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Vine Psychic Numerology Readings

Numerology Psychic Readings

Numerology can enhance your psychic reading by focusing on life issues that require exact timing readings.

Vine Psychic's numerology readings complement her psychic readings. Vine is able to spiritually check dates and times and offer precise guidance for all your personal and business needs. Vine gives you precise expert help. She has been providing genuine psychic readings for 34 Years.

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What is 2017 Revealing When we Look into the Numerology Hour Glass?


Everything and I mean everything on our planet energetically revolves around numbers. From our cellular conception to counting down the months the baby is born, numerology allows you and I to be consciously aware of our connection to the Universe of I AM.

Vine Phone Psychic Readings enhanced with Numerology

Spiritually, numerology is more than calculating your birth numbers. It’s about our direct relationship to our planet and the Universe. The person who understands the alchemy of numbers also understands the Akashic record and isn’t challenged by mystery school teachings.

You need to know that the person who is writing about numerology calculations understands the real relationship of Universal equations. The same as you need to know that the writer who writes about dream interpretations understands what our dreams really are. It’s appalling to see so-called psychics scouring article and forum sites and then claiming they can do numerology and dream readings after they refer to other credible numerologist’s and dream experts material.

Recently one of my staff members found an Australian psychic who had been on several overseas dream forums wanting to understand his own dreams. Within one year he was describing himself as a dream expert. Not long after that he was claiming he was able to interpret your numerology. It was as if he wanted to ride on the coat strings of credible dream and numerology experts to falsely gain some type of professional reputation.

How can you take someone like this seriously? Spiritually I know I can’t. It is one of the reasons why the psychic/metaphysical industry needs to be cleaned up to remove charlatans and allow you and me to find gifted psychics on the web who know their stuff. The copy cats of the psychic industry karmically draw unwanted attention onto themselves when their customers identify the real truth of their business backgrounds. They become the Lance Armstrong’s of the psychic and metaphysical service industry. They get to where they are by lying and cheating and telling themselves it's OK because they see others doing it.

Lying and cheating isn't OK. It isn't a good look for someone who is meant to be representing the highest good, and it's something you need to look out for when searching for a talented numerologist.

The spiritual ‘knowing’ is crucial when I do a phone psychic reading for my clients. Simply if a psychic doesn’t really know how to read energy codes from your aura they try to bluff their way through (you’re not going to benefit from that type of psychic reading).

I use a breath technique which allows me to feel your energetic codes and to tune into your higher consciousness. Your unique code allows me to tap into your ethereal field. Each time you allow me to use this gift I am taken on a journey of discovery and will relay the visions and messages being relayed to my own aura. Spiritually I refer to this as an energetic imprint.

I love to share your energetic findings with you. A great way of doing this is to confirm dates and times in your reading; I will check your numerology energy vibrations to verify my earlier determinations.

I do telephone consultations online because I don’t require any metaphysical tools to do a clairvoyant reading. If I want to check specific timings which are relevant to your issues I quickly check the energy of numerological equations near the end of your reading.

Although science and the metaphysical sector are miles apart in the way we describe the workings of the Universe, we share something in common when it comes to understanding the magnificence of numbers. I would recommend you look to numerology experts and avoid psychics who try to make out they are something they really aren’t. I highly recommend Dan Millman’s book the Life You Were Born to Live if you want to understand the workings of energy in numerology and understand why your vibrational frequency is unique and needs to be honoured by a reputable psychic or numerologist.

Love and Light,

History of Numerology

Numerological divination can be traced back to Earth’s ancient cultures. Pythagoras, the renowned Greek philosopher and mathematician believed there was a mathematical relationship between all form and matter. Galileo Galilei the famous astronomer, physicist and mathematician took this one step further and described the rhythms and cycles of nature as mathematically defined. This means the changes of the season and the weather patterns of the planet all dance to a mathematical pattern.

The Hebrew mystical numerological system known as the 'Tree of Life' is believed to have encoded messages from prophets and sages on the origin of consciousness and our reason for being. It is unique because the letters of the alphabet also act as numbers.

Religious and mystical doctrines from the Christian, Egyptian, Chinese and Vedic community also display teachings about the relevance of numbers.

How can Numerology help us?

Numerology can be a useful tool to help you find answers to some of life’s questions. If you're wondering what inherent talents or skills you carry, then having a numerology reading can be a useful tool in helping you gain a greater understanding.

It can define and confirm the values you consider relevant in your life and allow you to follow your passion with career or vocational choices.

It can complement any other modality you have sourced, like astrology; spiritual consultations etc. and provide greater clarity for your day to day choices.

Numerology Psychic Readings

Request a numerology reading from Vine when you next book a phone psychic reading. It is a great way of confirming dates and times when you are wanting further clarity from your psychic reading. Go to the bookings page section and select the block of time you want the psychic reading.

Numerology - Further information

Vine has personally selected a wide range of Numerology books for your perusal. Go to the Numerology section of Vine's Store to check out or purchase a book from the hand selected product range.

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