a controversial new coal port at Abbott Point, right on the Great Barrier Reef.

Overwhelming scientific research tells us the environmental destruction caused by more frequent and more extreme weather events is directly related to the mining and burning of oil, coal and CSG. Yet there is no spiritual responsibility accepted by either the Premier of Queensland or the Australian mining companies as they increase the burning of fossil fuels.

The High Financial Cost of Climate Change in Queensland

The Economic Cost of Climate Change caused by the pollution from Coal, CSG and Oil, has already hit Queensland extremely hard.

Accepting Spiritual Responsibility for Our Actions

Something is spiritually amiss when a government isn't acting in the best interests of its people and small business owners, or providing the duty of care required to help their constituents in a time of crisis.

Something is spiritually lacking if mining companies are able to sway governments to not invest in the most cost effective renewable energy to curb more frequent storms.

Something is spiritually amiss if a democratic government enters into secret mining deals and stops all attempts by independent legislative authorities and media to seek out the truth.

The Law of Cause and Effect

The Law of Karma (Cause and Effect), is now being completely abused by political ideologies that are ignoring personal and collective responsibility for all living creatures incarnated on Earth. We are collectively responsible for our environment and its creatures, as well as the elements; Water, Air, and the Earth beneath our feet.

It is our responsibility to do no harm to our environment and to be spiritual custodians of the planet that will provide for our every living need, provided we don't abuse the relationship.

It is our responsibility to stop elected governments from being corrupted by secret handshakes behind closed doors, and from ignoring their duty of care to live in harmony with the environment.

The Either/Or Ideology of "Leaners and Lifters" causes Disharmony

When you hear politicians calling people either lifters or leaners, the implication is that low income people aren't doing their fair share of the work. It is a way of creating division and destroying the harmony between all people. The Universal Spiritual Laws are about Oneness. The Deceivers who use division to create disharmony, do so in full awareness that people will turn on each other.

They purposefully design the economic systems to divide people into 'Haves' or 'Have Nots'. Instead of identifying solutions to lift people out of poverty or become greater educated, they drain the funding to create lower classes. They then demonize them by calling them "leaners".

It is up to the people to see the deception of the current systems created by the deceivers and to be spiritually responsible for all of humanity and its environments. It is up to the people to stand up to politicians who deceive you.

Democracy in true spiritual awareness is where we all use our one vote, one voice to collectively act in the greater good for humanity and the Earth.

Are you being Spiritually responsible for your karmic choices, or are you contributing to the energy of lack and perpetuating disharmony on Earth?

Are you investing in mining fossil fuels that are hurting your fellow human and the environment? If yes, realise you are karmically responsible for the local man and woman who are affected by the increased natural disasters. You are destroying your own environment. The instant karma is nature's extreme weather immediately hurting your economies.

Love and Light

December 2nd 2014

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