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Law of Attraction Vine Medium

The Law of Attraction

It's not always about finding ways to be rich - It is always about finding the richness in your life.

Alright seriously, when I hear my callers sharing with me they have failed in life because the Law of Attraction hasn't worked, or they feel guilty for having a down day because they are meant to be upbeat and positive all the time, spiritually something has to give.

Fake Universal Law Teachings

Are you being negatively impacted by fake Universal Law teachings, which abuse natural laws for personal gain or power?

It's time to spiritually step forward. I am going to dissect some of these laws and identify if everything about the power of the mind manifestation is all it seems...

How many people believe manifestation is about accumulating wealth and status and attracting love? A lot I'll bet.

Now, how many people believe manifestation is so much more than that?
Not as many, I think.

Why is this important?

The Lessons of Life

It's about perception and belief systems. In the scheme of things, your beliefs can change when you experience your own life lessons.

As a spiritual medium I've been channeling spiritual messages for over 30 years, I can share with you that your departed family members, lovers and friends reveal they wasted too much time sweating the small stuff.

It's not about the Money

Not once since I've been doing clairvoyant and spiritual readings have your loved ones in Spirit channeled that they wished they were richer in their lifetime. But they do share how much they enjoyed life on earth.

There is so much more to our life on earth than just accumulating wealth, power and status or mastering mind powers.

Contemplate why Spirit never channels anything about material things when they discuss the lives they lived on earth. They do however share how they enjoyed experiencing the beautiful beaches, lakes and countryside.

The loving encounters they had with their family and friends are cherished spiritual memories. They value the animals, flowers, trees and most importantly our beautiful Earth.

When I enter a light trance and allow my spiritual vessel to be a conduit for your loved ones I am honoured to relay their guidance back to you.

When they share how they died suddenly in a car accident, or failed to take care of their health and this resulted in them having a heart attack, they channel how much they regret they didn't enjoy everything life on earth has to offer.

Every Day doesn't Have to be Great

You are entitled to have a bad day once and awhile, because you are a spiritual being in a physical vessel learning about your emotional body. That's right, you can have days when your hormones are out of whack, or you say the wrong thing to a friend or work colleague and wonder how you got yourself in this predicament. That's all part of the learning!

Natural Rhythms - Nature Is Our Greatest Teacher

Watch nature to identify how the yearly seasons are similar to your emotions - they follow a natural rhythm. Depending which part of the equator you live on, will depend on how you experience Seasonal changes.

The Universal Spiritual Laws I am guided to work under when I do your psychic readings and predict world events, are natural laws.

You can learn more about my psychic readings philosophy and the seven Universal Laws of Nature here.

The Universal Laws of Nature are Truth

Natural laws shouldn't be manipulated for personal gain. You don't have to use affirmations to force the Universe to look in your direction or visualize money coming from the sky.

This is why Spirit shares that just being in a physical life is enough, and valuing nature and breathing into its beauty will uplift your Spirit and give you a greater sense of self. How amazing is that?

Follow Your Own Path

Attracting luck and being successful by mastering the power of attraction laws can be found in your own cellular gene structure. All the answers lie within. Everything you need, to be the most that you can be, is already in you.

It's not about finding ways to be rich, it's about finding the richness in your life. It's all about connecting with your inner self and finding your own true path.

Instead of looking outwards for ways to be rich by following gurus who promise the Earth, look inwards to discover what you are meant to be doing according to your own inner plan.

My motivation for working in the spiritual field is about helping you get in touch with your own intuitive self so you can see you are a spiritual masterpiece.

Love and Light

September 10th 2012

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