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Hanging Rock Ley Line Mystery

True Life Paranormal Story

Hanging Rock Ley Line Mystery

In my psychic reading editorial today, I'm revealing how I energetically found a strong ley line near Mount Macedon and Hanging Rock in regional Victoria, Australia.

If you've read the famous Australian novel "Picnic at Hanging Rock" you may believe the story is completely fictional with no basis in truth, but after my discovery during a recent drive through the Macedon Ranges, I believe there's more to the paranormal heightened energy than even the locals might be aware of. The book (and film) is about a group of girls from a local school who disappeared in mysterious circumstances whilst picnicking at Hanging Rock.

The final chapter of Picnic at Hanging Rock reveals what happened to the girls. It wasn't published with the original version for commercial reasons and perhaps because the author Joan Lindsay may have been criticised for her spiritual views.

The last chapter reveals that Joan Lindsay had a good spiritual understanding of things and perhaps set her fictional story in this area for reasons based on her own spiritual insights.

My Spiritual Journey to Mt Macedon Region

It was a picturesque day when friends took me and my partner on a drive to the Mount Macedon area. Firstly we stopped at a lovely historical cafe and general store, The Trading Post, next to the Mount Macedon Hotel and we dined on delicious sandwiches and iced coffee.

I began noticing different vibrational frequencies as we drove on from the small township of Mount Macedon.

As an Empath, when I enter old buildings or touch antique furniture, I enter a light trance and channel heightened energies. Then I begin to see clairvoyant visions (remote visions) that flash before me. This can also happen outside or in nature when the energy is strong or unusual.

My partner is used to my energy channeling by now, but my friend had a one off experience when she took us on a surprise visit to the school her daughter attends, Braemar College. I'd never heard of it before and so I was amazed to discover a grand and picturesque old school located in the bush on the side of Mount Macedon in Woodend.

Vine Psychic Braemar College
The Picturesque Braemar College near Hanging Rock

My Spiritual Vision at Braemar College

When I stepped into the grounds of the car park at Braemar, I immediately entered a light trance and started to see spiritual visions of the property, but not the same way the architecture and surrounding grounds look now.

The vision I saw was the area in front of the school (see below). It's now used as a car park but I saw it as a playground. I saw girls wearing school tunics that looked like they were from the early 19th century. They were playing in the area just in front of the school entrance.

I described these visions to my friends but as there was no way of confirming what I saw, they probably wondered about the accuracy. I didn't enter the school building because it was during the school week and was bustling with activity.

History of Braemar College

In the days following our surprise visit I learnt that Braemar, as well as being a beautiful school, is also steeped in history. But at the time I was tuning into the visions I had no idea about the history of the building or the local stories of Hanging Rock.

One of the reasons the school is famous is because one of its patrons, the late Dame Elizabeth Murdoch, attended the school as a young girl. Dame Elizabeth Murdoch, is the mother of Rupert Murdoch, the media mogul who people either love or dislike with a passion.

Another reason Braemar College is famous, is its connection with the "Picnic at Hanging Rock" story, but as we left the school all of this was still unknown to me.

Ley Line Energy Near Hanging Rock

We all piled into the car and as we were driving along a wooded lane I felt a strong vibrational energy. It was a dark energy and without realising it, I'd said out loud what I was feeling. I'd let out an unintentional shriek.

My friend asked what was wrong, thinking I'd hurt myself. My aura had felt such a dark force that my solar plexus chakra was recovering from the energy. Then my friend realised they had gone down the wrong street so we turned around and went past the exact spot where I initially felt the energy.

This time I didn't even try to hide the feeling. It was awful. I remarked to everyone in the car, "There's a ley line here and it is radiating dark energy."

Straws Lane -
Dark Magnetic Ley Line Energy Stream

As my friend lived in the area, I asked her whether there was any unusual activity in the region. She remarked that the street in which I was experiencing the energy of the ley line was running in a direct line between Mount Macedon and Hanging Rock.

Then she shared that the street was called Straws Lane, and people from all over the world come to visit the spot because it is said that cars appear to roll up hill. There are many reports of strange things happening around Straws Lane and Hanging Rock.

I can't say I was shocked by what she was sharing because the magnetic force of the ley line was overwhelming for me and I was half expecting that strange things would have been reported here. As we drove down this country lane, all I could feel was that this ley line wasn't pleasant. I remarked that I wanted to research what the aboriginal elders revealed about this location, because without a doubt I knew they would have picked up on what I was experiencing.

Joan Lindsay School Student - Braemar House Hanging Rock Mystery

My friend shared her local knowledge that "Picnic at Hanging Rock" was based on a true story - except that the girls in the true story were actually found. My friend revealed the author Joan Lindsay actually attended the Clyde School (Braemar College) and based the fictional school in Picnic at Hanging Rock, 'Appleyard College', on the Clyde School after it moved to Woodend.

Picnic at Hanging Rock - Clyde School Girls 1920
School girls from Clyde School, now Braemar College, certainly did have
picnics at Hanging Rock as photographed here in 1920

Real Life Ley Line Mystery Discovery

We had a mystery on our hands that we all wanted to solve. Was there any truth to the famous Hanging Rock story? Why didn't the ley line have a pleasant feeling and did the author Joan Lindsay pick up on this?

We drove to Hanging Rock and there I could feel the same magnetic activity I had encountered before.

My Braemar Vision Confirmed in Old Photos

One of the passengers in my car asked her friend to loan us a book about the history of Braemar College. We returned to her home after her daughter dropped off the book and opened it to find historical photos that showed the building exactly as I described it. Then we turned to another page to find young girls in the same sort of tunics I saw, exercising at the exact location I was standing when I revealed the visions I was seeing.

Vine's Spiritual Vision of Braemar College Girls playing
This photo taken circa 1921 shows school girls dressed just as I saw them
in my vision. I was standing at the front entrance when I saw a spiritual vision
of girls playing, wearing school tunics. This is now a road, trees and a car park
(see next picture).

Front of Braemar College today - Used as a car park
This is how it looks today in front of Braemar College - used as a car park.

Spiritual Beliefs

I could see that my friend was struggling to come to terms with what she was witnessing because she declares herself as an atheist. I respect and appreciate that a lot of the experiences I've encountered since my birth, are not the norm for everyone. What I consider to be normal spiritual occurrences, can appear to be difficult to believe for someone who has never experienced any intuitive knowing.

Macedon Ranges Unique Map and the First People Knowledge

When I later viewed a map of Mount Macedon it confirmed what my friend had told me in the car. The energy ley line I had felt, did indeed run in a direct line from Mount Macedon to Hanging Rock. And Straws Lane with its gravity hill and its unusual magnetic activity where I felt the dark force, also follows this direct line between Mount Macedon and Hanging Rock.

Later on I found various articles suggesting that Hanging Rock and the region where the ley line runs between Hanging Rock and Mount Macedon, was considered to be sacred by the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation, who lived in the area.

They warned it was sacred because it released dark energy. It seems that for spiritual reasons, first nation people keep away. There are several clan groups that shared the Macedon Ranges area, and therefore it's important to acknowledge all the clans and tribes of the Kulin nation that lived in and shared this area.

What are Magnetic Ley Lines?

There is so much more to magnetic ley lines than is immediately apparent. It made me realise how the first peoples of the world are more aware of light and dark ley lines and are not into romanticising sacred energy for the sake of making everything appear positive, as is heavily promoted by New Age philosophy.

I intend to write more articles about ley lines and to share some of the spiritual knowledge about the Earth's magnetic field in future articles.

There's never a time I visit a historical town or location that I don't have some type of paranormal spiritual apparition (ghost). Next week I'm sharing a true life ghost encounter. To my customers who have been wanting me to write more paranormal articles, this is one I recommend you read.

Love and Light

January 19th 2015

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