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Online Psychic Editorials > Are Cheap Psychic Readings from Genuinel Psychics?
Cheap Psychic Readings

Are Cheap Psychic Readings from Genuine Psychics?

This week in my psychic reading editorial I'm writing about cheap psychic readings and the differences between fraud psychics and genuine psychics.

How much do you know about phone psychics?

When searching on Google or Yahoo for a real clairvoyant or medium, you'll easily find paid adverts for the 'Best Cheap Phone Psychics' for a little as 45c to $1.90 a minute, which is far less than the normal price of genuine psychics.

The Real Cost of Cheap Psychic Readings

At first, paying such a cheap price for a psychic reading might seem a great deal, but when you know the truth about cheap psychic readings you might reconsider.

When having a cheap psychic reading, you are unlikely to be speaking to a real psychic, and the true cost of these cheap psychic calls is often far more than the price displayed. They may start out at 45c a minute, but if you stay on the line, the price can rise dramatically and you may not be aware of it.

They get you to stay on the line by telling you what you want to hear (instead of what you need to hear). This doesn't help you, and may even hinder your progress.

If the cost of these cheap psychic readings seems too good to be true, it probably isn't true.

How I Know What Motivates Cheap Psychic Line Owners

Years ago, while I was working on the very first Australian psychic line, I was spiritually guided that many people throughout Australia and worldwide would be taken advantage of, by the owners of psychic chat lines.

With full integrity I can share that when I worked on psychic lines I did the right thing by my customers, as did many other reputable psychics who worked for the telco owners.

I have been working in the psychic reading sector for many years and I know the full history and the motivations of the owners of cheap psychic lines. I know more about the psychic industry and some of the dubious characters who own some of these psychic chat lines than probably they would like me to know. I have witnessed how some Australian and international psychic lines are directly connected to the seedy side of life.

The owners of these big business lines haven't moved into the psychic industry because they are psychic or spiritually care about your wellbeing. They moved into the psychic industry to rip off as much money as they can. They don't care about you. This is why when you call these cheap psychic lines, you are always told what you want to hear.

Scripted Psychic Replies to Questions

Will my ex boyfriend come back to me?
The cheap psychic lines answer would be a definite Yes.

Will I meet my soulmate this year?
Again, you will be given nothing but positive reinforcement that everything will work out exactly as you hope.

As long as you stay on the phone and become dependent on them for answers, they'll tell you whatever you want to hear. And the longer you stay on the phone, the more money the business owners make, and the more likely that the operator will hold down their casual job.

You have to understand that most of the people who answer your questions on cheap psychic lines are no better or worse than anybody else. They may be good at chatting, but they aren't psychic. Most likely, they are being taken advantage of, just as much as you are being taken advantage of.

A lot of people are being told that they can be psychic if do a four week NLP covert hypnosis course, or if they know the meaning of tarot cards. They are led to believe they can make a lot of money just by talking on the phone. But then they too are taken for a ride and end up earning very little (check the horror stories here).

Misleading Advertising

The owners of the psychic lines are deliberately misleading you through false advertisements and the associated partners they team up with. Some of these associated partners are celebrity psychics and astrologers. They are paid a commission to have overseas chat sites on their website. These cheap overseas psychic lines often advertise themselves as being Australian and even have Australian web addresses, but most are offshore businesses. Some are owned by criminals and are untraceable. A lot of people who work on these cheap psychic lines are taken advantage of by the companies.

Hiring of Cheap Psychics -What You Need to Know

The cheap psychic line businesses have a revolving door when it comes to the people they hire. There are true horror stories about people being taken advantage of by affiliate networks who promote their psychic lines over the web. Some people don't get paid for the work they do, or they are shortchanged.

In short, the cheap online psychic lines are doing a number on you. If you give them your banking details over the phone or register for free offers, you probably gave your details across to some seedy owner who is selling that information off to another seedy organisation.

If you check my psychic tips in the Karma Lounge forum, you'll see I've been warning the public about these scams for years. They advertise tarot card readings, email psychic readings and text-your-question psychic readings.

They promote that they have a large psychic selection to choose from. What they don't tell you is the that majority of the photos or psychics they show online, are stock photos. They may have four or five psychics who pretend to be several different psychic identities. Every step of the way you are being scammed; From the advert, to selecting the psychic, to chatting with the psychic and paying your money.

Large psychic chat lines use black hat SEO techniques to get you to find them on the web before you find the credible psychics.

They pay to be found on the top of Google, Yahoo or Bing searches. Then you are prompted to have your first session with their psychics free, or to use their happy hour trial. They are all gimmicks, and I'm sorry to share the many people who search for psychics online, fall for them every time.

As customers, you may also be won over by the money back guarantees or 'we'll change the psychic if you are not happy with your reading' advertising. All they're doing is changing one fake psychic with another fake psychic.

You are none the wiser because you believed they were offering great customer service. It is a scam from start to finish. They offer more choice because they know you psychic-shop around. Everything about your visit to their website is monitored. They watch the keywords you type on social media and target their advertising to hook you in.

If you research thoroughly (which they don't want you to do) you would find out it is all a mirage to hide the murky truth.

Cheap Psychic Line Tricks

The psychic business owners of cheap psychic chat lines often change the look of their websites to be more Spiritual. They copy reputable lightworker's content and regularly reinvent their websites. Some of the angelic websites are just a front for large psychic chatlines.

My own spiritual website was copied by another Psychic chat line to confuse my customers.

Sometimes they even instruct their 'psychics' to copy my spiritual breath technique (without success).

It appears the large Aussie and global cheap psychic owners have recorded my readings to try and teach the same method to their operators.

My spiritual breath method was gifted to me by Spirit to connect directly to your aura, and cannot be copied. Because imitators of my breath technique can't do it and don't understand it, they incorrectly say it is for relaxation purposes.

If you called a psychic and they attempted to replicate my breath technique before a tarot reading - you were fooled.

I don't use any modalities (like tarot) to tune into my clients. Therefore any psychic who is doing the breath technique before using manufactured psychic tools is completely unaware of the real reason I connect to your aura using the breath technique.

It just goes to show the length of replication these psychic lines engage in to appear legitimate. Imitation maybe the sincerest form of flattery, but not when it comes at the expense of the real spiritual arts and helping you get the clarity you deserve.

Now you know the lengths these cheap psychic chat owners will go to get you to use their online operators. Don't allow them to fool you anymore. The largest selection of psychics and cheap psychic offers use gimmicks to get you to register online. You need a great deal of discernment because they use fraudulent methods without you knowing. Now you know it for next time.

I welcome you to book a psychic reading with me to have a breath reading and identify why my angelic guardians guided me to work online and demonstrate the real spiritual arts.

Love and Light

October 3rd 2015

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