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Vine Psychic Spiritual Boundaries
There is Light, but there is also Dark, as depicted in the symbol of the Tao

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Psychic Attack and Spiritual Boundaries

This psychic reading editorial is for anyone dealing with astral psychic attack and in need of genuine assistance to get on top of it.

Oh my goodness, not again, was the first thought that entered my consciousness after I tuned into a customer on the phone psychic line and realised she was too open to the astral planes and susceptible to psychic attack. My first words were to guide that I was aware she was a spiritual vacuum.

Astral Energies

She was glad that she contacted me, and was excited to share what happened in her in a dream. She revealed she woke up with shivers up and down her spine because she had felt her physical body being moved and a spiritual being had kissed her on the lips.

Unfortunately, she wasn't dreaming. She had been visited by an astral entity because she wasn't shielded on her aura. She had been doing energy courses and shared she was experiencing unusual side effects which were not covered in her training. This isn't something new, many spiritual seekers are dealing with out-of-control paranormal events after they do reiki, spiritual circles and similar types of training.

Her frightening morning encounter reveals how susceptible people are to paranormal occurrences when they do energy work courses. The eager personal development student trusts they're learning a genuine spiritual craft taught by accredited spiritual mediums. But often they aren't provided with the basic spiritual protections to manage their own ethereal field.

These students are told to request protection from Archangel Michael or other higher angelic beings or deities. They do this believing they are always spiritually protected from harm. Or sometimes they are trained to get in touch with their spiritual guides to manage the astral realms. My psychic client followed these instructions and still came under psychic attack. Why? For the same reason Ouija board channeling is spiritually dangerous. You are exposing yourself to lower astral energies without being in charge of your own ethereal field.

If when you're doing spiritual course training or dabbling in the occult you believe that everything about the spiritual is only for your highest good, you are deceiving yourself.

It's Not All GOOD Out There

There is both good and evil in the spiritual realms. Believing everything you channel is angelic is the reason why so many people are unaware how to deal with the dark entities and ghosts. The guides some people are channeling are spiritually suspect.

I've previously written about the dangers of contacting entities through Ouija Boards. Abraham, the spiritual guide of Esther Hicks came from the Astral Realms through Ouija channeling, as did Seth who was contacted by Jane Roberts through an Ouija Board.

The entities behind the spiritual channeling that millions of people follow need to be cautiously considered. What greater way of influencing the masses than appearing to be on the side of humanity, but actually perverting the Law of Attraction by saying that everyone can have anything they want, even if it destroys the Earth. Their teachings are greedy, selfish and pose a very great danger to all life on our planet.

Go and check the mystical and religious doctrines. The Bible is full of warnings against evil spirits. Many pre-Christian religions warn of severe imbalances between dark and light forces. Everywhere you turn you are made aware of the darkness and you are warned there is both good and evil. Even the late Edgar Cayce revealed the spiritual war in the higher realms. Look towards the Buddhist teachings in which evil is personified in Mara, the Buddhist Devil who represents temptation, Sin and Death - And Namuche, one of the demons in Indian Mythology.

True Lightworkers and genuine seers will always guide you to learn how to get in touch with your higher self and not to become reliant on guides or false gods. Self realisation cannot be achieved following a guru. At some point you must step out onto your own path. Furthermore, spiritual teachings reveal that handing your energetic body across to the deceivers will allow you to be manipulated by the astral planes.

Similarly, I guide that covert hypnosis (NLP) adversely affects your ethereal body. If you give up control of your ethereal health you are walking around as an energetic vacuum to be used by any ghost or astral entity that can use your field to control your way of thinking and movements.

In the Bible Jesus often dealt with demonic entities. Do you remember the story in the Bible in which Jesus comes across two men who were violently possessed by demons. Jesus drives the demons out of the men and into a herd of pigs, which then rush headlong down a cliff and into the lake where they drown. In the story, the violent reaction in the pigs shows the real existence of the dark and malevolent spirits. Relatively lighter shades of darkness found in people, like greed, malice, envy, and cruelty could not account for the violent demise of the pigs.

Stories like this one in the Bible affirm that there is a spirit world all around us that cannot be ignored and that it's not all good out there.

Spiritually the most dangerous thing you can assume is to follow the advice of trainers who say that a rote-like prayer to the Archangel Michael will protect you. If that were true, why then are people dealing with ghostly encounters and psychic attacks when they follow the training?

You may want to rule out religious teachings because you are not religious in any way. That's your choice but sometimes you can see from the parables that there is a common theme being shared about good and evil. If you ignore the dark because you only want to believe in the light, it will prevent you from seeing that we live in a polarised world. Inexperienced teachers can leave you spiritually vulnerable to the elements.

Spiritual Boundaries

At no time should a spiritual entity be intimately touching you when you are in physical incarnation. Ghosts shouldn't be lying next to you in your beds and crossing personal boundaries. This is similar to sexual harassment or sexual abuse. Don't get caught up in the fairy tale aspects of astral travelling and imagining the crossing of spiritual boundaries to be romantic. It is in an invasion of your aura and you need to stand up to the ghost or entity, and spiritually impress them to leave you alone.

For those of you who have not encountered these experiences, you may feel this is over the top. If your aura is dense it may never happen in your life. But this article is for those few people who are dealing with astral psychic attack and need genuine assistance to get on top of it.

Love and Light

June 2nd 2014

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