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About VINE - Melbourne Psychic Readings. Vine is a Clairvoyant Medium from Melbourne, Australia. She has always had a long term vision and is committed to staying true to the original spiritual arts

Natural-Born Clairvoyant Medium

VINE now has 34 years providing genuine and accurate psychic medium readings and spiritual services.

Australian Psychic Medium Vine - Psychic Reading Business and Spiritual Background

Melbourne born Psychic Vine has been offering genuine psychic medium readings and spiritual services to clients throughout Australia and internationally for 34 years.

Vine is one of Australia's most reputable and ethical spiritual readers. She genuinely helps her clients find a greater sense of peace and clarity after the loss of a loved one, offering spiritual grief support and also helping with every-day love, relationships, work, business issues, family concerns and friendships.

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Vine's Own Mandala Painting - About Vine Psychic, Melbourne Clairvoyant Medium
           Vine was guided by Spirit to paint her mandala before starting her own psychic line in Melbourne

Each year, Vine has thousands of phone psychic readings. She can help you gain the CLARITY you seek with every aspect of your personal, business and spiritual needs. Vine's psychic reading website is sought out by thousands of Australian and international visitors to read her spiritual insights, spiritual articles, psychic blog and follow to Vine's world psychic predictions.

Vine's predictions have earned her the leading psychic web position of Australia's #1 Psychic Line. Vine's clairvoyant medium and spiritual expertise traverses all fields of the psychic, metaphysical and spiritual areas. Vine is a Spiritual Seer and psychic expert.

Vine's clients are amazed by how spiritually knowledgeable and down-to-earth she really is. They know she is one of the most caring and genuine psychics you will find anywhere in the world.

Vine's spiritual and psychic reputation has come from being a leader in the psychic field. Vine's clients respect her spiritual integrity and ethical conduct.

You can book a phone psychic reading with Vine 6 days week Monday - Saturday. Vine is now taking mobile-cell phone psychic readings.

Find out why Vine's Phone Psychic Readings have set the benchmark for the most accurate and ethical psychic readings anywhere in the world.

Book a discounted phone psychic reading with Melbourne Psychic Vine.
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Australian customers can also call directly on - 1902 242 800
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Melbourne Born VINE - Sound Cloud Spiritual Podcasts
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Vine's Spiritual & Psychic Medium Biography

My name is Vine and I would like to share a little about my spiritual background and how I was guided to do psychic readings.

I was born in Melbourne, Australia and as a young child I had experiences which would be considered out of the norm. I lifted in and out of my body at will and gained an early appreciation and sensitivity of the subtle energies surrounding me. I was bewildered to learn that not everyone experienced these frequencies.

When something like this happens, you can either follow a path of denial, or you can embrace the energies as part of your natural make-up and allow the Universe to guide you and to demonstrate its unknown wonders.

One experience in primary school clearly showed me there was no escaping who I really was. I desperately wanted to fit in with my peer group and as I was telling a huge lie to gain acceptance, I felt myself lifting out of my body and witnessing it all from a distance.

I was able to hear, see and feel everything that was going on. I was surprised and ashamed of my behavior and felt quite remorseful, but the experience led me onto a path that I am still following today.

I learned how to still my mind and I became more sensitive to the energies surrounding me. Each day brought a new way of thinking about life. I began to realise that I had the ability to tune into people’s emotional upsets and to pick up on illnesses that people carried. I could see visions of future events and I openly communicated with Universal Spirit.

My thirst for information about visitations and life after death became unquenchable. I learned how soothing affirmations can help the terminally ill become more able to accept their inevitable passing.

Spirit lovingly took the once reluctant psychic into their care and nurtured my spiritual growth as a Natural Born Medium.

For 34 years I have been providing Spiritual and Psychic services to Australian and International clients in the UK, USA, Europe, Canada, Singapore, China and Japan to name a few. I have loved and cherished every moment.

Your spiritual health and well being is my greatest priority.

Know this... Spirit cares about each and everyone of us on this planet. This is why I was first guided to write psychic predictions in 2010 and have been regularly updating spiritual guidance throughout 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

I use a variety of clairsenses to tune into your aura and connect with your loved ones in Spirit. I encourage you to watch the spiritually inspired video I was guided to release and read my FAQ's page to learn more about my unique style of reading.

I have personally experienced everything I write about and been guided to share with my clients and readers. I encourge you to read my Psychic Reading Blog site and Karma Lounge Spiritual and Environmental Form.

I look forward to doing a psychic reading for you and helping you to achieve clarity and a greater peace of mind in your life.

Love and Light

Melbourne Born Clairvoyant Medium Vine - Australian Phone Psychic Readings for Work, Career, Lifestyle, Love, Relationships, Soul Mates, Twin Flames, Environmental Oneness Issues

Vine is a genuine Clairvoyant Medium able to connect with the spiritually departed should they choose to use a spiritual medium conduit. Vine is spiritually committed to working under the Universal Laws of Nature.

Vine's Ability to See Future Events

Vine's psychic predictions for 2017 have been consistently accurate. Although Vine was born in Melbourne, Victoria, in Australia, the majority of her psychic predictions concern events all over the world.

Many of the predictions in Vine's 2017 Channeling from Spirit, "We Can Be Heroes" have already come true: 2017 Vine Psychic Prediction Prophecy Summary from Angelic Spiritual Guardians

Vine predicted the events surrounding the Trump presidency in 2017:
Elites Behind Donald Trump US Elections - Fake News - New World Order Plan - Vine's Spiritual Vision of Deceivers' Language - Wikileaks, Anonymous and Infowar Conspiracy Influences - Social Media infiltrated to Execute the Greater New World Order Plan

Empowering People

Vine has dedicated her life to the service of spirit. She has been guided to help people become more empowered in the following personal areas:

  • Coping with grief and past trauma
  • Having healthier relationships with yourself and others
  • Finding your life direction
  • Spiritual health and wellbeing
  • Career development and working with passion
  • Financial manifestation and working through blockages
  • Spiritual development and being in your true essence

When we honestly deal with these issues, we become lighter in ourselves and we are able work through mental, physical and spiritual barriers that stop us from moving forward in life.

Healing Our Planet

To heal our planet, our greatest need is to become more universally aware of our interconnectivity and our WHOLE existence. Our community is committed to providing a spiritual and environmental forum and website which specifically addresses all universal concerns. All spiritual, economical, social and environmental issues are interlinked and universally connected and therefore should not be treated as separate entities.
We are all ONE.

Vine Psychic Reading Line Philosophy

The more spiritually and environmentally aware and responsible we are, the more connected and whole we become. We are therefore able to remove fear from our everyday lives and fulfill our greatest potentials.

Acknowledging Original Custodians of the Land

Vine Psychic Line would like to acknowledge the original custodians of the land. We hope that the spiritual wisdom of the Australian aboriginal people will be embraced by all, and that we can once again live in harmony with nature.

Acknowledging Universal Spirit

Vine respectfully acknowledges the creative direction of Universal Spirit. Thank you for all your guidance and blessings. May all your spiritual teachings reach those you call and may your presence be felt by the many.

Spiritual Reconnection with Daintree Rainforest

In 2013, Vine took a break from her psychic readings and travelled from Melbourne to revisit North Queensland and spiritually reconnect with the Daintree Forest and the Mossman River. See the video and read the full story of Vine in North Queensland here.

Media Inquiries:
Please direct media inquiries about Vine Psychic to Administation,
using the form on the Contact Vine Page.

Vine is happy to do radio and magazine interviews that are relevant to her spiritual work as a Natural-Born Sensitive, however requests for celebrity seances will be politely refused. Spirit does not recognize celebrity status, only ONENESS. Vine uses a unique phone breath technique to tune into consciousness to connect to anyone, anywhere in the world.

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