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Online Psychic Editorials > Hypnosis and Psychic Readings, Dangers of Mind Manipulation
The dangers of Hypnosis in Psychic Readings - Vine Psychic

Hypnosis and Psychic Readings, Dangers of Mind Manipulation

The Dangers of Hypnosis Psychic Readings

Today I want to share just one of several true life stories that have come to my attention concerning the problems with hypnosis in psychic readings. This one is about a client who had deep rooted child sexual trauma.

She went to someone who claimed to have clinical hypnotherapy qualifications who was also calling herself a psychic. She was told that she could help deal with her sexual trauma.

What she didn't know was that the hypnotherapist was connected to a group who had some unorthodox approaches to healing. The women expected professionally managed hypnotherapy, but she came out of the hypnosis session a blubbering mess.

In the session she was taken back to the childhood memory of her first sexual encounter with a neighbour who was a paedophile. But at the same time, the hypnotist-psychic massaged her body to help release the trauma under hypnosis.

When she came out from the hypnosis, the woman said that the massage/touching of her body in the present whilst remembering her traumatic past under hypnosis, caused her to re-live it, as if it was happening again.

When she awoke, she couldn't differentiate between the touching in her traumatic past and the massage/touching in the present.

As a result, the woman didn't leave her memories in the psychic shop. She took them with her, stronger than ever. Soon after, she began to shake uncontrollably, she couldn't work or function normally and sought out help from a clinical psychotherapist, who said she was having a nervous breakdown.

Hypnosis and Psychic Readings Do Not Mix

The young woman then re-contacted the hypnotherapist-psychic and told her that she had been emotionally damaged by the hypnosis session. The hypnotherapist-psychic responded by saying that she had left spirits behind and now she was being paranormally attacked.

By the time the young woman came to me for a spiritual reading, she was beside herself. She had a full time job but was unable to get out of bed. She had gone to the hypnotist-psychic to be healed, but instead was sent into a downward spiral.

We now have people calling themselves psychics doing short hypnotherapy courses and/or various psychic courses and then attempting to combine the modalities. They are often supported by ineffectively self-regulated psychic institutes that have no government regulation of either the psychic or hypnotherapy services.

The blending of modalities might seem perfectly natural to the people offering the courses, but Spirit is guiding that these modalities are causing more harm than good to the spiritual body.

The 'Hypnotist-Psychic' Problem is Widespread

This is happening right throughout the psychic and metaphysical industry. Spiritual Sensitives, albeit with good intentions, are not professionally qualified to deal with a variety of serious traumas. They step into unknown territory if they attempt it.

The associations and institutes are not equipped to deal with the variety of issues combining psychic, metaphysics and hypnotherapy.

Neither Psychic nor Hypnotherapist

There are psychics using hypnotherapy to try and increase sales, and there are counsellors and life coaches using the title 'psychic' when they don't have psychic ability.

Real psychics (Spiritual Sensitives) exist, but there are far fewer of them in the world than all of the ads on the internet and magazines would have you believe. It simply isn't possible that all of those people are all psychic, and innocent customers are getting burnt.

Spirit has been cautioning about mind-manipulators and stresses the importance of getting in touch with our own inner knowing.

Only by being prepared to speak out about any unusual, way-out or unethical hypnotherapy/psychic treatments and warning about the dangers, can we ensure that spiritual health and mental well-being are not treated lightly by organizations or individuals seeking to broaden their income base or to selfishly and unfairly influence others.

Covert Hypnosis

Like my psychic reading client found out, it is only after the experience do you come to realize all is not as it seems. In her case she was aware that she was being hypnotised and trusted that the therapist knew what she was doing. But worse still is to realise that the person who is calmly talking to you in a soft tone, is actually hypnotising you without your knowledge or consent. Perhaps trying to talk you into a course or to buy a book or influence you in some way.

Why as a spiritual medium do I speak up about the dangers of the psychic-hypnotherapy industry? Because I have been guided the problem is going to get worse.

You have the right to choose what type of modality you want to use, but you also have the right to ensure that the people who are doing consultations are qualified and aren't using unsafe treatments. You also have the right to know that associations, institutes and organizations are not shirking their legal responsibility. If they are accepting a variety of memberships they should be required to have a charter of responsibilities and be regulated. If they don't want this responsibility, the State or Federal Government will need to be more accountable in ensuring your health is their number one priority.

Nobody should have their mental health deteriorate because they visit a psychic / hypnotherapist. No psychic chat site should be using hypnotherapy to coerce a person to book a reading. Greater accountability is required to mangage this problem.

Love and Light

February 19th 2013

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