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Vine Medium Soldier compassion

Compassion and Empathy
for Others

I was spiritually guided during my sleep to write about compassion and empathy for our fellow beings.

Early this year I was spiritually woken from a dream state to write a psychic prediction about the Universal Rights of a Child. You can read this spiritual channeling here.

There have been many attempts by the United Nations and well meaning organisations to bring in greater laws and protections for our world's children.

Our Spiritual Choices

Spiritually we are all a child of the Universe and our choices determine the life we shall live. We are from the One consciousness, the Universal or God Consciousness.

Why then are we unable to see past our own families? We want the best for our biological family, but we avert our eyes from our global family.

"I want the best education for my child, I want my children to have the best that life can offer."

How wonderful that you place our own needs aside for your siblings, parents and children. But what about the global children, the children who are living in poverty, oppression and traumatic war situations? Why don't you consider them your family?

My Spiritual Question:

Why is it that we can spiritually remove any emotional attachment for others whilst providing more than enough for our own?

This is the spiritual question that my loving guardians channeled about the lack of compassion and empathy our world is currently showing to people who are suffering, in pain and crying out for support and understanding.

Children Damaged by War

Wars are springing up all over the world and our spiritual children are being wounded, killed and lost to a senseless act of evil. Our world's children are abused physically, emotionally and intimately. The damaged child grows up to use power and money to coerce or control and is spiritually separated from the Oneness cell.

Spirit guides that traumatised children can be emotionally scarred and lash out at society or withdraw and not be able to contribute or do their very best to provide for themselves or their family. Our society has to deal with the economic fall-out of consistently allowing the same abuse to continue.

The spiritual channeling I received about the Universal Rights of Children is a collective karmic lesson we are all witnessing now. You will be asked when you view your own life, why did you close your spiritual eyes to your planet's needs?

How will you respond at the time of your own spiritual life review?

Love and Light

November 19th 2012

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