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Vine Psychic Small Business

Can a Psychic Reading Help my Business?

Small Business Problems When the Economy is Stressed

The aim of this psychic reading editorial is to spiritually help Australian and world business owners, especially small business owners, who are weighing up the pros and cons of seeking psychic guidance.

The media has been full of economic gloom and some financial experts say the figures may soon reflect the gloomy talk. Men and women business owners are looking for solutions to help them gain greater certainty and clarity in their business decisions.

Many small business owners in Australia and around the world are very worried about the effect that the state of the economy is having on their business now and in the near future.

Small Business and Gloom in the Economy

In the last six months I have received an influx of Australian business readings because both small and large business owners are concerned about economic uncertainty and a downturn in the economy. You're feeling the pressure now.

I am certain that the reason I've received so many calls about business concerns, is that the Higher Realms are guiding distressed business proprietors to seek out their first psychic reading. Some of you have sought out business coaching and are now taking the next step to seek genuine psychic guidance.

Spiritual Guidance for Small Business

My small business customers come from a variety of industries. You have unique business issues that require specialised spiritual guidance. I have farmers who are dealing with the environmental impacts of CSG or damaged crop, reaching out because you are emotionally crumbling under the weight of financial responsibility managing properties and families. I have manufacturers trying to navigate around government policy that has an immediate domino effect on new contracts.

The recent decision of the government to cripple the renewable industry is hurting families and communities who invested energy and money into building the most innovative technologies. These worried business owners are dealing with stress levels that result in depression and anxiety disorders.

I speak to retailers, mechanics, manufacturers, designers, hairdressers, tradies etc. all worried about the future of their jobs and businesses.

Should I sell my small business? Should I let go of staff? Should I look for a job? These are some of the real life issues that business owners are contending with in Australia and globally.

Fear Mongering in the Media

The lone business owner can become lost in the crowd. Some are watching everything they worked for being destroyed because the economy has been talked down by the government to create fear in the public. Out-of-control fear-mongering in our news and media everyday, can make business come to a standstill. I have previously spiritually guided that out-of-control fear is energetically destroying our peace of mind.

The media is drip feeding fear to society. Look at the way Newspapers and TV have over-blown recent news about national security, when there are many other things that represent a greater danger to our way of life. The effects of climate change immediately comes to mind. Australians who are otherwise relaxed and secure, are becoming emotionally deflated because they are watching everything they love and value about their country being devalued, because of fear.

Spiritual Help for your Business

I have had many clients, including business owners, needing spiritual reassurance. There are occasions when a psychic reading can bypass the fear mongering red herrings and get to the heart of your most secret thoughts about life and running a business. The higher angelic realms are aware when you are emotionally struggling.

As a conduit who channels your loved one's guidance I I know your prayers are being heard when the worries of meeting overheads and loans becomes too much. Spirit knows about the energy you have poured into your business. They know you have worked long hours into the night to finish off administration tasks or pay your taxes. Everything is spiritually known.

If you feel you need business direction, or if your higher self guides you to seek guidance and clarity, you may find this article was placed here for you to identify that you're not a single voice, and to get the business help you really deserve.

Love and light

September 28th 2014

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