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Vine Psychic Healing Guidance for children

Vine Psychic

Healing Guidance - Toddlers Learning Difficulties

My psychic reading editorial this week is about helping frantic parents who are coping with babies and toddlers early development.

Parents are seeking my spiritual guidance about toddlers and children using electronic devices after noticing their children's behavioural and learning difficulties.

and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) are immediately suspected as the underlying cause of toddlers regressing in early development. What is going on?

I was spiritually guided by the higher realms about the latest touch computer technology being a major factor in computer addiction and rewiring of the brains. You can find the psychic prediction here.

If your children are playing with electronic devices at an early age you may need to research the pros and cons of babies' minds being affected by the radiation and numbing stimulation effect of mobile and ipad touch screen technology.

Our Energy Bodies

The human body is not just physical. We have seven more energy bodies surrounding our physical body and it is here that we are first affected by the electromagnetic radiation of mobile phones, computer devices and wifi.

Our physical body ultimately shows the affects of these concentrated energy bursts in ways that medical science has yet to determine. This is why it is important to allow our young children to develop their communication skills before they are subjected to concentrated bursts of damaging electromagnetic energy.

Computers, WiFi and Early Child Development

There are warnings for children using mobile phones in early development, but there are few warnings about children using ipad, tablets and wifi in early childhood development.

Some scientists and psychologists are becoming extremely concerned about teenage computer addiction and aggressive behaviour from overuse of computer games, but there's hardly enough research being invested into electronic gadgets around babies or young children.

Often you can see television programmes showing babies in cradles sucking active mobile phones or looking at the iPhone screens and touching them. Parents are mostly unaware that electronic gadgets are sending unhealthy amounts of radiation to the ethereal field.

If you are noticing your toddlers have been losing concentration or going backwards in their speech after playing with electronic devices, go and do a bit of research to see if other parenting forums are raising the same type of concerns. Don't immediately assume your child is suffering from autism.

Think about how your baby's brain needs to grow and develop, and remove any form of radiation away from your toddlers grasp until they are speaking fluidly and have full concentration.

Toys don't need to be electronic. I am guided a baby's brain needs to have constant stimulation. You can find other ways of entertaining your child when you are busy until they can handle electronic learning devices.

I hope this guidance helps parents who are dealing with this new phenomena. To my Melbourne customer worrying about your little boy's development, Spirit doesn't consider autistic children as disadvantaged. All children born with sensitivities are loved equally in the angelic realms.

Medical Intuitive

At no stage do I profess to have any professional psychological or medical background and I need to stress as an empath I am only channeling the energetic response of my clients' auras. Therefore I am only guiding from a medical intuitive perspective. This means that when I tune into your ethereal field as a healer I use a range of heightened clairsenses to relay angelic guidance about areas on your energetic aura that relate to areas of your body.

My Spiritual Breath Technique

The breath healing technique I use in my readings is similar to a doctor using a stethoscope to listen to your breathing. Except that where a doctor is interested in your physical body as the breath passes through it, I am interested in the breath itself and it's connection to your energetic aura.

Once I have connected to your ethereal blueprint I can see the energy variances on your aura. When I am given permission to connect to your aura (which is spiritually required) I then use your ethereal energy as a conduit to connect to your babies' auras. At all times I will be honest and not give false hope, or medically diagnose any health issues. My role is to channel the guidance by your higher self or your loved ones in Spirit.

My higher angelic guardians only step in if I need direct access to the Akashic Records. Since I was young child I have received training not be overly reliant on guides, because overdependency can stop you getting in touch with your own inner knowing as a healer.

This is why I am extremely sensitive in my aura and can immediately identify the cloudy energy associated with mind development problems.

Love and light

November 24th 2014

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