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Online Psychic Editorials > Can Scientific Psychic Tests Explain Clairsenses?
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Can Scientific Psychic Tests Explain Clairsenses?

We do not produce the energy that surrounds us - The energy produces us. Scientists are looking for clairsenses in the wrong place...

I believe that scientists will one day explain my clairsenses and how they work. But a recent scientific experiment has shown more about what scientists believe to be true, rather than what is true.

Misleading Media Stories about ESP

The following three headlines and stories all talk about a research project that debunks ESP, even though the project had nothing to do with ESP.

The scientific study was about visual stimuli. It was about the brain's ability to register differences in images only seen fleetingly. But that didn't stop these media stories from saying that the study was about ESP...

"ESP is put to the test - It's just hokum, say researchers"
National Geographic

"Researchers dismiss sixth sense - and put their faith in common sense" - The Guardian

No, You Don't Have A 6th Sense - Dnews on YouTube

These media stories clearly suggest that a paranormal study of ESP has taken place, and yet the scientific study in question, which has been widely reported as "debunking the sixth sense", doesn't mention anything about testing a sixth sense or ESP, or testing any of the clairsenses. In short, there is nothing paranormal about the research at all and the study's own conclusions don't ever pretend that there is.

The study actually examines how our minds interpret what we see. The only time the author of the study Dr Piers Howe from the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences ever mentions ESP and the sixth sense is afterwards when spruiking his study to journalists who eagerly lapped it up as a story that debunks psychics. (Dr Howe continues to defend his ESP remarks in the comments section of the PLOS ONE site that published the research.)

It is reported that Dr Howe devised the experiment after a student claimed she had a sixth sense and, "could sense things she couldn't see". "She said she had the ability to tell if something bad had happened to someone just by looking at them," Dr Howe said.

Prof Howe then devised a year-long University of Melbourne study in which they showed photographs to a small group of people, and then showed them again with slight changes. The study found that our mind sees all sorts of stuff that it doesn't consciously bother us with, but still uses to make decisions even though we don't consciously remember why.

This is good as far as normal scientific research goes and we've all seen anecdotal evidence of it expressed in shows like The Mentalist, Lie To Me and Sherlock Holmes, who all make conscious use of the little things that the rest of us don't realise we have seen.

But this has nothing at all to do with the spiritual arts or the "sixth sense" or being psychic. Prof Howe's experiment involved things that people could see, which by definition is not a test of what people can sense, without seeing.

Most Scientists are Still Getting it Wrong

Sixth senses or clairsenses are something different, and they can't be scientifically tested in the same way as you test normal senses.

Some scientists investigating the parnormal, tailor their psychic tests around what they believe psychics are, rather than objectively experimenting to find out what they truly are.

What is ESP?

We know we have our five human senses - seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling, and we know that we have a mind that processes information from those senses. Clairsenses are like heightened versions of your normal senses. But they don't come from using your mind to interpret information from your five senses. They come from the energy that surrounds and drives us (consciousness), and they are projected onto your energetic aura, not your mind.

In fact, the way to access your clairsenses isn't by better understanding how your mind works, but rather, to STILL your mind completely, and by-pass it.

This is why scientific tests that try to understand psychic ability by better understanding the way our mind works, are doomed to fail. It's like trying to find the Lotus Flower, which grows in the sky above the water, by looking in the mud and muck of its root system down below.

You must look at the whole. It cannot be rationalized and compartmentalized. There is more to us than the interpretations of our mind.

We are better able to comprehend our existence by using the WHOLE of our BEING rather than just our brain. Just as we have memory stored in our cells as well as in the connections of our brain, we also have the ability to sense our environment by using the energy that surrounds us and drives us in this incarnation (sometimes called 'aura').

When I tune into your energy (your aura), I do not need to see you (with my eyes) in order to know the things that are imprinted on your aura. And those of you who have had a reading with me will know that I specifically ask you not to to tell me anything before I have tuned into your energy and told you things that I could not possibly otherwise know.

Study Showed How to Identify a Fake Psychic

The scientific study above was designed to test how we can know more about someone we HAVE seen before, and DO know about. Therefore, it wasn't a study showing how a psychic works, it was a study showing how fake-psychics work.

There are many fake-psychics out there who are really only telling you things that you have just told them, in one way or another. They can do this by observing the way you look or dress or if you've told them why you want the reading, or if you have asked questions that inherently contain the answers. For instance if you ask, "Will I be travelling soon?" aspects about you can be deduced about why you are thinking about travelling now. If you tell a fake psychic why you want a reading before they give it to you, they can make the answers seem very relevant because the answers are often contained within your questions.

How Do You Spot the Fake Psychics?

Fake psychics often request information about yourself and ask why you want a psychic reading. Even genuine psychics should not be told why you want a reading, as this can have an effect on the reading. This is because true psychic ability is not about how the mind interprets information from the normal senses. In fact a genuine psychic ignores that mind chatter.

Before a reading, a genuine psychic STILLS their mind, in order to minimise the possibility of the mind 'taking over' the reading with interpretations of what the normal senses are telling it.

If you tell a genuine psychic why you want a reading before you have the reading, it is much more difficult for them to filter out the mind chatter associated with what you have just told them. Hence the reading could be affected by what you have said. That's why you should never ask your questions until after the genuine psychic has 'tuned in' and told you things only you could know.

If you tell a fake psychic too much before the reading, you leave yourself open to be duped.

The tell-me-why-you-want-a-psychic-reading psychics have nearly destroyed the original spiritual arts because they mould their business around duplicating what they believe psychics are, without being psychic themselves.

Cross-Over Psychics

When I read someone describing themselves as a psychic profiler I know they aren't aware of what credible psychics do. These false psychics are likely to have a strong presence on Facebook and Social Media where they offer free psychic readings to get you to fill in all your details. They are often life coach and counsellor cross-over therapists, who add the term "psychic" into the mix of what they do, as a marketeing strategy. Are they psychic in the true sense? No, they have no credible psychic ability whatsoever, otherwise they would not be requesting your data or asking why you want a reading.

Often in my readings I tune into the reason you are calling before you tell me anything. I also tune into important underlying issues which you weren't consciously aware of, but never-the-less have a direct bearing on your eventual questions.

I do all of this without seeing or hearing or touching or smelling or tasting anything with my normal senses. I do it with heightened clairsenses that are connected to your energetic aura, (not to your brain or your mind).

Our "sixth" senses are not contained within our human five senses.
While scientists continue to look for them there,
they will never find them.

I am a firm believer in science, and that science will one day be able to experimentally show that my clairsenses exist, and show how they work. But this won't happen while scientists are still devising experiments based on our normal senses. Our "sixth" senses are not contained within our human five senses and while scientists continue to look for them there, they will never find them.

And they certainly won't find the sixth senses by putting paranormal spins onto normal studies of the mind's interpretation of what we see.

At best this sort of creative marketing of scientific study may ensure more funding for the scientists, but it will never throw any light onto how our clairsenses work. For that, scientists need to think outside of the box, and outside of the mind and body as we traditionally see them.

By definition, the word 'paranormal' and the term 'sixth sense' designate experiences that lie outside "the range of normal experience or scientific explanation, or that indicates phenomena understood to be outside of science's current ability to explain or measure" - wikipedia

If sixth senses (clairsenses) are powers of perception beyond the five senses, it stands to reason that you won't find clairsenses by looking for them within the five senses.

We are made up of our body, our mind and the energetic bodies that surround us. But we don't make the energy that surrounds us, the energy makes us. That's where scientists need to look for clairsenses. Firstly they need to find our energetic bodies, and when they do, that's where they'll find the clairsenses.

While they continue to see what they believe, they give themselves no chance to believe what they see.

Love and Light

January 27th 2014

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