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Root Chakra - Sexual Compatibility

My psychic reading editorial today discusses chakra sexual compatibility and why so many relationships are contending with partners who don't resonate with the same sexual chakra needs.

I receive a lot of love psychic readings from men and women who try to unravel some of the obvious differences in their relationships. When I tune into my clients' auras using my spiritual breath technique I can immediately identify the chakra energy of sexual attraction. It is important to know the person you have a crush on, or are sexually attracted to, is interested in you.

The root chakra reveals how sexually compatible you are with the man or woman of your choice. Sometimes it can be surprising to tune into some of my clients relationships and realize they are not sexually compatible at all. I can immediately identify women have a stronger libido than men or vice versa.

The Sexual Chakra's Dominance

The sexual chakra energy can be overlooked when choosing a long time life partner. You can become infatuated by someone's appearance, popularity and intellect and ignore whether the person you are falling head over heels in love with is actually your sexual counterpart.

What can happen is, once the honeymoon stage is over in the relationship the reality of how sexually compatible you are to each other becomes more obvious. Some of you enter into marriages and feel trapped by the lack of sexual intimacy you personally need to feel loved. Some of you miss feeling energised and spiritually alive after having sexual intimacy. Some of you sacrifice your happiness for the sake of your children or you try to ignore your feelings because you don't want to appear too needy etc.

I have a lot of men and women clients who feel cheated by the rejection of their partners sexual advances. They don't understand how one moment there was a longing to be intimately close to each other, and then the connection is no more. The love psychic readings I tune into because a husband or wife is attracted to someone else outside of the relationship, stem from the sexual root chakra. Some people can be quick to judge why men and women seek out extra marital affairs or have the seven year itch. The dominance of the root chakra can be completely overlooked.

The Root Chakra - Red for Passion

Anyone who believes sexual attraction is a response from the mind sending chemicals and hormones to the physical body isn't aware of the energetic response of the etheric Muladhara chakra (or root chakra) activity. The root chakra is situated in the lowest region of the ethereal body and the lotus flower colour is red. Red for passion.

Root Chakra - Creative Juices

The root chakra also has other specific energetic responses that aren't directly related to sexual energy. Your creative energy comes from the root chakra. As an Empath when I am tuning into my clients who are artists, singers or actors I can identify whether they are energetically aligned with their creative essence or are experiencing some type of blockages. There can be an energetic reason why sometimes you just ooze creative energy and other days you struggle to write, draw, or be on top of your creative work. The unseen energy going on beneath the surface of our physical reality can be overlooked because most people can't tap into the chakra vibrational activity. As a Spiritual Medium I use a breath technique to get in contact with your ethereal energy vibrational sensations. More times than not when you are not firing up, I'll find the root chakra is the culprit for no creative drive.

How Sexual Energy Can Make People Stray

Infidelity in relationships has to take into account more than just whether there is a wondering eye. It also has to take into account whether there has been a sexually neglected spouse or true honesty in your relationship. If you approach your partner to share you feel neglected in the relationship and need more love, then this should be emotionally reciprocated by the other person. More times than not, men and women will not say anything because they feel they will be judged. If nothing is said about the lack of intimacy, in a relationship resentment can emotionally fester.

How Affairs Happen In Moments of Weakness

A night out with the boys or girls, where the sexually affected becomes emotionally vulnerable because of alcohol or drugs can make you let your guard down and act out on your fantasies. All of the unresolved emotions are allowed to come to the surface when the drug breaks down your inhibitions. It doesn't mean you will not feel guilty after you become sober. Most times if someone is in love they will be absolutely devastated they let their guard down and be extremely remorseful. Let me stress at no stage am I recommending you should seek a love affair outside of your relationship, that is a personal choice. I am a great believer in honesty in relationships and speaking one's truth.

Getting Honest With Lovers and Partners

I know of some married people who have open relationships which allow the most sexually active to have their needs met, but also not stray from the marriage itself. Everyone has unique spiritual relationships that require lots of understanding and compassion. We are all responsible for our own choices and sometimes standing in authentic energy means you have to leave a relationship when there is no give and take. Remember, nobody is aware of what someone is going through in a relationship, until they experience it themselves.

Some men and women deal with psychological abuse by partners who openly put you down about your looks, your weight and basically make you feel insecure throughout the relationship. There is no rule that says anyone deserves to be with a partner who belittles them or makes you feel inferior. You are a unique spiritual being who needs to honor your own feelings and needs. If you are accepting the unacceptable, ask why?

Sexual chakras shouldn't have to give you a wake up call to get you to see you have been ignoring your sexual body. Realize you incarnated to experience sexual energy and the only person you are hurting by ignoring your own sexual energy, is yourself.

Love and Light

October 14th 2014

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