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Vine Psychic Spiritual comforting

Collective Grief and Spiritual Comforting

My psychic reading editorial this week is about helping the grieving families and friends who wake up to news coverage, phone calls or visiting police officers telling them that their children, parents, siblings, or friends have crossed over without being able to say goodbye.

Whether it's the collective grief of the Dutch, Australian and international citizens coming to terms with the tragic loss of MH17, or the people of Gaza watching their children killed indiscriminately by the weapons of war... it's devastating for the family left behind coping with painstaking grief.

Spiritual Medium Help

As a spiritual medium, I allow my ethereal vessel to communicate with the higher realms and relay their messages to help you cope with traumatic loss. I know how difficult it is to function as your heart is torn in two. I understand the shock and numbness you are feeling as your world is turned upside down.

You force yourself to get out of bed, or blame yourself for not making different choices and go over and over everything in your mind. What if you didn't allow them to get on the plane, or jump in the car with their friends? Would they would still be alive? I have done thousands of readings helping heartbroken customers understand the death process.

Spiritual Confirmation

You want to know how your loved ones are, on the other side. You need to know if they are still aware of your life and are spiritually around you. This is important for your healing. Your loved ones in the angelic realms are aware of your emotional pain. I have been humbled by the spiritual readings I am asked to do as a medium. I have no prior knowing why my clients book a consultation until I tune into the departed, at the time of your reading. They will provide specific guidance about your life, which only you know. Sometimes I am taken aback by the channeling, as I find out about their tragedies or the illnesses they recall before they crossed over.

Spiritual Healing

Time and again I have witnessed the most grief stricken husbands, wives and parents who couldn't function because of depression, or post traumatic stress begin to enter the healing process.

I know you are loved in the spiritual realms because I see how much of an effort your loved ones make to heighten their energy fields to communicate with genuine mediums and pass this message on. Your loved ones energetically impress visions about their passings and even go into detail about your lives. They are all knowing, omnipresent, spiritual beings who incarnated on the earth to be in your life. Your partners and children know you are grieving their loss, they know the nights you are not sleeping or going over and over everything in your mind.

My Spiritual Technique

My spiritual role as a Sensitive (medium) is to help you see there is a way through your grief. I use my spiritual vessel as an energetic conduit to connect with your aura. I use a unique spiritual breath technique to channel their messages. The breath method allows me to connect to your aura like a magnetic frequency. Similar to a radio frequency, the breath technique allows me to hone into your aura. Every spiritual being resonates with a unique frequency, this is how your biological family in Spirit can immediately identify you are wanting to make contact.

The best way of describing this energy frequency is that it's similar to a radio station channel being scanned to find the channel of your choice. This is the way credible mediums are selected by spirit. I don't use tarot cards, angel cards or crystal balls, I tune directly into the higher realms and have no need to use any neutral tools to do readings.

Care Required When Seeking Credible Mediums

People seeking spiritual help for their grief should not have to go through the maze of entertainment psychics who say they are mediums but are unable to demonstrate authentic heightened skills.

Vague readings promoted by media psychic TV can do more harm than good. I know, because a lot of my grief stricken clients initially reached out to these mass produced entertainment psychics and wasted their money. The media owned entertainment psychic TV who falsely advertise that their psychics are mediums do a disservice to the public. The readings are vague and don't demonstrate any knowledge about your loved ones. This causes more trauma for the grief stricken.

I have heard customers breaking down in tears believing their loved ones have forgotten them after seeking out online psychics and mediums who mislead about their psychic skills.

Media Driven Psychic TV Entertainment

There is a lot of soul searching media psychics need to karmically address when it comes to entertainment psychic readings. The grief stricken and the general public deserve more than someone rambling about angels, butterflies and past life generalities. It makes a mockery of the spiritual arts when the grief stricken aren't able to get real assistance.

When it comes to helping the grieving we need to speak up about the marketing of media psychic TV false claims. We need to place a karmic mirror in front of companies and individuals who know their psychics are purely entertainment and question their ethical standards about misleading the general public. They need to know their readings can be detrimental to the grieving. The bereaved are entitled to find reputable mediums and not be further traumatised by individuals using hypnosis techniques or false Law of Attraction methods to pretend to be a medium.

You know who you are, and you know what you're doing. But so do the higher realms. Your every thought and action is soul recorded. Have no doubt Spirit is all knowing and is aware who is abusing the spiritual arts for self aggrandisement. Spirit knows who is building empires to live in luxury off the vulnerable. Your identity is spiritually known.

Seek Out Credible Spiritual Mediums

If you're grieving and seeking out an authentic medium; bypass entertainment psychics. They have tainted the spiritual arts and done an enormous disservice to lightworkers.

Research the websites that openly describe their readings and products are for entertainment. When they place this on their terms of use or disclaimer policy in their websites, believe them. That way you will save yourself a lot of time and emotional upset by avoiding entertainment psychics.

Your grief needs to be respected and not trivialized for commercial gain by media psychics or individuals who are unaware of the psychological damage they are causing by marketing themselves as mediums. Check the readings they provide on TV and see if they go into any specific information that identifies they are credible. You need to research and verify the review, find out if their relationship it too close with their clients (i.e. Facebook following) and identify if all is as it seems.

The Oneness Prayer

Before I conclude my article I would like to extend my prayers to all of the countries around the world who have been personally affected by the traumatic loss of your loved ones by any tragedy or traumatic event.

We are all from the One spiritual family no matter what our cultureis or our geographical location in the globe. We all have the same pain, the same emotions. Spirit doesn't single out any person above another and it is time our global media begin to identify this after their most recent news coverage reporting.

Love and light

July 21st 2014

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