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Go with the Flow - What you can and what you can't control

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Things You Can Control,
and Things You Can't Control

Going with the Flow

At the start of every new year the mainstream media (MSM) widely publishes New Year's Resolutions in their Mind Body Spirit news columns, and many of you eagerly select something in your life you want to change. Your expectations are high at the time you make the resolution, but then life happens and you find it hard sticking to New Year Resolutions.

Do you chastise yourself because that piece of cake looked so tempting and there goes your will power? Do you just have a bit of a laugh and decide that New Year's Resolutions are not worth the energy?

Going With The Flow

How we see the world is relevant to the way we either laugh something off or punish ourselves for not being perfect. Personally I don't make any New Year's Resolutions or demand anything new of the New Year, because I go with the flow.

The first week of the New Year tested my 'go with the flow' spiritual resolution. My partner and I had just flown home from an interstate holiday and I began experiencing swollen feet.

As you do, I soldiered on with the swelling because I believed it was heat related, and as a spiritual sensitive I don't like taking any form of drugs if I don't have to. The swelling of my feet and legs was uncomfortable, but I persevered.

Then I started getting dizzy so I decided I'd visit a hospital to rule out more serious health issues. They gave me a blood test and the results came up positive for a blood clot.

The next thing I knew I was kept in hospital overnight. Doctors and nurses were fussing around me, giving me x-rays, leg scans, basically the works. I found out the next day that all the tests came up negative and that the original blood test had given a false reading.

When I was in hospital I personally called my clients who had readings booked for that day, to explain why we needed to change their appointments at such short notice. I'm fortunate to have such wonderful clients who understood and were grateful for me contacting them personally.

Distortion of the Original Law of Attraction Teachings

One customer gave me an invaluable spiritual lesson about the way she saw illness. As soon as I mentioned that I was staying in hospital overnight, she assumed my bad health was a sign of my spiritual health. Her reaction to my stay in hospital helped me to see just how distorted the original Law of Attraction teachings have become.

The idea that your 'bad' thoughts are the only thing that make you sick has been propagated by psychosomatic illness gurus. It is one of the problems associated with the current abuse of the Law of Attraction teachings .

Louise Hay "You Can Heal Your Life"

The idea was disseminated by Louise Hay in her book "You Can Heal Your Life". It lists different diseases, and then directly relates each disease with a corresponding thought pattern or personality type. Louise Hay then gives affirmations to change those thought patterns and suggests that this is what is needed to heal your life.

The book therefore suggests that self induced stress levels are the main reason for illness. That you get sick because you're thinking the 'wrong' things, and that reciting an affirmation of the 'right' things, will make your ill-health disappear.

Factors Outside of Your Control

Many people who have suffered from cancer and terminally ill conditions have followed these teachings religiously.

However, the spiritual insight I have received, has shown me that the belief that your thoughts create all your illness, doesn't take into account environmental and other external factors outside of your control.

The distorted Law of Attraction teachings tell you that you can create wonderful things in your life with positive thought. But this means the opposite is also true. That you create your own illness with your negative thoughts. (It can be quite damaging to tell a person with a terminal illness that it's all their own fault.)

Ethereal Energies

Neither one of those propositions takes into account factors outside of your control. There are environmental conditions and outside sources around you including the elements, flora and fauna all with their own ethereal energies, which can have an effect on you.

You have no control of nature's energy because it radiates at a different frequency than your individual and collective being consciousness. Therefore the Law of Attraction can only work on your individual spiritual being level.

You Can't Control Everything

The idea that you can use affirmations and positive thinking to control everything outside of you, is a fantasy. Controlling things you have no control over is a magician's trick. It has nothing to with our Spiritual Energies.

In our reality, there are many things in the world we have no control over.

In my case, I travelled on a plane and I was also staying in a hot tropical environment that had a different physical effect on me than I was used to. Therefore, two of the areas I couldn't alter were the weather conditions and the air pressure in the plane.

How many times do the Mind Body Spirit sector just look at the individual health of a spiritual being, without checking the environmental factors? In fact environmental factors are rarely taken into consideration by the recent New Age Law of Attraction Movement.

What about the health of the water someone is drinking? What about the poverty many people are born into? Or what about the Genetic Modification of our food and all of the chemicals and pesticides we consume in our food? Surely the pollution in our air is another environmental factor that simply can't be ignored when it comes to approaching the Law of Attraction in a holistic way.

It might surprise many of my clients that as an Empath and Medium who follows the Universal Laws, I am also guided to follow a scientific logic. I know from working in the spiritual field that science doesn't have full knowing but for that matter, I also believe that neither do the books published by Self Help Gurus.

My spiritual lesson in hospital, allowed me to see how easily swayed anyone can be to the distorted Law of Attraction teachings that declare you can heal your life simply by using affirmations and visualization.

Don't get me wrong, I believe, affirmations and visualization techniques are very useful tools, but they are just one part of a much bigger story about the spiritual life we share on our planet Earth.

The following old Buddhist story explains this very well...

The Buddha Within

Once there was a Buddhist monk whose master told him that he was strong enough to handle anything because the Buddha was in him. The monk went for a walk on a narrow track when an elephant and its rider came walking on the track towards him.

Because the monk believed the Buddha was in him and he was therefore very strong, he commanded the elephant to stop and move aside. But the elephant kept coming. Again the monk commanded the elephant to stop, but the elephant kept coming. In fact the elephant walked right into the monk and knocked him off the path.

The monk went back and complained to his master that he had misled him. He demanded to know, if he was so strong because the Buddha was in him, why couldn't he stop the elephant?

His master replied, "Yes, it is true you are strong because the Buddha is in you, but the Buddha is also in the elephant, and the elephant is much bigger than you."

The monk learnt the lesson that he had to go with the flow. In this case it meant that no amount of affirmation was going to help him. He had to step off the path and let the much larger elephant walk by.

Just believing anything we are told, without using the power of discernment, is a spiritual weakness that we must all learn from.

Love and Light,

January 11th 2016

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