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Vine Medium Multiple Passings

The Spiritual Aspects of Multiple Deaths

My psychic reading editorial this week is about the spiritual phenomena of multiple deaths in the family, either simultaneously or within days or weeks of each other.

2014 left its mark on thousands of grieving families who lost children, mothers, fathers, siblings and relatives to plane crashes, car accidents and war.

Individual grieving is hard enough, but some families have to contend with the cumulative grief of multiple deaths. If you are grieving the loss of your loved ones I want to help you understand how the departed are aware of your grief and can help you recover from their loss.

My family has personally been affected by grief, with my uncle, aunty and cousin all passing in July. They passed within days of each other and had different health conditions. My uncle passed first, he was in his nineties. He lived in Sydney all of his life after returning from the Second World War.

My cousin, his nephew, was the second relative to cross over after suffering from cancer for some time. My Aunty, my cousin's mother was in a nursing home in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. Within days of my cousin dying she had a light fall and died from bleeding in the brain.

My family had some time to prepare for our loved relatives passing over because we knew my aunty would cross not long after her son died.

Spiritual Interconnectedness

It is the people who have no prior warning who are spiritually inconsolable when they have one or more family members passing. I know this grief feels like hell. Your life can be turned inside out. Trying to spiritually understand the multiple death phenomena is important because it helps to see the spiritual interconnectedness of all life.

Universal Energy of Consciousness

My aim of writing about multiple deaths and grieving is to raise awareness about and explain the universal energy of consciousness. Energetically we all are part of the divine thread of universal consciousness. Before we incarnated to be born to a biological family we spiritually chose who we wanted to be soul connected to and the lessons we wanted to learn in physical form. The soul connection is as relevant as the cellular gene connection.

Why We Incarnate

When we incarnate, our individual essence is crucial to our soul's self evolvement. If we all came into the world with full knowing there would be no use incarnating into the physical world to begin with. This is why we enter into a physical vessel that has a dense matter. The cellular matter allows the physical organs like the brain to immediately react to the stimuli we experience as a baby.

This is how we all learn human language and develop intellect. The newborn is fully aware of the spiritual thread of consciousness. They are not only sleeping for physical sustenance and growth. A baby is also energetically in the pure essence of consciousness, communicating with the angelic realms.

The child essence begins to alter as the child begins to physically age. The wonder of new images and stimulation is replaced by thoughts and belief systems. Most children will begin to release the energy connection they have with higher consciousness to have a physical life.

Your higher self is energetically connected to the Oneness consciousness and monitors your life learnings and experiences like a protective guardian as your spiritual being becomes more involved and affected by its physical environment.

Your Soul Family

The soul family who incarnated as brother, sister, mother, father are all energetically aligned to their soul tribe.

When I tune into your soul family in Spirit they are aware of your grief and will try to help you recover from their physical loss. They will reveal how they physically looked and impress energy memory about their life. The soul family can go back many generations. If you all choose to experience a soul family lesson, then your loved ones who physically die will energetically cross and wait for you.

Near Death Experiences

This is why people who have near death experiences (NDE) will make contact with their soul family.

If you want to believe NDE is from the mind and follow only the scientific explanation, that's up to you.

But if you're open to an alternative explanation, consider this: Your auric body still exists after you die because the mind is merely an organ that functions in the physical vessel like other important body organs. There is a spiritual energy that is all knowing and is aware what is happening in your soul family.

This is how I spiritually link-in with your soul family and other subtle energy that sends out unique vibrational frequency.

I often write about life and death because I have experienced first hand how the Universe, or God essence, is protective of all of its soul children. I attempt to share my knowing to help others get in touch with their own truth.

If you are grieving the loss of your children or parents and friends, they are aware of your thoughts. They hear your prayers and feel your love and will wait patiently as you fulfil your life purpose and then also cross over. Your Spiritual family doesn't abandon you. You are divinely loved and watched over. Try to contemplate the guidance I have shared and see if it energetically resonates on your aura.

Love and light

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