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Vine shares real life spiritual stories and psychic readings to help you deal with relationships, family problems, grief, work issues etc. All psychic channeling articles are 100% true.

Psychic Stories

A Christmas Love Story
Vine tells the story of one of the amazing people her spiritual guardians draw towards her. It happened at Christmas...

Ghost Whispering with a Man in a Wheelchair
Vine meets a ghost in a wheel chair... the man who used to live in her friend's house before she moved in...

Psychic Protection - Sydney Homebush Violent History
Vine spiritually feels the violent history of the Sydney Homebush area...

Melbourne Real Estate and Ghosts
Vine looks at a house for sale, and meets a ghost who follows her home...

Psychic Reading Suicide Note
Vine explains how Spirit can help people deal with the grief of losing loved ones who have died unexpectedly and sometimes at their own hand.

Psychic Reading Clairalience
Psychic Medium Vine relays messages to the family of a man in spirit with a strong smell of Dencorub...

Psychics Dealing with Client Psychiatric Problems
Vine helps psychics dealing with clients who present with psychiatric problems...

Earth Quake Prediction
In March 2011, in the middle of a phone psychic reading, Vine predicted a very large earthquake. Two hours later Japan was struck with a huge earthquake and tsunami...

Ghost Whispering at the Grand View Hotel
Vine meets the ghosts at the Grand View Hotel in Cleveland, just south of Brisbane, and discovers the history of the area...

A Christmas Love Story

True Life Story by Vine Psychic

vine psychic true love
Photo of a couple similiar to the people in Vine's vision - photo courtesy Museum of Victoria

I'm in awe of Spirit and how my spiritual guardians have a tendency to draw people from the public towards me when I'm in the energy of Stillness. One of these occasions happened during last year's Christmas Season. My close friend needed to rush to the post office in her local community to send a late minute overseas parcel and because the store was busy I waited outside.

It was a scorching hot day and I chose a lovely shaded area near the bus stop. I was only there a few moments before an elderly lady with a walking stick shuffled along and sat right next to me.

She started to share with me that her legs were hurting and she needed to have a rest before heading to the chemist to select some Christmas gifts for her grandchildren.

Then out of the blue she said, "It is my wedding anniversary today and I would give up all of the Christmas gifts in the world to have my husband back with me". She told me that he was the love of her life and his passing had her pining for him. As she started to talk about him I felt his spiritual presence behind me and I saw an elderly man who had lived a full life looking at his wife and felt the love resonating from him to her.

She told me how they had met as young lovers, falling head over heels for each other and had married and settled on a farm on the outskirts of Melbourne. I immediately saw a vision of the elderly couple as young spirited teenagers laughing as they rode bikes along the sandy roads and then saw another vision of the couple herding in cows to be milked. Then another vision of her holding a baby in her arms as she watched him prepare the soil for harvesting. The house that I was being spiritually shown was a small weatherboard home that was not grandiose by any means. The last spiritual remote vision I was shown was of her holding her husbands hands, as he was about to pass over to the other side. Here was a true love story, they had shared magical moments together as a couple, but they had also lived a tough life that came with not a lot of luxury. They didn't need beautiful things, because they had each other.

She started to ask me, "Do you think he knows how much I still love him?" And I shared with her, "I know that he does."

I started to share some of the words that were being spiritually impressed to my aura and I saw her face light up. I didn't have to reveal that I was a psychic medium, nor tell her that he was standing behind me and showing me the physical life they shared with each other. All I had to do was listen and to let her know that it was all right for her to grieve his loss and to be comforted by a stranger.

She then tried to get up from the seat and I asked her if she needed a lift because I knew my friend would graciously drop her off to the retirement home she now lived in. She told me that she would be fine and as she proceeded to cross the road I noticed that there wasn't a break in the busy Christmas traffic so I slowly walked across the street with her making sure she reached her destination safely. She turned towards me and held my hand and thanked me.

In turn I thanked her for sharing her story with me and then returned to my seat and watched as people rushed to buy last minute Christmas gifts, oblivious to the energy of true spiritual love.

Love and Light

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Ghost Whispering
with a Man in a Wheelchair

True Life Story by Vine Psychic

Vine Psychic picture of man in wheelchair
Elderly man in wheelchair like the person vine saw in her vision - example only

On my nights off from giving psychic readings I like to catch up with my friends. A group of us had arranged to meet up at one of my dancing pal's house for some light cocktails to set up the mood for the night. We were heading out to see the chick flick, Sex and the City. I drove my much loved tiny dark green Mazda from Southbank to my friend's housein the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

I was the first person to arrive and I greeted my fellow Sex in the City fan at the door and walked into her very inviting home. She showed me into a beautifully decorated room that had a cosy fire glowing in the heath to ward off the cold Melbourne air.

I removed my winter coat and settled myself near the fire and viewed a laid out table full of tasty savoury finger food. Two candles had been recently lit and scented the room with a lovely subtle aroma. A lot of love and effort had been put into our girl's night out.

When my friend left the room briefly to make a cocktail, I sensed a spiritual visitor in the room with me. A man in a wheelchair greeted me and told me that he'd lived in this house before my friend. He proceeded to tell me that he liked what my friend had done with the renovations and described the way the house had originally looked. I was shown a smaller house, with a white weatherboard exterior. I didn't want to scare my friend so I kept quiet about our spiritual visitor. All of the other girls began to arrive and we had a tour of the house and admired the beautiful design and open floor kitchen and wide spaces. I knew the original house had been so much smaller because my ghost friend had shown me the old building plan.

When it was time to go I wished my ghost friend good night and left him to guard the house that he still dutifully visited from time to time.

After we'd laughed and cried through the movie, some of us decided to go to the café to chat about the movie and have a hot chocolate before we returned home.

I decided I would wait for another time to tell my friend about her ghostly visitor. A week later we caught up in Brunswick before heading off for a dance class. I asked her if she knew the history of the house and she told me a little about how it originally looked before she gave it a make over.

I shared that I had met the spiritual man who lived in the house before she moved in and I told her that he was happy how she had kept the original features of the historical home and thought she was a lovely lady.

I should share that all of my friends know that I'm a psychic medium as I am an out and proud Natural Born Sensitive. She hadn't known about her friendly male ghost and seemed curious about why he hadn't revealed himself before my visit. To this day I don't believe he visited often. He was there to help my friend understand the afterlife because she had lost some close family members. These types of spiritual encounters happen to me often. I have been communicating with the spiritual realms since I was a baby and was trained by my spiritual guardians to understand a diverse range of spiritual vibrations.

I have never chased after a ghost in all of my life, they have come to me because I am able to see hear and feel them and respect their spiritual presence. Ghost chasing isn't something I'm familiar with and I personally don't agree with it.

A good analogy of describing Spirits feelings about ghost chasing is to visualise a complete stranger barging into your house as an unwanted intruder. This intruder expects you to greet them in a friendly manner. Would you be receptive to an alien presence in your home? That's exactly the way Spirit feels about ghost trackers. They don't want to be disturbed by excited paranormal and metaphysical ghost chasers. Not one Spirit I have ever encountered is impressed by the commercial businesses of let's go and find a ghost for the night. I defy any ghost hunter to tell me Spirit welcomes them. That is a fallacy.

Now the exciting thing about this true-life story is my friend had an unexpected human guest at her door within two weeks of our conversation. She is a nurse and works different shifts. She went to answer the door and was greeted by a man who proceeded to tell her he hoped she didn't mind him calling by. He started to explain he had been visiting the area and wanted to see his grandfather's house that he used to visit when he was a child.

She asked him about the history of the house and what his grandfather looked like. He described that his grandfather had lived in a small weatherboard house and ended up in a wheelchair because he was unable to walk properly. This was the same man I described to her when I opened up about meeting her friendly ghost. She went jelly legged and was spooked by our earlier conversation.

This information was unknown to me until one year later. We met up in China Town after a long absence of not being regularly in touch because of my work commitments. My Chinese friend who lives in a lovely apartment in Latrobe Street took control of the menu as we all gathered around the table drinking Green Tea. We decided we wanted to be surprised by the Chinese delicacies and welcomely allowed her to place the order in Mandarin with the waiter. There were over eight small dishes ordered and we munched into our food as my friend shared her story.

After she excitedly told me about her amazing experience, I remembered the encounter with her friendly ghost but was not shocked that she had received immediate confirmation of her elderly spiritual guest. I have no doubt that he wanted to show her the angelic planes exist and this was his ethereal way of pulling the strings from the higher realms.

Spirit works in mysterious ways and her friendly ghost was prepared to guide his biological family to her door to provide real proof of the afterlife.

Love and Light

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Psychic Protection Sydney, Homebush Violent History

True Life Story by Vine Psychic

picture of Homebush Abattoir, now the site for Stadium Australia, Olympic Park, Sydney.

Psychic experiences can happen to me anywhere, anytime. My anticipated trip to Homebush, in Sydney NSW had me eagerly counting down the days to attend Latin dance classes to learn from the best Latin dancers in the world. Was I to know that as soon as I entered the new modern furnished hotel entrance I would become violently ill because of the psychic history of the location, it may have changed my mind about going.

I love to salsa dance, I tune into the natural rhythm of the music and escape into my own world. It gives me a physical outlet after doing psychic readings and provides spiritual nurturing for my soul. My friend initially introduced me to Latin dancing after inviting me to a girl's night at Copacabana, a restaurant and club in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

I attended regularly on a Wednesday evening and moved from beginners class to intermediate. But anyone will tell you that once you start to dance regularly you want to keep improving your dance steps and you become hooked.

I had a salsa dance friend urging me to attend a four-day Latin-dancing workshop to learn new dance moves and to strengthen my dancing technique. It was to be held in Sydney at Homebush, across the road from Sydney Olympic Park. I excitedly signed up and paid the fee. A few weeks later I caught a train to Homebush with my friend and crossed the road to the Hotel.

On arrival at the front desk of our Hotel I immediately began to feel nauseous and the blood drained from my face. My dance colleague suggested that I have a lie down in the room. I did so and when I closed my eyes and went into a psychic trance. I started to channel screams, pain and blood and I remarked to my friend "Something is wrong with this location". She asked me what I meant and I replied, "Something awful has happened in Homebush. I feel spiritually unwell and I need to place psychic protection around my aura straight away".

I immediately started to do a spiritual protection prayer and placed a psychic shield over my aura. I started to see visions of aboriginal people standing around my room and felt comforted by my spiritual guests, they knew that I was tuning into a collective psychic energy that a Sensitive would label as 'energetically evil'.

Once I had strengthened my aura by heightening the energetic frequency I waited for my friend to return to the room. She had suggested some food might help and when she returned with some toasted sandwiches she seemed shocked by something she had read in the hotel's guest welcome kit.

As she had been searching for the hotel menu she was guided to look at the adjoining page. There she read that the hotel's location had originally been a cattle abattoir. The blood and screams I had heard by the spiritual skills of clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairsentience provided confirmation as to why I felt spiritually unwell. The traumatic history of Homebush explained a lot. I've already shared in earlier true-life stories that psychic energy can still resonate around land, buildings and homes where there has been extreme violence or severe emotional trauma. As a Natural Born Sensitive I had unknowingly walked into an energetic negative cess-pool that immediately influenced my aura. I knew instinctively something was wrong and had spiritually protected myself.

My friend nearly choked on her sandwich after I told her that I had several aboriginal spiritual beings helping me to speed up my auric recovery. These spiritual visits have happened often since I was a young baby and I don't bat an eye-lid when I have spiritual guests from the higher realms giving me guidance.

She also had read that aboriginal people had lived around Homebush and there was evidence of violence against them in the early years of European settlement. I am not of aboriginal descent myself (in this lifetime) but my heightened spiritual energy allows easy communication with the spiritually natured aboriginal people and although I havn't been able to find any historical records of the specifics of the violence, my psychic experience indicated to me that there is definitely more to the history of violence against aboriginal people in the Strathfield area, than is easily found in historical records.

As humans we sometimes don't have the heightened psychic ability to see the unseen energies that exist around our modern buildings, towns and cities. When genuine psychics tune into these subtle spiritual energies they are sometimes able to help trapped spiritual beings release the earthly shackles that stop them moving to the higher realms (ghosts). The Spiritual prayer of protection not only helped me to heighten my energy field, it also was directed to the historical traumatic memories that lay dormant over the years.

My dance colleague knew that I was a Psychic Medium but didn't understand the whole range of spiritual clairsenses that I tune into. I try to keep my spiritual and psychic work separate from my social activities otherwise it can become too consuming. Once I recovered from my paranormal experience we joined the wide range of Latin Dance lessons and had a marvellous time.

Unbeknown to us at that time, we were to share several other karmic psychic experiences together….

Love and Light

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Melbourne Real Estate and Ghosts

True Life Story by Vine Psychic

vine psychic ghost of grandma
Photo similar to my friend's departed neighbour... My car ghost

A friend of mine knew that I was looking to purchase real estate in Melbourne and suggested that I look at her next-door neighbour's house for sale in East Kew. Little was I to know that when I walked through the door there would be an agitated ghost waiting for me inside.

My friend had requested permission from the owner to show the empty house next door as she had a key to do the general neighbourhood watch duties while the owner was in another state. So I met my friend at her place and we casually walked next door to view the property, which was an old house on a large block of land.

The first room we entered was a large kitchen and I then checked out the rest of the house by myself while my friend read a newspaper she had found on the kitchen bench top.

It wasn't long after that I felt the spiritual presence of a lady standing behind me. She was an elderly woman, short in stature and she wore a grey skirt, white blouse and woollen cardigan. She had sensible flat shoes on her feet and she immediately knew that I was able to see and feel her spiritual energetic field.

She was very eager to engage in a conversation, so I acknowledged her spiritual presence and explained that my friend had a strict timetable for the rest of the day and I was therefore limited to help.

After briefly looking at the rest of the house I returned to my friend and remarked the property was lovely, but it wasn't exactly what I was looking for. We quickly locked up and returned to her house to pick up my belongings. I said my goodbyes and jumped into the car to drive back to my Southbank apartment.

As I turned into High Street in Kew driving towards the Melbourne CBD I noticed I wasn't alone. The elderly lady ghost who I had met in the house was sitting in the back seat of my car and wanting me to immediately share an urgent message with her daughter.

I was surprised, because I'd never before had a spiritual presence be so persuasive as to follow me around and intrude on my private time.

I engaged in a spiritual conversation with my intruding guest using the spiritual art of clairaudience. I told her that her behaviour was unacceptable and she must accept my wishes. She then stubbornly said she wasn't going to leave my car until I passed on her message.

I gave in, pulled the car over and phoned my friend to find out how I could pass on a message from a ghost in the house next door to her. I was quite unsure how she would react to this. She knew that I was psychic but I don't usually discuss my psychic experiences like this and I hadn't told her that I had openly communicated with a strange elderly ghost in the house next door to her.

My friend answered the phone and I asked her to listen to what I had to say with an open mind.

I first told her that I had encountered an elderly lady ghost in the house. I described the ladies physical appearance and her stubborn attitude. She told me this was her old friend who had died in the house that we had just visited, and she laughed because that was her old friend in a nutshell. Someone who didn't take fools lightly and called a spade a spade.

Then I told her the reason I was calling her. My ghostly car guest had wanted me to tell her daughter that she had permission to sell the house, because her daughter was feeling guilty about selling the family home. I told her she was in my car and wouldn't go until we passed this message on to her daughter. By this time we were in hysterics because she told me she knew what I was dealing with because her old neighbour was inclined to have her own way.

My friend then told me that her now spiritual neighbour had a heart of gold. They used to have regular cups of teas and chats over the fence.

She told me she would call her daughter in Perth and we both wondered aloud how the message would be received and how do you broach the topic? "…Oh and by the way, your dead mother is speaking to my friend who told her she is giving you permission to sell the family house and you don't have to feel guilty about it."

My spiritual guest was happy that I had relayed the message and said her goodbyes. I ended the conversation with my friend and continued on my journey. My mobile phone rang again and I pulled over in the suburb of Richmond to take the call. It was my friend again, telling me she had just spoken to the daughter and shared the spiritual guidance.

My friend had got in touch with the ladies daughter and nervously relayed the message that I had been told. The daughter then told my friend that she had been going through a really difficult time dealing with all of her work commitments and travelling backwards and forwards from Western Australian to Victoria and that selling the family home was taking an emotional toll on her. She thanked my friend and was grateful that I had passed on her mother's message to her.

This was a bizarre day for my friend and I and we still have a laugh about it today.

Love and Light

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Psychic Reading - Clairaudience

Suicide Note and Drug Addiction
Psychic Reading Channelling

Clairaudience: Spiritual Sense of Hearing
Spiritual channelling isn't only about sharing that there is life after death, it's Spirit's way of helping people deal with the psychological trauma and grief of losing loved ones who have died unexpectedly and sometimes at their own hand. Suicide leaves a deep emotional wound for family members, friends and loved ones.

The following ethereal channelling experience helped two emotionally traumatised families unravel the reasons why their kin had chosen to take their own life...

Not long into a relationship psychic reading I noticed a spiritual being standing behind me. He shared with me that he had died suddenly and left his family mourning and questioning his death. He wanted to let his family know that he was all right and had crossed to the other side and was at peace. As I stilled my mind it allowed his spiritual voice to be heard. Using the spiritual art of clairaudience I began to relay the words he wanted his family to know.

He had died of a drug overdose and was telling me that his head wasn't right. He pointed to the top part of his head and said he wasn't able to get it working the way it should. He came with a lot of regrets and although my client had called for a psychic reading to deal with other issues, he saw it as a perfect opportunity to work with my heightened spiritual energy.

On the other end of the phone line I waited for my client to identify who this man might be and she immediately declared, this is my boyfriends brother. Then something startling happened. Another spiritual presence started to share how he had passed at his own hand. I described the spiritual presence of my new spiritual guest. Clairvoyantly, I was shown an image he impressed into my aura demonstrating how he wrote a suicide note before he passed. I shared this with my online phone customer and heard her excited gasp at the other end of the line.

My client and her new partner had both lost their brothers to suicide.

A lot of my clients call to have medium readings hoping they can make contact with someone who was near and dear to them. Each clients reading is unique to them and when they are shown real evidence they are believers of the after life.

This is what happened to my new caller as she was taken unaware and amazed how the two men talked about their life on earth and even described some events that occurred after their passing. Her departed brother in particular, was keen to show his amusement of the debate about his ashes. She laughed and described this was accurate as family members wanted to locate his earthly ashes in separate locations. He was spiritually relaxed and didn't carry any of the pain he had suffered while living in a physical body. He was pleased to have made contact and I also could immediately sense the spiritual energy of my client overjoyed about making contact with her dead brother and witnessed the laughter and joy on the end of the line as her brother shared special moments that she only knew about.

Both men had desperately wanted to reach out to their family members to ask for forgiveness and to have their spiritual messages directed back to their loved ones. They had shown that love is never lost and your voices and prayers are heard in the higher spiritual realms.

Love and Light

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Psychic Reading - Clairalience

How Spirit Visited with a Strong Spiritual Smell of Dencorub

psychic readings Dencorub
Dencorub is the Australian version of muscle creams like BenGay, Mentholatum Deep Heat or Icy Hot.
It has a distinctive smell of menthol.

Clairalience - Spiritual Sense of Smell

As soon as I picked up the phone to speak with my new caller I smelt a strange scent spiritually moving towards me.

It smelt like someone had squeezed out a whole tube of Dencorub. I couldn't see anyone at first but I knew I had a spiritual loved one behind me, because the menthol smell of muscle cream was so overpowering.

I usually start a phone reading with a new caller by explaining how I do a reading and asking them to follow my spiritual breath technique. This immediately places my clients in spiritual protection and prayer and helps me establish an instant energetic connection to their aura.

This time my caller began by saying she wanted to get in touch with her brother-in-law from the other side and I asked straight away, "Did he have an injury because I have someone behind me who reeks of Dencorub?" She confirmed that he did have an injury, and then I felt a strong physical sensation on the right side of my body near my knee. I asked her was the injury on the right side and she confirmed that it was.

I'm not sure what she initially thought about the reading, but once her brother-in-law stepped forward and started to share how he passed and touched on information that she knew to be true, I think it took her a little while to compose herself.

Her brother in law had only passed over a short time ago and I was amazed how easily he was able to work with my heightened energetic field. (Sometimes Spirit isn't able to heighten their vibration straight after their passing, I have written about this in earlier articles.)

He showed me visions of a car and a night time setting, and then a road and a car accident. This was how he had passed. I asked my client if she could relate to the visions I was being shown and received immediate confirmation.

He also shared that he was spiritually concerned about a member of his family. He showed an older woman who had barely enough energy to get out of the chair she was sitting in.

His greatest need however, was to set the record straight and to share how some information being filtered around the community wasn't accurate. He told me that before his passing he had been really tired. His injury had caused him to feel fatigued. He felt a level of responsibility as to the way he had passed and was concerned about stories circulating due to the limited information about the car accident.

He showed me equipment similar to a steel drill and I was puzzled why the setting had changed from where he had died, to a workplace setting. I was then given an impression of where he initially got his knee injury and again it was confirmed that he had hurt himself in the workplace.

He did other things to show that he knew what was happening with his family members and friends. He talked about an event being organised by my client and described how he had been witnessing this from his spiritual home. My client confirmed that they were organising a ceremony a short time after his funeral.

He also showed me a vision of a lady holding something in her hand. It initially looked like a silver coin and I asked my client if she knew why the lady was holding a silver coin. She told me that his mother often held on to a cigarette lighter with a silver top in order to get a closer connection to her son. The lady I was shown holding the silver item was the same lady mentioned earlier in the reading whose health he was worried about. It was his mother.

If you believe your loved ones are unaware of what's happening around your life when they pass, you would be mistaken. They hear your spiritual prayers, and are concerned about family member's grief and your health issues, and will use Mediums like myself to pass on their love and tell everyone they are O.K.

They sometimes want to set the record straight and make sure people don't seek revenge or enter into lawsuits because of their death. They have a variety of reasons for working with a psychic medium and in this case, it was about making sure his family was all right, and giving them information they didn't know to help them put the pieces together.

He wanted his story told, and my client has given permission to share this reading with readers to help them understand the reasons why spirit communicates from the higher realms.

I hope this has helped shed some light on why psychic mediums like myself are called upon to help our clients get in touch with their loved ones, and that it may remove the mystique about the work we do.

Love and Light

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Are you a psychic?

Help dealing with clients who present with psychiatric problems.

elp for Psychics
Dealing with Client Psychiatric Problems
Do you work in the psychic field and meet face-to-face with clients? Or, are you a psychic operator who services clients online and over the phone?

My name is Vine - I'm a clairvoyant medium with 34 years experience conducting psychic readings in Australia and internationally, and I want to help you deal with clients who present with psychiatric health problems.

Doing psychic readings for people with psychiatric issues can result in complications for your business and personal wellbeing.

In my many years conducting psychic readings I have met with thousands of clients, most of whom are enthusiastic and open minded to having a psychic reading. However, there are some people in our community who present for a psychic reading with quite serious mental health conditions.

The problem has been getting worse as funding and community/family support has been declining over the years.

People who contact psychics with mental health conditions are desperate.

Normally, they have already been to doctors, psychiatrists or psychologists and are reaching out for some spiritual reassurance that they are on the right track.

"There, but for the Grace of God, Go I"

I am sympathetic to anyone who is experiencing a mental health problem and I try to spiritually guide him or her to the right help and services they require.

Guide for Psychic Readers – How to Deal with People who Show Signs of Psychotic Behaviour

Sometimes people who have a serious schizophrenic illness will contact you for a psychic reading. If you see clients in your place of work or are ill-equipped to deal with erratic behavior you may place yourself and your staff in harm's way.

  • People with psychiatric conditions can seem highly agitated on the phone; they might be quite demanding, suicidal or overly pedantic. You have to quickly gauge whether their behaviour is falling outside of the norm.

  • If you work from home you should have someone in the property at all times when doing psychic readings. It doesn't matter whether you are male or female. You might believe that your spiritual experience, tools and guides can stop anything harming you, therefore you rule out this guidance. Don't.

  • If you do face-to-face readings with your customers select a business location in a well built-up community location. Don't purchase or lease a property away from the mainstream. Nor do private readings outside of normal working hours; a busy location can become quiet after the office and stores close.

  • If you service clients from a shop front you should have a security alarm device in a location only known to you and your trusted staff. If someone does come into your psychic readings store and seems to send out alarm bells then immediately hit your security button (don't hesitate, or try to deal with an overly agitated person).

  • A customer can book a psychic reading over the phone and seem perfectly normal, you need to realise that if you bring them into your home or business this can quickly alter.

  • If you work as a psychic phone operator be aware that some callers will have mental health issues. They could call a lot of times and ask about health issues or talk about committing suicide. You need to have a contingency plan in operation, where you can direct them back to their doctor or to a suicide help line. (Find emergency help lines in your local community and have them close at hand)

  • Anyone can go through a level of trauma and experience a temporary mental health condition and therefore you need to be empathetic to their condition.

  • Be firm and don't let any of your clients try to talk you around to have a psychic reading if you believe they are unwell.

  • Try not to become too involved, and spiritually detach yourself once the call has ended. Some people are attention seekers and they want you to react to their life dramas. Help them as much as you can, but emphasise they need to accept personal responsibility for their own life choices and actions. They will thank you in the end if you give them the right life tools.

  • Never ever meet with a client outside of your work. They might want to be your best friend or even try to chat you up. Keep your business life away from your personal life.

  • If you have any harassing or threatening phone calls or mail sent to your business/home address contact the local police in your area straight away.

I hope this guidance will help you in your psychic business and prepare you to work in the psychic field. I love helping my clients get to a greater place of clarity in their life. If you are well prepared and know what to do, it will hold you in good stead in the future as a psychic reader.

Love and Light

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Japan Earthquake Prediction

Prediction made during Phone Psychic Reading

Japanese Earth Quake Zone

Just before the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami, Vine heard the high pitch earth hum which indicates to her that a significant earthquake is happening somewhere in the world. This time she heard it in the middle of a phone psychic reading...

Sequence of Events
Vine Psychic Medium's sequence of events
11th March, 2011 – prediction verification

• Vine calls Australian client to do an online credit card psychic reading booking at 3.00pm Melbourne/Sydney time

Vine tunes into high pitched earth hums in the first few moments of the reading indicating strong energy movements

• Vine's Spiritual Guardians interrupted the reading to tell her to guard against stronger energy currents because of earthquakes

• Vine completes the reading and places a Twitter update warning of strong energy currents and earthquakes straight after her clients reading

• Japan earthquake strikes and confirms Spirit's earlier warning

• Client provides testimonial to support information provided by Spirit to Vine in the psychic reading

The full story…

On Friday 11th March 2011 at 3.00pm Melbourne/Sydney Australian time I was doing a phone psychic reading for a client when something unusual happened in the reading.

Firstly, a high-pitched earth hum rang through my ears.

To me this is a sign of strong energy movements on our planet that I am well used to hearing, but rarely does it happen in the middle of a reading. It signals to me that there will soon be a significant earthquake.

This earth hum was particularly strong and I immediately remarked to my client that there have been strong earthquake movements.

I continued with the reading as normal, when awhile later Spirit interrupted the reading to guide that I needed to quickly heighten my energy field because the strong energy that I had felt and the subsequent changes to the energetic field could adversely affect my aura.

My client asked whether this sort of interruption happens often, and I remarked that this happens rarely.

The only other time I can remember strong energy fluctuations interrupting a personal reading was 14 years ago when I suddenly tuned into amazing spiritual grief on a large scale and I wondered why this had interrupted my face-to-face reading.

After the psychic consultation with my client, I soon discovered that at the exact time I was tuning into spiritual grief, Princess Diana had died in Paris France.

But in all of my 28 years of doing psychic readings, my Spiritual Guardians have never before interrupted a reading like this, to guide me to place a heightened shield on my aura because of being spiritually open as a channel conduit during a reading and needing to make sure that I was completely protected.

At all times, I was sharing with my client that I was being guided to shield my crown chakra and once I had followed the guidance I was able to work around the energy change movements successfully and continue with my clients reading.

Spirit treats our psychic readings as sacred events and doesn't normally interrupt anyone's psychic readings, as they require the Medium to be finely tuned to the clairsenses they need as a spiritual conduit.

So I knew there must be a significant reason for interrupting this one.

Once the reading concluded I updated my Twitter site to warn people around the quake zones, to be aware of a possible earthquake occurring soon.

Within one hour the media started to report that Japan had experienced the worst reported earthquake in its history.

This is a copy of Vine's Tweet about an hour before the earthquake/tsunami struck Japan.

Client's Testimonial of Vine's Reading
Friday 11th March, 3.00pm

I was amazed when hearing of the news of the major earthquake in Japan yesterday, as half way during our 3pm phone reading you suddenly told me that you had felt or sensed an earthquake somewhere. It struck me that it had quite some effect on you and I recalled your words as soon as I heard the television news shortly after.

My deepest prayers are extended to the people of Japan and all people associated with this disaster.

Love and Light

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Ghost Whispering at the
Grand View Hotel, Cleveland

Vine Sees Earthbound Spirits

Grand View Hotel, Cleveland
Grand View Hotel (today), Cleveland Qld

The History Lingers at Queensland's Oldest Licensed Hotel
Built in 1851, the Grand View Hotel in Cleveland, east of Brisbane certainly looks as if it might have a lot of history.

Most people in Cleveland and the Redland Bay area know the Grand View Hotel as a beautiful and iconic old pub with majestic views across Raby Bay to Stradbroke Island. According to their web site it is Queensland’s oldest licensed hotel.

Grand View Hotel, Cleveland, Queensland. circa - 1930
Grand View Hotel - 1930
(Photo: State Library of Queensland and John Oxley Library)

I didn’t know anything about the pub or it’s history when, on holiday in Brisbane recently, I stopped there for a meal. I can say though, that when we drove into the surrounding area in Cleveland I felt the energy heighten and I immediately liked that piece of country. It gave me a good feeling.

When we drove past the Grand View Hotel its beautiful verandas and classic ‘Queenslander’ style caught my eye and gave me no hint at all that I would soon be dealing with a family of departed spirits within the walls of the hotel.

Before sitting down for a meal, I drew myself away from the relaxing and peaceful surrounds downstairs, to look at the art gallery upstairs.

As I walked up the old staircase, I approached the top stair landing and felt a shudder enter my spiritual aura. I was stepping into a sacred place. Someone had died here and I felt his or her presence directly behind me. I knew instantly that an earthbound spirit was in the building and wanted to show its presence. They knew instantly that I was able to sense their world and that I respected their circumstances.

At this point I should add that I’m not a “ghost hunter” like those seen on television. I’m not out to sensationalise or to create fear writing about spiritual earthbound entities. I simply respect the plight of earthbound spirits and I want to help them. I also don’t ever refer to spiritual apparitions as ghosts, but accept that most people are used to calling spiritual apparitions by this name.

As I walked up the top steps of the staircase I started getting spiritual impressions of a little girl who had ended her life tragically by falling down the top-most section of the staircase to the first landing halfway down. The little girl had brown hair, was dressed in an old-fashioned white dress and was curious about my heightened spiritual energy. (The spiritual girl's dress was something like the ones in the photo below but with no ribbons)

Cleveland courthouse
Cleveland Courthouse
The spiritual girl's white dress was something like the ones in this photo, but with no ribbons
(Photo: State Library of Queensland and John Oxley Library)

I then walked into a room that also felt heavy and dense from another spiritual presence. A slim, well dressed man aged in about his early forty’s stood in front of me in a brown tailored suit. He carried a spiritual air of someone who had been in a position of authority and he also seemed to be aware that I knew of his presence.

Then a lovely spiritual energy of a teenage boy came towards me. He was full of excitement and also well dressed and when he was alive would have been a friendly, happy go lucky type of person.

The ghost of the little girl seemed to be indicating she had died at a different time. The man and teenage boy seemed to have died near the same time.

My partner, who doesn’t normally feel anything spiritual commented that he could feel the dense energy and wasn’t comfortable about being upstairs anymore.

We returned downstairs to the dining area where I asked one of the staff members whether anyone at the hotel was aware of the spiritual apparitions upstairs.

She was shocked that I had felt the ghostly apparitions, but openly shared that staff members had been experiencing strange ghostly encounters for years. I asked if she knew of anyone who knew the history of the hotel and what might have happened to the little girl.

She said that a staff member had seen the little girl on the staircase looking down at her and described the same white dress, small apron fabric that I was shown.

She went to find the manager and a little while later a warm and friendly lady approached us and welcomed us to tour the upstairs area of the hotel with her.

She shared a true-life story concerning the room directly facing the staircase I had first sensed the little girl. The room is now used as a guest room for anyone wishing to stay in the hotel overnight. A young couple staying in the room had awoken in the night to find a little boy ghost lying in the bed between them and holding their hands. They were so frightened by this that they checked out of hotel immediately, in the middle of the night.

There is also a small antique children’s rocking chair in the hallway adjacent to the staircase. Hotel staff have witnessed it rocking backwards and forwards when nobody was there.

Another staff member recalls locking up at night and switching lights off when she was alone, only to find them back on again a few minutes later.

When we walked through the area, I felt the little girl; the man and teenage boy follow me. We started the tour of the area and tuned into strong energetic currents leading from the stairway to the guest room and an adjacent room now used as an upstairs kitchen. This area seemed to me to be a vortex used by earthbound spirits to enter and leave the hotel, which is one of the few remaining older style buildings in the area and which might be a place of comfort for earthbound spirits from that era. The clothing worn by the spirits suggest that they lived in the building in the 1860’s or 1870’s. At that time the building was also used as a boarding house as well as a hotel.

We then walked through a living room to a doorway leading out to the veranda. I felt that a man had died near this location. I felt strong physical violence here and felt that the man who had died violently in this place was not associated with the three spirits I had already met. As the man himself was not in the room with me, I feel that it was the memory of this event contained in the vibrational frequency of the location that I was picking up on.

We were shown a staff staircase in the back of the Hotel that also seemed to indicate a spiritual presence. There were energetic imprints all over the Grand View Hotel indicating that it had a lot of unfinished spiritual history.

As we thanked the hotel manager for our guided tour, I shared with her how someone like herself could help the earth-bound spirits in her hotel to cross over.

Love and Light,

• • • • • • • • • •

Vine's psychic reading stories are true accounts of psychic readings or psychic occurrences. They are offered as spiritual gifts to help people understand the work of spiritual mediums. All client information is held in strict confidence and permission is sort before Vine shares true life stories.

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