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Medical Intuitive Ability
True or False?

How Medical Intuitives and Empaths connect with your health issues

In my psychic reading editorial this week I'm going to the heart of what I do as a Medical Intuitive. I want to demystify the spiritual breath technique I use when I tune into your ethereal health issues.

I'm also sharing a true life client reading to provide a different point of view than the atheists or skeptics who attempt to sway individuals from the spiritual arts because they have never had any experience of it themselves. The true life story I'm sharing is an accurate account of a spiritual telephone reading I provided to a customer and what happened afterwards...

Medical Intuitive

Just as an MRI scanner uses magnetic and radio waves to create pictures of tissues, organs and other structures within the body, medical intuitives and spiritual empaths can energetically scan and identify underlying health aspects resonating on your aura.

As an empath or medical intuitive, I am able to detect the level of anxiety around your aura when I begin to do a telephone psychic reading.

If you have never experienced heightened spiritual energetic ability in your own life, it's easy to doubt that empaths like myself are able to tune into ethereal health issues.

Let me explain the sensations that I tune into when I use my spiritual breath technique: Your chakras highlight different vibrational tones that send out either a light or dense sensation, and a gifted spiritual lightworker can determine the messages of the tones as they are doing your reading. I can tell if you are energetically coping with everything going on around you. I can sense if you are overwhelmed by work pressures, because your body tells me.

When I feel a tight dense sensation across your heart chakra, it indicates you are in severe anxiety. A good way of describing this feeling is to imagine you have been punched in your chest and the aftereffects leave you with a sore heart. This is what a medical intuitive feels on their own body as they tune into your aura using the spiritual sense of clairsentience.

Clairsentience is a heightened way of feeling. Everything is intensified and someone who is naturally in tune with their body can immediately identify if there is anything out of balance. ie. New aches or pain in the body would not be disregarded as the Sensitive would know this was not a normal part of their body function. Whereas, a person who is totally switched off from their health would ignore any early signs or warnings that their body was not well.

The majority of people aren't wired to feel their own body's messages

Unfortunately, most people aren't wired to feel their own body's messages because of the stresses of the world. This is where a spiritual medium can quieten their own body energy and listen to their client's health messages. Think of it like an unseen radio frequency that directs either light or dense magnetic vibrations towards the conduit.

Energy Scan

Once I am aware of your high anxiety, I check the meridian pathway and identify if other chakras are directly related to the high stress levels. I affectionately refer to this energy check-up as an energy scan. Similar to when you have a medical scan, I do an energetic scan and find the cause of the anxiety.

I can identify if you've had a sudden shock, or if you've been experiencing regular stress and ignored the warning signs. Being able to scan your aura is important because it also reveals if there are areas you need to be monitoring. Sometimes I can feel energy holes and this means there is a disturbance on your ethereal aura.

An example of this would be to tune into a heavy smoker and find they have a slight hole around their throat or heart chakra. This is a warning sign for a medical intuitive because it shows the ethereal energy is weakening and therefore this will be directly influencing the human vessel.

If you smoke and it causes me to cough all the way through your reading, that's not a good spiritual health sign. It means my immediate reaction (the coughing) is mirroring what is going on in your body. I know when I'm speaking to a heavy smoker because I taste tobacco in my mouth and can feel my throat itching from the smoke entering my aura.

I also know your emotional reactions to the reading as it is happening, and I know if you are being truthful to your own self.

I don't provide medical advice, but I do attempt to get my clients to identify that the energy reactions I'm feeling might require them to have a doctor check-up. Sometimes I can identify if you are absorbing other people's energy without even realizing it. Some people are unaware they have this clairsense and when they touch someone who is ill they immediately draw the magnetic sensation to themselves.

I refer to this as being an absorbent sponge. You are sucking-in all the vibes around you and feel emotionally drained when you are around people that suck the energy out of you. This is sometimes referred to as an energy vampires. You might find everything is too much for you, and that's understandable because your aura is like a vacuum sucking everything towards you.

True Life Medical Intuitive Telephone Reading

There is one significant medical intuitive reading I did when I worked for the first Australian live psychic line:

A woman had called me for a reading and I coated her ethereal breath around my aura and immediately felt an acute pain on my back. I then scanned her aura and found she had a large energy hole near the middle of her spine. I gently guided her to the location and asked if she'd been experiencing any pain in the area. She shared it had been acting up.

I never panic anyone, but I suggested she might want to head to a doctor and get it looked at.

She called me back months later to tell me that if she hadn't gone to the doctor they wouldn't have found she had skin cancer. Had she not had the biopsy and had a cancerous lump removed, she may not have been around for the next few years.

This was Spirit's way of directing her towards me to help her identify how to tune into her own health issues. These type of fated readings happen a lot and I don't blink an eye when a new customer shares that they aren't sure why they're calling. That's my call card, to find out why she or he is being spiritually guided to use my services. I am a conduit for Spirit and I lovingly use the skills I was given to help you, your lover or your friends understand the subtle messages of your emotional body and your physical body.

Only a small percentage of the human community can tune into other people's ethereal health concerns

We all have the capacity to listen to our body's health pulses because we are all spiritual beings, but only a small percentage of the human community can tune into other people's ethereal health concerns. This is why you have to be cautious about what clairsentience really is. It is a refined spiritual skill that cannot be taught. You either have the heightened spiritual ability to feel the health of others, or you don't. Be careful of dubious psychic schools that use covert hypnosis, tapping or subliminal mind control to fake heightened spiritual ability.

Abuse of the Spiritual Arts

There is a lot of abuse of the spiritual arts online. It is up to you to check if a life coach or counsellor is using non-psychic tools to fool you into thinking they are teaching you how to be psychic.

I refer to credible psychics as being in touch with heightened clairsenses and having true knowing of the spiritual arts. Psychic skills that naturally occur in nature, are natural. Anything which is orchestrated to duplicate natural psychic skills is manufactured and isn't credible or recognized as being in touch with pure spiritual essence.


However, you certainly can learn to listen to your own ethereal health messages. To do this you have to enter the Stillness to pick up on the subtle signs. A mind that is Still doesn't require any man-made subliminal hypnosis or meditation techniques. When you begin to discover that the answers lie within, and begin to quieten your mind to get in touch with natural balances, you will begin to discover how much more there is to your life on earth.

Astroturfing Small Online Business - Update

Before I finish this article I want to provide an update about what's happened since I wrote about online astroturfing abuse.

I was spiritually guided to be a voice for online small businesses and have placed a submission into the Federal Government Small Business Minister's office. Our fake review attack is one of the thousands being reported to the ACCC and the Consumer Affairs departments. My submission included methods of alleviating fake online reviews and making online directory sites more accountable for anonymous business reviews.

It stands to reason if a customer has a psychic reading, they should be prepared to use their first name and be identified as a credible business client, without breaching the Privacy Act. We've received a lot of lovely customer emails from business clients congratulating us on speaking up.

I encourage other small businesses to report black hat SEO to your State, Territory or Federal Ministers to help them identify how widely spread astroturfing and SEO black hat Google bowling is.

Love and Light

October 14th 2013

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