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Spiritual Deccievers

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Influential Lightworkers Vs Spiritual Deceivers

My Psychic Reading Editorial this week is about telling the difference between a Lightworker and a Spiritual deceiver.

As I write, I can see the fight between Lightworkers and Spiritual Deceivers played out at the G20 World Leader's Summit in Brisbane, Australia. Who at this conference wanted to solve problems of climate change, corporate tax evasion, poverty, health and education? And who profits from these problems and is greedily working to perpetuate them?

The Deceivers

In my psychic predictions for 2014 I was spiritually guided that this is the year that the Spiritual deceivers will be exposed. In my Spiritual channelling for 2014, Spirit said, "We know the deceivers have altered the way of your Earth to create energetic imbalances and your weather Seasons are reflecting the imbalances back to you." Spirit also guided that they will now bring the secrets of the Spiritual Deceivers to the surface.

Lightworkers Vs Spiritual Deceivers

At first thought you might think that it would be easy to tell the difference between a Lightworker and a Spiritual Deceiver. But nowadays there is so much corporate misrepresentation, covert manipulation and secret political lobbying going on behind the scenes, that it can be quite difficult to know who or what to believe. Our hearts warn us we are being deceived, but in the confusion, our heads continue to ignore the warnings.

False Prophets and Spiritual Deceivers

In Christianity, emphasis is put onto the notion of false prophets, wolves in sheep's clothing, pretending to be one thing when actually they are the opposite. These are the Deceivers.

Matthew 7:15-16

"15. Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. 16. You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thorn bushes or figs from thistles?"

The Deceivers Work in Secret

Whilst this spiritual teaching is true, it can also limit our idea of the false prophet as being a single individual in the limelight, openly peddling a false message for all to see. The truth today is that whilst there will always be key individual deceivers, they are more likely to work in secret groups, parties or corporations. Most false prophets these days work behind the scenes, behind the murky disguise of advertising, hypnotic technique and political lobbying and funding, buying replaceable puppet politicians to publicly work their secret deceit.

If we see through one disguise, another disguise is found.

The Mythical Hydra Beast

The deceivers these days are like Hydra, the mythical multiheaded snake guardian of the Underworld. When one head is cut off, two heads grow back in it's place. Like the Hydra beast, the deceivers are a multifarious threat to life on our planet, which cannot be overcome by a single effort.

It is quite likely that recent G20 conference of world leaders will not do much to fix the problems of the world, but at least it has drawn attention to a couple of those problems: Tax Havens and Tax avoidance by the richest people, companies and corporations, and the man-made causes of Climate Change.

If the Deceivers have our world leaders hamstrung when it comes to solving the most pressing problems in the world, what can we do?


It is now up to the Lightworkers and activists to reveal to the people the deceptive ways that deceivers influence their power behind the scenes.

The Deceit of the Deceivers

The Deceivers who hold billions of dollars in tax havens and have all the money they need at their disposal, are not connected to the highest good.

They are allowed to continue placing billions of dollars into off-shore tax havens, because they pay for politicians through donations and media support to represent their interests only.

Corporate donations selectively given to governments are about one thing only: protecting the vested interests of the donor.

The austerity measures placed on ordinary people around the world are the result of greed and the abuse of our natural environments. The Deceivers will never willingly give up the economic protections they have put in place to create a fairer and more equitable world. Look at how they use their privately owned media to influence the way you think. As was revealed in the G20 summit held in Brisbane, Queensland, the Australian government quashed all attempts to promote climate change as a world priority for influential leaders to address. Instead the Liberal/National Party did the bidding of their financial backers and promoted coal and energy resources like harmful CSG and nuclear power as their priority.

They are Fully Conscious of their Deceit

The fossil fuel companies are fully aware they must curb their emissions to stop climate change spiralling out of control. So are politicians who have witnessed extreme weather events destroying infrastructure and residential homes and blowing local budgets through the roof. They knowingly choose a course to ignore the climate scientists and release more carbon into the atmosphere. The banks of our world know they are funding fossil fuel mining companies destroying natural environments and yet they knowingly give funding to continue the same destructive cycle.

The result of the Deceiver's actions is to allow third world countries and the disadvantaged in developed countries to be collateral damage. Instead of being part of the solution and tackling climate change and animal extinctions or getting the rich to pay fair taxes, the Deceivers find ways to convince the public they are looking after your best interests. When in fact, they are only responding to financial backers demands.

Have We Been Hypnotised to Accept Senseless Political Rhetoric?

We are being told that to save our freedoms we must destroy them, to stops wars we must go to more wars, and to stop Climate Change we must burn more coal and create more pollution. These messages are irrational and actually quite senselessly idiotic. So why do we continue to blindly accept them? Are we being hypnotised by repetitive political slogans and advertising and accepting the subliminal messages? Why are we not identifying the perpetrators behind these deliberate public mind manipulation attempts? Have no doubt they knowingly use these methods on the public to get people elected into governments or confuse the science of climate change.

It's up to all Lightworkers to stand up to the Deceivers and reveal the truth to the people. Draw attention to the CSG and the fossil fuel investments of media moguls e.g. Rupert Murdoch. Reveal the companies and share holdings of the richest people in the world e.g. Koch Bros and whether they are involved in secret societies. Bring it all out into the open. Reveal the manipulation techniques used in political advertising that is directly related to hypnosis and cognitive mind conditioning.

President John F Kennedy - Lightworker

In 1961 President John F Kennedy gave a famous speech to the American Newspaper Publishers Association, about the Deceiver's secret societies and the truth of their far reaching influence and attempts to destroy democracy. In 1961 people would have immediately thought of the Cold War threat, but today the speech is even more uncanningly relevant.

In 1961 the secret threat was perceived to be coming from outside the USA, but in 2014 an even more insidious threat is coming from within our own societies.

In this speech he revealed the threat of having our freedoms and independence "covertly" removed. Today when we look at the new heightened security measures passed into legislation in Australia and democracies all over the world, we can see President Kennedy's prediction about the erosion of spiritual freedoms coming true before our eyes.

The higher realms guidance is crucial to stopping further destruction and oppression of humanity and all other forms of consciousness. The one thing the deceivers don't want is everyone knowing who they are, what they are doing and how they are doing it. When you lift the veil of the deceiver they have nowhere to hide. When you reveal their methods of mind manipulation the people know what to look out for.

Our continued existence on Earth depends on Lightworkers revealing the truth.

Love and Light

November 18th 2014

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