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Vine Psychic Romance Relationship Love

Romance, Relationship, LOVE

I've done a lot of relationship psychic readings over the years, more than I can count. The joys, the tribulations, the highs, the lows, the problems and the pure bliss - I think sometimes that I've heard it all and that Spirit has dealt with every aspect of love and romance under the sun in my 30+ years of psychic readings.

So the spiritual topic I'm writing about today is love.

But not the Valentine's Day type of commercial love that is highly promoted in the media. Having a special day to celebrate love is fine, but Valentine's Day is only one day out of 365 days in the year and is wrapped in too much sugar candy.

February 14th can be a controversial day. Some people will be excited about it; other people will avoid it like the plague.

So let's put love into perspective.

Real Spiritual Love

The love I'm talking about is the real spiritual love that allows us to get in touch with our feelings. The love that enables us to be vulnerable, and through that vulnerability to reach new heights of emotion and self knowledge.

The love that puts us into circumstances we would never otherwise experience. And through those experiences, teach us things about ourselves and others that we could never otherwise know.

When we lower our defences to let someone be close to us, it tests us.

When We Make Mistakes We Learn

Sometimes it embarrasses us, turns us into blubbering ninnies when we think of the times we sent one too many texts or asked the questions that we really didn't want to hear the answer to. We make mistakes, we learn.

Caring Love

The love I'm talking about is the caring love in which your partner knows you've had a busy day and makes a meal for you and the kids to help you calm down after a difficult day. Where you wake up with pains and your partner gives you a gentle massage to relax your body, and suggests you not go into work. The love where you can take the make-up off, relax your public persona, be yourself and know you are loved just the way you are. This is pure love.

In the love I'm taking about, you will have arguments and feel frustrated. Sometimes you'll be tested to the point of walking out because you feel you're being taken for granted.

But if we didn't have these days that make us want to cry in the corner or question how we chose the person we're with, we would be in a very sterile type of relationship that gives us nothing.

The joys, blessings, trials and tribulations of love, are all a part of living a full life. When I'm asked to give a phone psychic reading about love and relationship, it's this true love at the core that allows Spirit to give you a greater sense of clarity.

The Chemistry of Love

Are you wasting your time dating someone you don't have any real chemistry with? Are you treading water until someone new comes along? Are you looking for the man or woman of your dreams and waiting for a soul mate?

Using a unique breath technique, Spirit allows me to tune into your aura to determine what is really going on, and then I share this guidance with you.

Do I always tell people what they want to hear?
No. I tell you what you need to hear.

The Truth of Love

When I tune into your aura I realize you have invested energy into feelings for the man or woman who holds your attention. I know it isn't easy to call a psychic and ask about love. I don't take your emotional feelings lightly, but nor can I give you false hope and tell you what you want to hear, rather than what you need to hear, if it is not being shown to me.

If you're prepared to allow me to tune into the person you're interested in, I will give you a greater sense of confidence of how to communicate or understand their personality. I will caution you if I'm shown the relationship will not last the distance. I am not here to be a mediator between a husband and wife or a boyfriend or girlfriend who doesn't want to own their own truth. By that I mean Spirit shouldn't be used to check if your partner is having an affair. I'm not a private investigator, I am a Spiritual Sensitive. My spiritual guardians will try to help you see the truth so you can take personal responsibility to fix your love life.

I caution you to remember you are the master of your own life. If someone is telling you what to do, stop. Contemplate why you are allowing them to have this much influence in your life.

The role of a psychic is to give guidance if you need it and to help you find a real love relationship which doesn't gloss over the bad times for the good. I will not judge you if you're looking outside of your relationship, but I will look at all of the people involved to give you a good idea if they are open to parting or wanting the relationship to work.

A spiritual being loves someone who loves themselves. When you begin to ask more from life, you'll be surprised what life can bring your way.

Love and Light

February 11th 2013

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