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Vine Psychic Heat Fire and your Ethereal Health

Extreme Heat and Your Ethereal Health

How do you fair in the heat waves that hit Australia?

My psychic reading article this week is about helping Aussies manage their ethereal health in extreme heat and also providing a spiritual reality check to help you put the energy puzzle together.

Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth communities have been experiencing extreme weather temperatures this week. I am spiritually guided that more extremes in weather, including heat, will become the new norm because we are polluting our atmosphere.

The Carbon Dioxide levels in our air are 50 parts per million over a safe liveable limit on our planet and it is expected to increase even more because our government hasn't tackled climate change. 350 parts per million was considered by scientists as the safe limit for life in the environment and nature. Last Year Carbon Dioxide concentrations reached 400 parts per million, sooner than predicted by climate scientists.

The amount of pollution being released into our atmosphere by dirty fossil fuels is growing instead of decreasing. That means we can expect more extreme temperatures in the 40's and that's an uncomfortable and scary prospect for people who just went through the last oven-like heat wave temperatures.

When you consider that climate scientists are predicting we could increase temperatures by 4 degrees Celsius by 2100, you begin to see how infrastructure will not cope.

Extreme Weather and Spiritual Health

But it's not only our infrastructure that will need to adapt... Your ethereal and physical health will also need to adjust to extreme heat and cold.

I'm going to give you some helpful tips to consider for when you have to deal with the next heat-spell, but first the spiritual reality check that our politicians and big business don't want to address in Australia.

Spiritual Reality Check

Climate change is with us now, there is no wishing it away with positive affirmations or listening to misguided information from climate deniers who want to continue on the same course. We are the generation who has to find a solution to curbing our emissions or dealing with erratic catastrophic weather.

My spiritual guardians requested that I release their 2014 spiritual prophecy about the changes and I have already covered their guidance in past articles.

From a young age I was guided that I was here to help with these changes, although at that time I didn't know what the changes were.

Climate Change and Evil Energies

I've had a lot of paranormal and spiritual experiences in my lifetime enabling me to identify the highest good, and the astral bad. Religious teachings and books like the Harry Potter series deal with the question of evil for a reason.

A Choice between the Light and the Dark

We are currently having to choose between the light and the dark on our planet. Our choices will depend on what eventuates in the coming years. If we allow the dark to control our economic structures and destroy our environment we are going to have to deal with the consequences of our actions.

Climate change is directly related to our innate connection to the environment. Each generation has moved away from the harmonious relationship we have with all consciousness. Somehow humans believed we could live outside the Universal Laws of creation.

My spiritual guardians from the angelic realms have cautioned about the false teachings from the astral realms. The Deceivers are the ones who are ignoring the science of climate change, hiring public relation companies to deny the science and trying to convince us there is nothing to worry about.

Land of Droughts and Flooding Rains

We all know that Australia is "a land of droughts and flooding rains", but place on top of that the systematic breakdown of our Eco-systems and environment, and you are are witnessing a country that isn't able to recover from the magnetic changes occurring from deep mining and pollution in our atmosphere.

Our economic systems and business corporations have manifested greed and power and as a result we witness corruption within governments and individuals influencing our peaceful way of life. We are seeing our liberties and our environment being destroyed before our eyes.

The people of the world have failed to see the harmonious relationship between nature and the environment because we haven't been able to energetically recognise the real energy of Oneness. Spirit has always guided that the human species isn't considered to be more important than the animals or the flora or elements of our world. Somehow, the interpretation of the Universal Laws has been altered to ignore our direct connection with ALL.

Governments no longer act in the best interest of the people. They place corporations or billionaires wishes before the everyday person. WE are witnessing this daily.

Some people are entering politics specifically to pass legislation to build more ports, or to fast track Coal Seam Gas, or to push through environmental legislation that will allow them to build resorts on crown land. The list goes on and on. I am guided our vote is worthless because we don't have true democracy in the way it was spiritually intended.

A lot of people feel powerless voting in governments who only think about economics, rather than holistically approaching policy decisions to take into account our connection with the flora, fauna and elements of nature.

The Politics of Division

Mainstream media spoon-feeds us selective views of events to manipulate us into thinking and voting a certain way. There are people in high positions who want us to be divided by culture and religion. They don't want to reveal the truth that our world has finite resources, because they want governments to continue to economically prop-up the mining of fossil fuels and other natural resources. The thing is, this isn't sustainable.

We don't have another planet to go to, therefore the more we allow this cycle to continue the more we create the cause and effect damage to our environment. This is the truth.

Over a year ago I was spiritually guided that 2013 was the year we needed to act. But our world governments allowed 2013 to be a year of lip-service to real action on climate change.

Russia has allowed mining companies to drill for oil in the Arctic and President Obama's uplifting speeches about climate change seem to have sunk into the melting tundra. California and other US cities are dealing with climate disaster after disaster.

China is being forced to act because the people cannot breathe their toxic polluted air. Every country has waited to see the consequences of further C02 being released into the atmosphere, and when they see the tornadoes, the floods, the cyclones and hurricanes and the droughts they respond to the disasters.

We Are Reaping What We Have Sown

The total disconnect of our world governments and corporations has resulted in our seas being dredged for new ports for mining, destruction of underground water reserves from coal seam gas extraction on our agricultural and public lands, and more pollution being released into our atmosphere. Spirit has cautioned we are now dealing with the effects of our choices. Basically we are reaping what we sow (the cause and effect of karma).

I am guided that the only way we can stop this cycle is to change our economic models to ones that don't destroy our environment.

But governments of the world are reluctant to see the bigger picture and continue to back the mining of fossil fuels instead of putting their resources behind sustainable energies and economies. The result is a self perpetuating destruction of our environment.

If you have decided to ignore the politics because it is to confusing, you are in what spirit describes as an energetic bubble. One day it too will burst because you have incarnated on the planet Earth and that's where all this is happening. There is no other planet to go to and escape the fallout of your previous choices.

Everyone must spiritually decide if you want to be a part of this cycle of destruction, or make wiser choices about your reasons for being.

Earth or Gaia will keep altering her magnetic field and if she tilts we will be no more.

That's it in a nutshell. The visions I've been shown about the future are not the world you are living in now.

The Greed of the Deceivers

The amount of freedoms we could lose is frightening in itself, all the worse to know that this could all have been stopped with greater information and education. Our mainstream media idolises wealth and power instead of shining a light on the billionaires destroying our environment. The Love of money is the root to all evil and greed is at at the heart of all deceivers.

There are ways our world can function without burning the resources that are polluting our atmosphere. There are visionaries who have been born at this time to assist world governments come up with new technologies and solutions. There are spiritual voices sounding the alarm from all faiths.

On the subject of Climate Change, I have been recommending several films to see, and there is a new series coming from the United States that I have been guided everyone needs to watch. I will be watching and recommend the "Years of Living Dangerously".

In the meantime here's some tips to manage your ethereal health.

Managing Your Ethereal Health in Hot Weather

Now that I've revealed the spiritual guidance about Earth Changes I am going to offer some spiritual help to manage your ethereal health.

  • Drink Water - your energetic body can be easily dehydrated, exactly like your physical body. It requires your water levels to be high to ensure you have clarity of mind

  • If your body goes into shock I recommend you have Bach Flower Rescue Remedy on hand for emergencies. Your ethereal aura will immediately respond to the vibrational energy of Rescue Remedy

  • No matter what, attempt to sleep. Lie in front of a fan and place ice in a bowl in front of the fan to act like a vaporizer, ensuring you don't place water near electrical devices. Don't ignore sleep because it is too hot. You will become energetically drained if you don't go into the different states of sleep.

  • Eat light meals even if you don't feel like eating. A light vegetable or fruit salad is better than no food at all. Try not to eat meat or high protein meals as your body requires lots of water to process high protein meals.

  • Rose quartz crystal is a cool crystal and placing it near your bedside can bring calming energy towards you. The same as placing diluted lavender oil onto a handkerchief and placing it underneath your pillow. Experiment with plant herbs to identify which one you respond to as a healing agent.

Love and Light

January 20th 2014

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