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Spiritual Energy Exchange

The Spiritual Energy of Exchange

It Ain't about the Cha-ching Cha-ching

I know as a psychic there will be diverse reactions about the spiritual topic I'm writing about this week. That's healthy because I'm here to energetically challenge you.

I'm going to write about taxes.

What is Spiritual About Taxes?

When listening to people complaining about how much money they have to hand over into the government coffers, you realize that having to pay taxes creates some of the biggest emotional outbursts. My taxes are paying for that... Those people on the dole are eating up my taxes... Why should I pay a carbon tax when it doesn't benefit me?

How many of you dislike paying taxes? Do you complain bitterly when it comes to the end of the financial year if you have to pay out, rather than get a nice cheque from the tax office?

Many people, when answering this question honestly, will identify with not liking to pay taxes.

Now, how many of you believe in the manifestation principles of the law of attraction?

You are guided you can use mind powers to manifest financial abundance, the perfect home or car, and if you visualize or use regular affirmations it will become a living reality.

Wonderful, you begin to build up your finances in your business or take on more hours at work and you see your bank balance growing healthily.

It is all going to plan until you have to pay your taxes.

You realize that the more money you accumulate, the more the tax man is going to want their fair share.

How does that make you feel?

Let me take a guess...
You feel energetically depleted because that money is rightfully yours, you worked hard for it and now it is going to be taken away. You feel disappointed because you deserve to be happy.

Measuring Happiness

Did you see how you measured your happiness by the amount of money you had in the bank? We're told we'll be happy when we make millions or even billions of dollars. We are happy watching the money building up and now we feel helpless because a percentage of it is going to go...

I'm going to ask you spiritual questions and I want you to contemplate these questions in your mind before you answer?

Why are you feeling this way?

Where does your tax money go?

It goes to providing valuable government services we all rely upon. Our cars use the roads that need to be maintained. It goes to our hospitals which provide invaluable health services, it goes to educate our children and to protect our environment and national parks. It energetically works in the spiritual energy of exchange.

If we step back and look at the energy of taxes, we begin to see that the negative energy we release claiming our taxes are going to waste, isn't accurate. We allow ourselves to be worked up unnecessarily because we view taxes with negativity.

But are they?

Spiritually we are embracing the Energy of Oneness. We are energetically manifesting a wonderful, vibrant, loving energy by being responsible for everyone around us. We are using the spiritual energy of exchange to pay our way, to look after the misfortunate and grow the economy and communities we live in.

The next time you think about paying taxes, see the bigger spiritual picture. You are one of all.

Love and Light

March 25th 2013

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