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Spiritual Help for Domestic Violence

Getting Real With Domestic Violence Emotional Energy

On International Women's Day I received a heartfelt request to write about domestic violence in my psychic reading editorial.

Domestic violence is spiralling out of control throughout Australia and the world. From my own experience, I can share there has been a steady incline since I worked on the first Australian phone psychic line.

Doing spiritual readings over the last 32 years has given me enormous insight into the energy relationship of victims of domestic violence and the perpetrators who lash out in anger. You might be alarmed to know that domestic violence isn't just perpetrated on women, there are thousands of men today who are also contending with partners who hit them. I want to concentrate on the emotional rage energy, which is becoming more prevelant on the aura.

Why are there so many men and women in toxic love relationships?

The love partnership between men and women, and within the gay community, can sometimes be romanticised to the extreme. The happy-ever-after fairy tales that capture us in our childhood are embraced in puberty when raging hormones pulsate through our veins. The school yard crush in which we lose ourselves to our first kiss or heavy petting, never takes into account whether the two souls are truly compatible.

We sometimes rush into relationships without knowing the personality of the one we are attracted to. You can be so caught up in the romance that you miss the warning signs staring you in the face. The over jealous partner, can be romanticised into the protective lover. The boyfriend or girlfriend who becomes aggro at their parents can be romanticised into someone who needs their freedom and will come good when you live together. Have no doubt there are intuitive signs revealed before you enter into long term relationships, but the majority of people ignore them.

Sometimes we rush into marriages or enter defacto relationships and excitedly welcome our first baby. We buy our first home and wait for the happy-ever-after we see in the movies. But many relationships don't measure up to the expectations we place on them when real life takes over. Addictive personalities come to the surface where drugs, gambling and other vices begin to have a voice. Childhood traumas rise to the surface from deep in our psyches, and bring insecurities to the fore. Financial pressures, career ambitions with the never ending pressure of bettering oneself to move up the societal ladder, begin to cause enormous stress to relationships.

Depending on the spiritual health of your relationship, you may survive these type of life pressures, but many relationships from all socio economic backgrounds begin to crack. The individual who hasn't developed holistic emotional coping mechanisms begins to energetically fragment.

Reaching out for alcohol or drugs to stop the pressure can chip away at the edges of your psyche. The spiritual being continually tries to buffer the emotion. Layer upon layer of stress begins to tear at the energetic body until the stress reaches peak levels. As an empath, when I tune into fragmented energy of an aura, it normally means you have ignored your emotions or are close to mentally losing control.

The drug user who blacks out and explodes and hits their partner or children, is a damaged soul. The partner who ignores the warning signs and tries to emotionally fill in the gaps by overcompensating or making excuses for their partner is also a damaged soul. The first time the violence rears its head, is a cry for help. The first shove of the hand, or the ugly words that spew out of the persons mouth, that's also a cry for help.

Spiritually, anger only grows from ignorance. Ignoring your emotions or buffering them with short term fixes like alcohol, drugs or sex doesn't energetically remove the ethereal scarring. Nor does artificial hypnosis methods or NLP, which is touted as the cure-all panacea, but experiments on and damages vulnerable psyches.

The energy relationship of our real emotions is completely lost when we look to understand why stress levels escalate and why the damaged psyche lashes out and wounds the one they love. It discredits the victim of domestic violence who loses their life to rage, it discredits the innocent child who is born into a violent family environment who knows nothing more than anger and violence as a way of life.

Breaking the cycle of domestic violence

Every spiritual being is a unique essence, you are loved in the higher realms, but to break the cycle of domestic violence you have to be prepared to address the origins of emotional breakdowns.

As a society we have to be prepared to see that our real emotions are not the enemy they are made out to be. We don't need to hide our feelings or enter spiritual cocoons where we layer our mind in subliminal hypnosis messages to try and heal. If we really want to stop domestic violence at the root of the evil we have to be prepared to be a natural spiritual being.

Sometimes you can seek solutions from psychics that gloss over underlying emotional issues. There are many fake, solution based psychics that declare they have all the answers to cure your life's ills - most of them under the disguise of questionable life coaching techniques and counselling. Hopefully you don't fall for the sales spin, and you know to seek out spiritual guidance that addresses the real energy-relationship.

If your higher self guided you to read this article, then maybe you're brave enough to have a real spiritual reading that will tell you what you need to hear, and help you see what is really going on in your energy field. Or, if you want to stay with the fairy tale fantasy that the false law of attraction teaches, you can seek out an intuitive soul coach to tell you what you want to hear. The spiritual choice is yours.

Love and Light

March 7th 2014

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